Model Behavior

Model Behavior

Model Behavior by BladesRule

Back during my bright college days, I worked part-time for a photography studio in Chicago. We used to do sessions for major modeling agencies doing

She Drives Me Crazy

A few years ago, the music group “Fine Young Cannibals” came out with a great song called “She Drives Me Crazy”. The lyrics were mainly “She drives me crazy, that long blond hair.

Shingled Up the Back

Shingled Up the Back – CutUps

Elizabeth Gedney fell into deep sleep, lights out as soon as her brunette head hit the pillow on Parris Island. This had been her first day back on

Mercy’s Devil

This story was inspired by reading my brothers magazines on Wrestling. I saw the picture of a female wrestler and thought “What if..” I’d love to hear what you think.

Mercy’s De


Riddles – Greg Lewis

Karen had been perplexed at the riddles she kept receiving in her e-mail. The anti-spam software would not work on this particular one, and an investigator


Guardians By Mobmij

Father Ruiz sat at his desk, staring at the empty sheet of paper in front of him. It would be difficult to write, he thought. Should he try to explain anythin

Barber Chair

We both agreed it had been a good decision to leave the big city behind us. My wife and I had just moved to this rural community and we were enjoying the peace and quiet. It was su


Reincarnation by DPTemplar

THE AZTEC EMPIRE – a young woman gets arrested for violating one of the sacred rules of the empire: one must never disturb the flow of nature, for the

Duty Calls

Duty Calls – Mr Snip

There I was getting ready to watch my usual Monday night television schedule. A little wresting with a little history channel.

Then my wife came in and sai

Jaclyn Gets Caught

Jaci Gets Caught – Jaci

Jaclyn went to Samantha’s house for a couple of minutes before Samantha took Jaclyn to her brother’s for the weekend so they could hang out since her bes