Non-Consensual Haircuts

Darling Nikki

Darling Nikki by HeadBoy

She had green eyes, and walked in with a smile and some measure of confidence you didn’t see walk into this building very often; it was a Kafka-esque pl



Jack could barely contain his excitement as he held her long blond tresses with his left hand and the shears with his right. He was overwhelmed with conflicting emotions –

Dreams Come True


A work of art? Or just the product of a bored, horny woman with an overactive imagination? You be the judge of that! : )

* This story is a work of fiction. Name


THE CONCERT by Shearingly

Amy’s cousin, Laura, and Laura’s mom had come for a three week visit. They didn’t live all that far away but they didn’t get to see each other very ofte

Trip to the Shop

A Trip to the Shop, Barbershop That Is – Lou

The day was Saturday, the time was approximately 9:00AM. I was on my way to my mother’s house across town. Earlier in the week, she h



The car trip was almost five hours and when they arrived at the gated complex, a sense of uneasiness came over Jessica. The last two months had been very difficult for J

Amy Takes the Chair

“There’s a bump!”

“Well hold still and I’ll fix it.”

And so began the morning ritual between my mother and my older sister. Amy would ask Mom to fix her hair for the day and then

Dorm Haircut

The Dorm Haircut

Kristy gathered up her long hair and put a scrunchy around it to keep it from falling all over. Her hair was blonde and poker straight and ended up well past he

Oneself as Another

This story is the fictitious product of its writer. It celebrates desire, but it is not pornographic or sexually graphic. The writer is a monastic old – but not yet elderly – man


Isolated – Shearingly

Years ago, as a young man, I was riding my horse through a particularly remote & rugged but beautiful part of the Rocky Mountains. I had a pack horse loaded