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If You Love Me, You’ll…

“If You Love Me, You’ll…” – Bald and Proud

As I take another day off from traveling, I get the chance to sort my notes and see what other interesting hair encounters I have ha

Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge by BladesRule

During Melinda’s senior year in high school, she suffered every young girl’s worst nightmare–she lost all her hair. She went bald, almost overnight,

Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

This is the story of how I gave my husband the perfect Christmas gift this year. My name is Trish and I have thick black hair cut in what you would call a classi

General’s Orders

The General’s Orders – Vam

When I first arrived in Calgary I took a job in a small law office, doing paralegal work. I got romantically involved with one of my co-workers, a Uga

Payback Time

Payback Time

John slumped down on his bed as Christie walked out the door and out of his life. The last sight he saw was her long, blond braid swinging past her waist. He lay in

Hair Exposed!

Hair Exposed! by Sabrina S. and Sean O’Hare

“Are you trade?” asked the young woman by the door as the couple approached.

“Yes,” replied Stephanie simply, while Steve nodded. Wi

Milestone Summer

A Milestone Summer by Suzy

The age of l5 was a milestone year for me. It was the year I changed from a skinny flat-chested little girl into a shapely slim teenager. My long dish

Snip Poker

Snip Poker

A fictional hair fantasy

The night was dragging on, promising to be another boring evening of television and perhaps a game. Lisa and I were hanging around eyeing eac

Ann’s Cut

Last night I had the most incredible evening with my wife. First of all, I love my wife. She’s the most wonderful woman who tolerates me and my behavior. I also happen to think she

Fantasy to Reality

This is a story of fantasy. A dream that has been embedded deeply within a person’s unconscious mind, for how long not even they know. To come out when time begins to stand still