How Short Are We Going?

How short are we going? By Fidgety in the chair

This is a story that happened about 5 years ago now. At the time I had my hair cut in a short bowl cut that March and was due for a trim badly. I had gotten lazy again and had gone without getting it trimmed for about two months now. I loved the haircut and the look on me but kept on finding an excuse not to make an appointment for a trim. I got a call that morning from my sister letting me know that the guy she had been trying for months to set me up with was wanting to meet me and she had made reservations for dinner on Friday for her and her husband and us. It was already Thursday afternoon when she informed me of this and I was so furious at her, but really excited to be going with this guy. I called my stylist Jan to make an appointment to get my hair trimmed as soon as I hung up with my sister Susan. Jan was out due to her mother being sick and wouldn’t be in until sometime the next week. I asked to see if they had another appointment available with someone else. They had everything booked and no appointments available due to the local high school prom for Friday night. I called several other salons to see if they had any appointments available and they were all booked as well. I was getting very frustrated and my hair was looking worse than ever before, with me now so stressed. I found no one with an appointment available in town, so after giving up on the idea of getting my hair trimmed up, I went about my business as usual and decided to just spend more time on it to make it look the best as possible.

Friday came and with that I got off after a half a day and on the way home stopped at the local store to pick up some odds and ends I needed at home. While driving through the parking lot I noticed Bob’s Barbershop that is in a strip mall adjacent to the department store. Well, not thinking about it, I looked up and saw a woman coming out of the barbershop with a new bowl haircut. My curiosity was rising as I looked at myself in the rear view mirror, my auburn hair hanging over the top of my ears and curling up in the back around the collar and my bangs hanging in my eyes. As I was looking at myself the woman from the barbershop was seen getting into her car her hair looked so cute and nice and neat compared to mine. I parked my car and went on into store and shopped for the toiletries needed for home. But while walking around I saw another woman with a bowl cut and she had hers nice and neat and then, when checking out, a young girl cashier with again a nice bowl cut. I reached up and ran my hand from the crown of my head down over the back of my neck and straightened my curls down near my collar. As I was walking out of the store I looked at another cashier and saw that she too had her hair cut in a bowl like mine and she was either growing it out or was as lazy as I am and was badly in need of a trim. After seeing her and how shaggy she looked and knowing mine was every bit as shaggy as hers, I had to get my hair cut!

I put my bags in the trunk of the car and decided to walk by the barbershop just to see if they in fact cut women’s hair. As I approached the barbershop another woman walked out, this one wearing a short bob that looked great. I stared in and saw another woman waiting in the chairs and the sign on the door said “Haircuts for the whole family.”

Well… after seeing her in there I went ahead and walked in. When I walked in the two male barbers both looked up form their work and greeted me with a smile and a hello. I took a seat in the waiting area and picked up a magazine. I opened the magazine: it was 6 years old, so I quickly laid it back down to watch the barbers work. I was in a strange place and it was definitely different to the salon that I am used too. I looked around and saw the barbershop: it was not decorated with plants and fancy fixtures as they have at the salon, instead it was very plain and all business. The smell of talc filled the air instead of a pungent perm solution that I was used to at the salon. The two barbers were busy with work and they both had little boys in the chairs that they were cutting with the clippers like I have never seen before. They were just using the clippers and a comb and were cutting the boys’ hair very, very short. When I got my hair cut in March, Jan, my stylist, used an attachment to cut my hair in the back and sides that was buzzed. I heard the bell ring and another boy walked in. He was with the others as his mother was waiting for him in the chairs with me. The young barber finished up his youngest brother and was taking the cape off when he looked up and said, “Next!”

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The brother that just walked in, walked over and got into the barber chair. The youngest of the brothers, which just got out of the chair, came over and sat down beside me, smelling strongly of the talc. He rubbed his head as the back and sides had been clipped very short with his white scalp showing through, and the top was just long enough to lay down and comb over, it was a really short tapered haircut. After staring at his haircut I had to rub his head and tell him how cute he was. His brother that just took the chair had hair that was to the middle of his ear and longer in the back down on the collar. His mother walked over beside the chair and told the barber to give him the same haircut as his brothers. I was staring at the barber as he grabbed the clippers and pushed the boy’s head forward as he snapped the clippers on and ran them up the back of his neck, with his mother still standing by the chair watching. To my surprise, while staring at the action taking place in front of me, the older barber finished the other boy and let him down out of the chair. The barber shook the cape and said, “Miss, you’re next!”

I was startled. “Ooh, aghhhhh, okay.” I walked over and took a seat in the chair. It was quite a bit different from the salon chairs, so much room and so big! The barber walked behind me and took a tissue from the dispenser and reached around me and stretched it as he wrapped it around my neck. He then walked over to the side and shook the cape several times, with the last one making a popping sound, and then pulled it around my neck and fastened the cape behind me around my neck. I stared nervously forward at the young boys that had just got their hair cut, they were now sitting in front of me chewing the gum they got from the barbers.

“Well miss, how short do you want it?” said the barber as he was pumping the foot pedal to raise the chair. That was something you didn’t ever hear at the salon, they would never be that blunt and straightforward. I finally spoke after being startled and in shock about being in a barber chair with a barber who just asked how short I wanted my hair.

“Yes, well I need it trimmed up some, it has been a couple of months since my last cut. I wear it in bowl type cut, you have done those before haven’t you? I saw a young lady leave here a few minutes ago with one?”

The barber said, “Oh yes, we have done several of those: my wife has one too, not a problem.”

I began to relax knowing he knew what I was talking about as he took out a comb and spray bottle of water and started to comb out and wet my hair. This made me feel good: he was doing it just like Jan would so far. The barber lifted the hair up in the back several times with the comb and then combed it back down again. After my hair was wet throughout, the barber reached on the counter and pulled out the scissors and walked around to the right side. He took the scissors and comb and put the scissors above my right ear and snip, snip, snip. I could not see how much he was cutting and how high above my ear as the wet hair slid right down the cape and fell straight to the floor. He worked his way around the side and onto the back as my head was being shifted from the left side to the front. He then went around to the left side and snip, snip, snip: more hair was cut all falling straight to the floor. He quit when he reached my left temple. With that he walked back and put the scissors down. I straightened myself in the chair as he rustled around on the counter top. I looked up as the door opened and an older man, and just behind him a teenage girl, entered the barbershop.

Before I could get a really good look at them, the barber placed his left hand on top of my head and pushed my head forward into my chest and then with a loud POP the clippers were turned on. “Hold still, now,” said the barber. Before I could relax my head the barber had placed the cold metal of the clippers on the base of my neck. I gripped the armrest tightly as the clippers were raised up the back of my neck. The comb and clippers worked rapidly as they went over and over the back of my head. I had never kept my head forward for so long like this before – it was tensing up on me. I was only able to look through my bangs and see the teenage girl as she was staring at me having my hair cut, or the floor in front of me. The barber took his left hand and placed it on top of my head and pulled my head back up into a straight position – finally, relief. As I lifted my head I could feel the tingling of the short hairs on the back of my neck as my head was raised. “How short did he cut it in the back? It didn’t feel like this when Jan cut it,” I said to myself. The barber now moved over to the right side and pushed my head over to the left side as I felt the comb pulling the hair behind my right ear and the loud buzz of the clippers running over that comb. The fan from the clipper motor was blowing air on my newly shorn neck and it felt really cold. The clippers and comb worked in a fluid motion as the hair around my ear was clipped off before I knew what was going on, and without having a mirror in front of me I didn’t know how short was he cutting it. My right ear was bent forward and down as the clippers ran over and behind my ear with a loud vibrating buzz of the clippers. I was trying to look at the hair that was being cut off but it all seemed to just slide right off the cape to the floor so I was not able to judge how much he was cutting off. The young girl was still staring at me in the chair and it was making me very nervous, what did she find so interesting? The barber turned the clippers over and cut my right sideburn in a very short v shape almost even with the top of my ears. The barber walked around the back and started the same process behind the left ear. As the barber tilted my head to right I heard the other barber finish the young boy and shake the cape as the older man made his way to the chair.

The clippers got even louder as my left ear was bent over and the clippers ran around my ear. The clippers again were turned over and cut another small v sideburn. The barber turned off the clippers and walked back to the counter and placed the clippers back and got a smaller set from the charger stand and turned them on. I was amazed at how much lighter my head was feeling, but still hadn’t seen how short he had cut it. But he had said he had cut them before so why worry, right? With a quick flick of his wrist the clippers jumped to life and again my head was pushed forward. The clippers and comb were now being used around the hairline with them being inverted and dragged down my neck every now and then. I had these used on me at the salon, they used them to clip the stray hairs. The barber worked his way around both ears and sideburn area with the clippers to cut away to make a clean line. My ears were pulled and bent in every direction, Jan had never done it like this. The clippers were turned off and the barber was putting the clippers back on the charger. He picked up the scissors again and combed down the bangs and spun me around to finally face the mirror. I saw my reflection in the mirror and could see my ears exposed fully without any hair hanging over top of them, or even around them, it looked like. I moved my head to the right and left to see that the curls that once were almost on the collar were gone now, as a matter of fact I could not see any hair in the back. I could see that the sides were cut much shorter than Jan cut them the first time and my sideburns were even with the top of my ears. The top layers were cut about 1″ above the top of my ears, much shorter than I wanted. In the background of my reflection I could see the young girl in the waiting area. As she was staring at the back of my head as I could feel her eyes on me and she was watching the barber’s every move. I was wondering what was so interesting about the back that was drawing her attention so, but after seeing the sides I could only imagine. The barber placed the scissors about 1/2″ above my eyebrows and snip, snip, snip, snip: before I could even say that was too short or no, my bangs were shorter than they had been since my mom cut them in second grade. The barber went back around with the comb and scissors to check the weight line of the haircut. I was staring into the mirror as my hair was cut shorter than I wanted but it did look pretty cute on me, so I was not going to say anything. The barber then took the hand mirror from the counter as he put the scissors away and handed me the mirror and spun the chair back around so that I was facing the young girl again.

I was in shock! The back was cut way too high in the back, no wonder the young girl was staring. When I told him a bowl cut, he took it for real! The back usually dipped down in the back some, but not this one. It was cut straight across at the same level as the sides. I reached up and took my right hand to run over the hair that was left in the back. I placed my hand on top of my crown and slid my hand down what felt like 2″ and felt a quick drop off to the very short clippered back. The hairline in the back was extremely short and the white tan line was showing boldly in the back and around my ears as I had been working outside all that week and had gotten some sun. In the mirror I was looking at the back as the hairline seemed to almost even with the middle of my ears which were sticking out in plain sight now. I never dreamed my hair was going to be this short or I never would have let him cut it. It was as short as those young boys that just left, the only difference my hair was longer on top. I could not believe it! I was in shock and didn’t say a thing and my bangs, I tried to pull them longer with my right hand but they had been cut too short too.

The barber asked me, “Is that short enough? I took it a little higher in the back than usual because it looks better with this cut.”

I could not believe this, what would this guy say tonight when I show up with this haircut? What would my sister think? That was all that was going through my mind.

The barber asked, “Is that okay, do you like it?”

I just replied, “Yes, that is fine.”

The barber took the hand mirror from me and took the duster filled with talc powder and started to brush off my neck and around my ears and my face, I had never had this done before. It was kind of strange but smelled great. He then removed the cape and tissue and shook it to let the hair fall to the floor. As I stood up I turned around again to look into the mirror and took both hands and rubbed the back and sides and again tried to pull the top down longer. The sides were so smooth and so short it was bristly when rubbed against the hair growth. The barber said, “That will be $6.” I turned and walked over to the waiting chairs where I had left my purse, still rubbing my hair. I walked back over and gave the barber a ten-dollar bill as he was shaking the cape out. I looked down and saw my feet were almost covered with the wet auburn hair that once was on my head. The barber took my money and handed my change back, as I still was staring into the mirror tilting my head from side to side looking at how short he had just cut my hair. The barber turned and, “Miss, you’re next!” I passed the girl as she was walking to the chair. When I reached the door I heard the barber say, “How short are we going?” and the girl replied, “I want my haircut just like hers.” I turned around and saw this young girl with blonde shoulder-length hair now sitting in the chair and smiling at me. I stared out the door and just took a seat to pretend I was waiting for a ride. I just had to return the favor and watch as she was having hers cut too. She smiled at me the whole time, as we both were getting aroused while watching her hair being cut. I was still rubbing and feeling my newly shorn hair. I soon found out what was so interesting in watching her hair being cut and discovered my hair fetish for watching hair being cut. We both left the barbershop at the same time and talked outside of the shop about the experience. We are still friends and talk together on a regular basis.

I went home and got ready for my date, while riding home with the windows down the cool air was flowing through my hair, it was tingling. I ran in to take a shower and wash my hair. I remember filling my palm with the same amount of shampoo I used that morning and was amazed at all the lather and how short my hair was while shampooing my hair. Then while I was blow drying my hair, I thought my bangs and hair were short at the barbershop – it was shrinking shorter in front of my eyes. The bangs were so short I had to part my hair on the side and plaster my bangs over with some styling gel. Staring in the mirror I barely knew who was looking back, I looked like a boy wearing makeup. I decided that if my hair looked so much like a boy that I needed to wear something even more revealing on my female figure. I put on a short mini dress that I had bought last year that was really cute but very short too.

My sister and her husband pulled into the driveway and my sister ran up to the door. I opened the door and you could have knocked her down with a feather. She pushed me back in the door and screamed at me. She wanted to know what I was thinking and why did I get my hair butchered like a man’s, when I knew I was going out on this date. She told me that she was going to go back out and cancel the date and tell him I was sick because I looked like crap. I told her not to worry about it, that I wanted my hair cut like this and I really liked it and I was going out and if my hair bothered him then I didn’t want to be with him. I went out the door and was walking to the car to get in when she said, “He will hate you with that haircut.” I got in the car and went on the best date of my life, meeting my future husband. He loved my short hair and could not keep his hands off it. Our first kiss was with him kissing the back of my neck, and here 5 years later I still have very short hair. We both now go to the same barbershop for our monthly haircuts, but now I have a very short pixie that he just loves!


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