Girls at the Barber’s

Lisa’s Haircut

Lisa’s Haircut by Libby Warren

The barber slowly runs a comb down the length of my brown hair. He runs it slowly, deliberately. He has just begun combing, and I think he intends

Hot Erotic Romance

A Hot Erotic Romance by Geneva

I love Michael because he puts a little twist into everything he does. Even his hair is very unique yet all his own: brown, shoulder-length and com

Amy Needed a Friend

For years I had had a crush on Amy. She was the prettiest girl in the whole school. She was about 5’6″ with shoulder-length blonde hair and a great figure. To top it all off she wa


Reasons – Bald and Proud

Since becoming a fully-fledged member of the bald-by-choice community, I have been interested to discover what has motivated other people to also shave

Elizabeth’s Ruin


I first saw them at the symphony – an attractive couple sitting two rows ahead of me on the aisle. The people were more interesting than the concert so I watched

What Were You Thinking

What Were You Thinking? – Greg

“I wonder what was going through her mind when she was doing that?” my wife commented as we were watching the famous haircut scene in GI Jane. We

A True Story

My wife Megume and I sat in the salon waiting anxiously for her name to be called. We had checked in ten minutes earlier and were told the stylist she had an appointment with was r

Barbershop Watcher

Peggy was a 21-year-old college student, it was the summer time and Peggy worked at a local store in town. Peggy always ate her lunch at the same spot every day, on a bench directl

General’s Orders

The General’s Orders – Vam

When I first arrived in Calgary I took a job in a small law office, doing paralegal work. I got romantically involved with one of my co-workers, a Uga