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A Nice Trim – Axel

I’d like to tell you about a beautiful girl and her hair. She comes from Italy and has thick long brown hair all around with no bangs. I got to cut hers four times in the last years and it was always a great pleasure even though the last time was about two years ago. Last year she cut her hair off to shoulder length by herself. She got kinda bored at night and cut it dry by herself in front of the mirror without consulting me. Because it was all uneven she continued till it was to her shoulders. I guess, we all would have liked to be there that night. But she was alone, what a pity! Not even a video camera around. Well, I forgave her after some weeks of grief and now her hair is again longer than mid-back length again and very thick and straight and I am expecting her to call soon for the usual haircut. Today I want to tell you about the first trim I gave her:

It was some five years ago and her hair was to her butt and really needed a trim. From the day I saw her in my economics class in school I was in love with her… hair. In a lunch-break we sat down in a cafe at the university where we both studied. Within a short time I talked her into letting me cut the hair with the help of a lot of untrue stories about what an expert I am. Don’t ask me how I convinced her, it just worked. We made an appointment at my house for an hour later. I bought new scissors, got my old camera ready to take some pictures and started to think about the cut. Man, I was really exited and my heart was beating really fast. Today I think, I was totally outta my mind then and I wonder how I managed not to pass out during the whole unbelievable haircut. Yes, I got to proceed my first haircut and that girl was a haircutter’s dream with her long brown hair.

When she arrived it all went pretty fast. It was a summer day and she took a seat at the window. I had decided to cut her hair dry and I was at the peak of my nervousness. At first I started to comb the hair out. It was like a dream. The long brown hair was perfect. Thick, silky all over, just the ends were a little damaged. So they had to be cut. She seemed to trust me and I planned not to cut off much. Firstly because I didn’t want to fight with her afterwards (I wanted to cut her hair again in the future) and moreover, because I really like freshly cut long hair, cut into a very straight line at the back! There is nothing better than a girl with such hair turning her head with the hair swinging and you can imagine that she had some scissorwork done recently.

I was pretty nervous while combing her hair and decided to just cut it in three sections. I put all her hair on top and I combed all her hair down that was in the back just up to the ears. It was maybe 10 per cent of her hair to begin with. I managed to cut it in a straight line. She was always asking not to take too much off. I think it was around 2 inches, which was a little bit more than she expected. It took a really long time and I decided that the next section should be bigger. I combed half of the hair down that was remaining on top. Now the new haircut took shape.

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I discovered that her hair in front was about 2-3 inches shorter than in the back. While I was taking some pictures of the hair that was combed over the line that I had already trimmed I decided to cut the hair in a way that it is all the same length all over. So I had to cut of a little more in the back to match it with the front. So I cut and it took some time because the hair was so thick. After 5 minutes she had half of her hair cut in a brilliantly straight line. I had learned to cut really fast, which was not surprising because I had dreamed about it for years.

Now I combed down the rest of the hair. The already cut hair shone through the combed down hair and I took some pictures of that. I took the scissors again. Secretly I put the shears right into the middle of this mane of hair and imagined how it would be just to hack right into it. “Do it!” a mean voice spoke inside my head. “No, don’t do it!” said another voice. Okay, finally I was crazy. “Do it, goddamned!” the mean little devil inside me pleaded. I opened the blades a bit more to have more impact… But I resisted the temptation and returned to the planned haircut.

I combed the hair again and then I started. The sound of the scissors was unbelievable. Beginning at the right side from behind I put the scissors to the hair that was lying over her right arm and shoulder. After I did the first cuts this great straight line in the back showed. The ends were all even and her hair seemed to be much thicker than before. The contrast of the still uncut hair to the right which was some 4-5 inches longer I’ll never forget. I took more pictures of that and then finished the cut while big hunks of hair fell to the ground.

After I was done. I told her to shake her head, what she did. She said it felt much better but was concerned about the length. I told her not to worry. Than I combed it out again to see if there was any hair that I had left over. To comb and touch that freshly cut but still long hair was pure joy. Then we went to the mirror in the bathroom (I had cut her hair with no mirror for her to look in because I though she might see things she shouldn’t see). She turned around and measured the length of her hair and seemed to be shocked.

“Oh, it’s so short!” I said to her that it had to be cut and that it is not damaged anymore, so she could let it grow much longer. I asked her to swing the hair around. That looked great! Now she was convinced and she started to really like it. And even though I cut some off, her hair was still longer than middle-back. And I must say that I did a great cut which really made her look beautiful.

The next hours I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Every move she made gave another view on the new cut. The straight cut in the back made a great shape of her hair all around. The hair in front seemed a little bit longer than the hair in the back, when she put her head forward. But when she had her head up, the ends were all perfectly even all around. The hair looked twice as thick as before. She should have been in an ad for Pantene shampoo! But I am not sure there was Pantene then over here. I had some sweet dreams that night. By the way, my camera fucked up every single picture, except for one. It is not sharp and you can hardly see anything but I still take it out sometimes to remember that day.

That was my little story and it is absolutely true. I know I am a lucky guy to have experienced this and I hope you had fun reading it. Scissors cuts rule, that’s for sure. To all the short hair enthusiasts I have to apologize that I didn’t take out the clippers and such. I might do something more drastic in the future if she wants. She talked about going shorter last time we met. I think I will suggest a short clippered nape under a long asymmetric bob. That for sure will look gorgeous. But that is as far as I will go. (As long as I can control that little devil inside me!)


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