Chic-ing out Carly

Chic-ing Out Carly – Ecstasy Factory

Carly was a hippie chick from my neighborhood. She had light brown hair and bright brown eyes. Her hair was a pure rat’s nest. It was in dre

It’s Showtime!

It’s Showtime – Sabrina S. and Sean O’Hare

“Good afternoon guys and girls and welcome to the Waster hairstyling equipment stand. I’m Marcia and today we’re going to be demonstra

Who Was That Man?

Who Was That Man? By Shorter Kutz

It was a very quiet Friday in the Sandhill Nebraska. So quiet in fact that I was having trouble concentrating on the romance novel my neighbor

Monday After the Prom

Monday After the Prom by Thoth

Prom Night:

Five senior girls. Friends only to themselves. They stood gazing at their reflections, staring listlessly as they applied their make-

Term Project

by BladesRule

During my sophomore year in college, I had a truly enlightening experience one semester in my Psychology class. Midway through the semester, we were assigned a term


Sonja – Passionate Cutter

Sonja slowed her pace, imperceptibly, she thought, and peered into the window of the barber shop.

It was a routine she had done so many times before.

First Second Best Cut

First, The Second Best Cut – EnjoyCut

Angela wanted to surprise her friend. So she went to the salon for a haircut. He always was very intrigued about her hair. She never knew w