Surprise Haircuts

I’d Do It For Free

I’d Do It For Free – Franklin Farmer

Every summer in my teen years, the 1960’s, I helped my Uncle Henry in his barbershop. My uncle’s shop was the only black barbershop in town a

Milestone Summer

A Milestone Summer by Suzy

The age of l5 was a milestone year for me. It was the year I changed from a skinny flat-chested little girl into a shapely slim teenager. My long dish

Kelli’s Card Game

Kelli’s Card Game

Kelli was getting ready for bed. She’d given her long sunny-blonde hair 100 strokes with the hairbrush, done the stretching exercises to limber up her taut youn

Kelli’s Surprise

Kelli’s Surprise by DPTemplar

My wife Kelli is an absolute knockout. She’s cute, funny, and had long flowing strawberry blonde hair. Wait a minute – I was speaking in present te


Screwed By Barbera

I have always been popular with the guys at my high school and I know other girls were often jealous. But I have never done anything I couldn’t tell my parents


JOSH By Jim B.


Rose and I entered the barber shop about mid-afternoon. There were few customers there, one in each chair and two waiting.

“Afternoon Sha

Birthday Bet

The Birthday Betby DeB

My God, it’s almost seven, you think to yourself as you clip on your earrings.

He’ll be here any second! You smooth the black dress across your taut, fit

Barber Shop

I was walking in the mall, and as I passed the barber shop., I noticed a woman with long shoulder length hair sitting in the barbers chair. She had the white pinstriped cape around

Dance Team

The Dance Team By Lela
Based on an idea by KUguy

Abby Fine was every boy’s in Daniel Webster Memorial High School’s be-all, end-all dream. There was not a boy (and a few girls)

Jessica’s Cut

Disclaimer: This story is of the fictitious nature and matches of names and identities are just coincidences. This was inspired by actual identities.

Jessica’s Cut

It had been i