Rohma’s Story

Rohma’s Story – Vam

I had just returned to my office when my phone rang.

“Dr. Donner?, this is Rohma Banerjee from your 101 class.”

I thought for a moment trying to identify t


I sometimes think I became a hairdresser just because I like finding out about people. The only person who ever hears more secrets than I do is the priest in the confessional or th

Following My Son’s Footsteps

Following My Son’s Footsteps By Barbera

My son, Joshua, has always had wonderful thick hair that any mother would love. I’d encouraged him to keep it long and the back was down w


“At last,” she said aloud as she finished the last of the marking. “That’s the end of all the students’ term work until the end of next term.”

She brushed the lock of hair away fr

Corpus Christi Story

The Corpus Christi Story

In Corpus Christi Texas during the summer, it gets extremely hot and humid. I am a retired haircutter, and I came into a lot of money through shrewd inve

Kathryn’s Awakening

Kathryn’s Awakening – Chris Hall

“Girls. This is Jennifer Kennedy, who will be joining the class today. I hope that you will all make her feel welcome.”

A hush fell upon the cla

People Watching

People Watching by Sean O’Hare

I enjoyed sitting on the terrace at the Mall Wine Bar, partly because of the wine but mostly because it gave an excellent view of the Image Hair Sa

Six Weeks

Six Weeks

Eighteen dollars, and they’d need bus fare home…that was a little over $5….so they had enough for one ladies’ cut….or two boys’ cuts.

“I still say you’re mad abo

Oh, Senator, Love the Suit

Oh Senator, Love the Suit by HeadBoy

Emilia walked into the shop, all cut-glass walls with two-sided photographs that hung from the ceiling. If this was a salon, it was like non

Candy & Wine

Candy and Wine (a girl’s favorite things) by Buzz

Candy said she wanted a trim and would be over around 7 pm. I never knew she was bisexual but I never knew I was also, until ton