Flat Top Required

Flat Top Required

Flat Top Required – CutUps

Kara taught Math and Science, had signed on to teach at Morningside High School. She had a job. School would start three weeks from today. But home wa

Personal Account

Personal Account

A Personal Account by [email protected]

I always wonder where this attraction for shearing comes from. I’ve always loved hair, but had mine buzzed when I was 14, and now wonder



Tripleshave by Gloria Klien

It’s already hot, not as hot as it will be later in the day, but already the marble floor is refreshingly cool as you pad across the bedroom floor and



Patti had just turned thirty-seven when she made the decision to begin making a change in her life, and her lifestyle. That, “high school” sweetheart she so dearl

Bab’s Cropping

After dinner BJ (nickname for Barbara Jean) and I set up in the bathroom, the first time in our new rented cabin. Although we’ve lived here since summer, it’s the first indoor cut

Tammy and Lindsey

Tammy and Lindsey – Nice ‘n’ Short

Tammy and Lindsey were best of friends. They had just finished their senior year of high school. They were a different type of pairing, howeve

Rohma’s Story

Rohma’s Story – Vam

I had just returned to my office when my phone rang.

“Dr. Donner?, this is Rohma Banerjee from your 101 class.”

I thought for a moment trying to identify t


I sometimes think I became a hairdresser just because I like finding out about people. The only person who ever hears more secrets than I do is the priest in the confessional or th

Following My Son’s Footsteps

Following My Son’s Footsteps By Barbera

My son, Joshua, has always had wonderful thick hair that any mother would love. I’d encouraged him to keep it long and the back was down w


“At last,” she said aloud as she finished the last of the marking. “That’s the end of all the students’ term work until the end of next term.”

She brushed the lock of hair away fr