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Kristen’s Conversion

Kristen’s Conversion

Kristen’s Conversion – Shearingly

“When it came to the shaving, I savored the moment as long as possible. Jamie was thrilled with my work, and so was I. But soon it was over. Jam

Crewcut in Ireland

Crewcut in Ireland – Barber Jos

At the end of April my wife Helen and I had a small holiday in the western part of Ireland in an area called the Burren near the bay of Galway. W

Mirror in the Bathroom

Mirror In The Bathroom by HeadBoy

“Mirror in the bathroom please talk free,
the door is locked, it’s just you and me…”
The Beat

Jessica rubs her head again and watches Peter,

Not What I Expected

Not What I Expected – K Locks

I walked up to the unisex salon for my regular trim every six weeks. I always went a little early for my appointment. I loved women’s hair and it w

Who’d Have Children?

Who’d Have Children? by Permer

I realised that Linda was different from most of the women I had come across in my working life very soon after I met her for the first time. She

1000km for a Haircut

I stepped out of the train compartment, into the mayhem that was the central station of the financial capital of India, Mumbai. One look at the chaos and I wondered whether the obj

Head Shaving Experience

Head Shaving Experience by Karen

I’m a bi 25-year-old woman bodybuilder with an exhibitionism streak, a masturbation compulsion and bondage. I get an indescribable rush showing o

Kelli: Punished!!

Kelli: Punished!! – Kelli21257 & BlackLthr1

BlackLthr1: to keep the last two races intresting, I suggest a bet .. but you’ve lost all your money
KELLI21257: “what would you like

Ash Wednesday

Brushing out her long flaxen hair every morning while waiting at the red-light to change, Phoebe thrilled the hair fetishist whose car usually halted in the line next to her red To

Jen Wants to Clip

Jen Wants to Clip by DPTemplar

Now, this is a biographical tale; it would be autobiographical if SHE had written this, but she didn’t, so it’s biographical.

Jen decided to do i