The Club By Mobmij

“Right this way please.”

Murphy followed the receptionist into a darkened hallway. They passed a number of silent grey doors with single small black letters o

With the Eyes of the Blind

With the Eyes of the Blind by Buzzbaby & HeadBoy

He looked deeply into her warm brown eyes, catching his reflection in them as he sought out her unspoken thoughts. Where he used

View from a Dungeon

A View from a Dungeon (part 1) – Astrid Bailey

One of the first things He told me was that He liked dungeons… Was, in fact, trying to find just the right lock for the stocks h

Favors Returned

Favors Returned by Jim B.

“Coming?” my dear husband, Mike, called to me.

“YES!” I yelled back at him as I closed the front door behind me.

“It was your idea for us to get all d


The Show by Hair-Raiser

Eve nervously walked over to the Hair-Raiser stand. She’d been going to the salon for over a year. She had had a phobia of going to the hairdressers, born

Sue’s Cut

Sue’s Cut

I was at the receptionist’s desk when a young woman entered the salon. She appeared to be somewhat nervous and unsure of herself. She had medium brown tresses that were

End of Humanity

The End Of Humanity – Sean Adams

It is around the year 2120 A.D. The earth has changed a lot since the millennium. There was a giant war, which featured a breed of war females.

Kelli Goes to Hell

Kelli Goes to Hell!From:

You and your friend Danny used to love hanging out near an old tattoo parlor called “Fingers'”. It was in a cool grungy area of San Fr