Girls at the Barber’s

One of These Days

One of These Days

One Of These Days – Sue

I have known Connie for several years now. Connie is a barber at a nearby military base. She works at the Reception Station Barber Shop giving the new arr

Bad Space Hair Story

Darg Daggert glanced out the window and watched as the Thragian Battlecruiser moved slowly by. The Thragian Empire had certainly grown since Darg was small. He recalled the Thragia

Dance with Fate

The Dance With Fate – BuzzBaby

Two years had passed since Ann and Charlie’s first meeting. In that time they had been together physically on four occasions, each more memorable

Kristen’s Cut

Kristen’s Cut – Rome3674

It was Saturday, and Kristen had a 12:00 hair appointment at a salon she’d never been to before. The salon was close to home, and, from what her friends


RIVALRY by Shearingly

My sister, Becky, is a junior in high school. This story is about a rivalry between Becky and the girl who lives across the road. They are both juniors this

Out of Control

Out of Control – Chi4242

Ann was 22. She had long brown hair that was shoulder length and dead straight. Ann was bored with her style that she had maintained for many years and d

Fantasy Comes True

A Fantasy COMES true…

A fantasy was about to come true, The two ladies were to arrive in minutes. I walked around the living room in my house coat. When the door bell rang, I a


The Pact By Sabrina S

Ever since high school Nicola and Katie had shared hobbies and interests – their friendship had even survived Mike, a shared boyfriend who’d two-timed them

1000km for a Haircut

I stepped out of the train compartment, into the mayhem that was the central station of the financial capital of India, Mumbai. One look at the chaos and I wondered whether the obj