Revenge Haircuts



While the southern summer weather can be oppressive it also brings about some unique opportunities. Darlinda called at twelve-thirty to make an appointment for 1:00pm. S

Jodi’s Birthday Shave

Jodi’s Birthday Shave by DPTemplar

Jodi looked stunning that day. Her lovely face, her well-built physique, and her long auburn hair; she was an angel. And she was especially gl

Once In A Lifetime

This story is dedicated to the real “Maddy” who provided the inspiration for this story, by relating a true-life incident. She also contributed much to the final story. Where doe

Holly’s Nightmare

Holly’s Nightmare (in real life) – Ex Dutch

Holly was the type of girl who always pretended that she did not care about her hair. She was also the type that was hated by lots of

Patty in Thailand


Patty adjusted quickly. She had looked forward to this opportunity and was loving every minute of it. Patty was one of four American girls who had


The Debt – David2505

OK, it was cruel. I’ll admit that. But they had, shall we say, a debt to me. They knew it. And I offered them a way out. They chose to take it.

I had prepar

Five Years Ago

Five Years Ago – Jim B.

Part I Was it a game!

“Hey, where you two off to?” I called to Billy and Ryan as they came out the driveway of Ryan’s house on their bicycles.

“Going to

Kool Girls

Kool Girls – CrewCut

At my school there were the Kool Girls who smoked, drank and had boyfriends; the Nerds who studied and wore their skirts long; and the Lezzos, the ones who

Mail Order Bride

Mail Order Bride

Jenny Jones sat at her desk, at the Mercantile Trading Company in Singapore. As she shuffled through the masses of papers on her desk, she glanced up at the cloc


Perspectives by Keepitshort


My wife (Shelly) and I have been married for just over eight years. We are best friends and are still head-over-heels in love with each