Revenge Haircuts

In the Name of Science

In the Name of Science

In the Name of Science – BaldFan

Jen really needed to pick up the pace. She was supposed to be in the psychology building right this instant, but it was still two minutes away. C

Tad too Much

Tad too Much

A Tad Too Much By B. Mower

Tad Stevens sat contentedly on the deck enjoying the morning sun, as he sipped coffee and read the paper. This was the best way to start the day, he th

Swimming Sisters

Swimming Sisters

Swimming Sisters, Part One – LadyBarber

Well it had always been my long desire to have my hair clipper cut real short and even shaved smooth at by good old-fashioned barberette.

Her Fantasy

Her Fantasy by Sabrina S.

“Shave my head,” she softly said
As we lay entwined on her old brass bed.
Her eyes were wide, their colour bright
And her russet waves gleamed in the l

First Time

The First Time by HeadBoy

It starts when you pull the Osters out of their package. They’re black. Heavy. Unfamiliar. It doesn’t matter that you’ve seen them before, or that as a

Shaving My Girlfriend Sheleg

Shaving My Girlfriend Sheleg – Ron

What can I say? Well, to tell you this story, I must spread some background about me and Sheleg.

Me – I’m an Israeli guy, 17. In time when I w

Susan Yanase


Susan Yanase was part Japanese, part French, which explained her delicate features, and long, straight, glistening black hair that fell almost to her waist. For Ned Stoner

I Laughed at My Brother

I Laughed At My Brother by Jim B.

“What happened to your hair,” questioned Mary as I arrived at the bus stop.

“You’re not going to believe it,” I told her. “I’d better call you

My Teacher

My Teacher – Deshavrr

When I went to elementary school, I had a teacher named Miss Sargent. She was beautiful! Blonde hair down to her waist, all one length. I live very close to

Sally’s Story

Sally’s Story – Leland

Sally was a one in a million customer and I knew it. Sally sat down in my chair and I placed my white cape around her lovely neck and proceeded to remove t