Revenge Haircuts

Shaving My Girlfriend Sheleg

Shaving My Girlfriend Sheleg – Ron

What can I say? Well, to tell you this story, I must spread some background about me and Sheleg.

Me – I’m an Israeli guy, 17. In time when I w

Susan Yanase


Susan Yanase was part Japanese, part French, which explained her delicate features, and long, straight, glistening black hair that fell almost to her waist. For Ned Stoner

I Laughed at My Brother

I Laughed At My Brother by Jim B.

“What happened to your hair,” questioned Mary as I arrived at the bus stop.

“You’re not going to believe it,” I told her. “I’d better call you

My Teacher

My Teacher – Deshavrr

When I went to elementary school, I had a teacher named Miss Sargent. She was beautiful! Blonde hair down to her waist, all one length. I live very close to

Sally’s Story

Sally’s Story – Leland

Sally was a one in a million customer and I knew it. Sally sat down in my chair and I placed my white cape around her lovely neck and proceeded to remove t

All For Beth

Beth was the quintessential All-American cheerleader–blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful smile–every guy’s dream. She was a grade-A student, a talented singer and dancer as well, a

Extra-Curricular Activityn

An Extra-Curricular Activity by Shornlocks and Sabrina S.

“Let’s go, Ellen” said Nancy as their boyfriends emerged from the front door of Carlisle Vocational High School. Walkin

Free Tattoo

The Free Tattoo By Jamie

This story takes place about three weeks ago last Wednesday. At this very prestigious law firm, two girls by the names of Lori and Susan were employed a


The Captain

Fort Rucker, Alabama, in the late summer, is normally an uncomfortable area for anyone, whether it is from the military or from the hot humid weather. It is 1966 and



While the southern summer weather can be oppressive it also brings about some unique opportunities. Darlinda called at twelve-thirty to make an appointment for 1:00pm. S