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Old Promises

Old Promises – Mallrat

One thing that makes the big city look so inviting to a woman is the fact that she doesn’t know everyone and everyone doesn’t know her. I should know. Afte

Hairstyles Revisited

Hairstyles Revisited – Hairscribe

It was a month ago when I decided that it was time for my hair to be trimmed. My hair was one length and quite long, reaching halfway down my b

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve – Jynx

Cracow. Christmas Eve. 1981. Winter had set into the city with its customary vigour, the white Christmas had actually arrived in mid-November and the ice on

Ada’s Autumnal Allure

For Kamaly

Autumn promises change. Autumn’s bright light sunlight set against long deep shadows and brisk mornings tell us that everything undergoes ceaseless change.

For the lov

Bonnie’s Buzz

Bonnies’ Buzz – Billd@Microserve.com

Bonnie typed in her nick, Sub4You, and joined her favorite irc channel, bdsm. She felt especially horny and hoped her dom, Whipster, would be

Goodbye, Sandra Dee

Goodbye, Sandra Dee By Lela

Sandi was the sort of invisible girl that every high school has. She participated in no sports, she got good grades, but not outstanding, and she act

Senior Power

Senior Power – Bald and Proud

My voyage across this continent continues, and so do the interesting interludes of sitting and talking with other bald-by-choice people. In the sou

Birthday Surprise

A Birthday Surprise

“Sweetheart,” the note began. “Sorry I had to leave early. Million things to do today. Come to my place EXACTLY at 7PM for a private birthday party. No obnoxi


Re-growth by Buzz (Buddy)

I will try to explain what my wife had done to her hair this time. You see my wife has shoulder length hair. The problem with it, is that it’s ruined.

New Life

A New Life – BigPapa1

At Home

The smell of perfume floats through the air as Jessica brushes her beautiful long hair. Jessica gazes into the mirror and admires how her hair flo