Foolish Bet

Foolish Bet by TOBCLIPPED and KBryant08

KBryant08: you only have time to pay up before the game so you will sport the new haircut at the game
KBryant08: maybe it’ll inspire your team to win
KBryant08: we speak on the phone and you’re trying to avoid the subject
KBryant08: you don’t think I will collect
TOBCLIPPED: “Hi Bill…” I chat about silly things
KBryant08: “Hey Kelli! Wow you’re voice sounds kind of how I thought it would”
KBryant08: very sweet
KBryant08: so, you’ve decided to pay up, huh
TOBCLIPPED: “Thank you” I say
KBryant08: it’s not a compliment, only an observation 🙂
TOBCLIPPED: I sigh ..”I have to?” I say poutily
KBryant08: yeah, well you did bet. why don’t we meet somewhere and discuss it?
KBryant08: maybe a local bar?
TOBCLIPPED: “OK…sure” I say thinking I will of course talk you out of it
KBryant08: OK, let’s meet at Moe’s
KBryant08: see ya there
KBryant08: AT MOE’S
KBryant08: I’m waiting for someone that meets your description which is…..
TOBCLIPPED: I am wearing a tight small skirt…black…small shirt… saying brat on it…white with blue lettering….my dyed reddish hair…greenish blue eyes…are alight:)
KBryant08: “Hi Kelli. It’s nice to finally meet the girl behind the name”
KBryant08: “You look exactly like the pics, except the red hair. Oh well that won’t matter anyway”
TOBCLIPPED: I look at your body happily…”thank you” I say smiling seductively
TOBCLIPPED: I try to change subjects by smiling even more seductively your direction
KBryant08: I know what you’re doing and ignore your question–“so, when did you dye your hair?”
KBryant08: bartender, a drink for the lady please
TOBCLIPPED: “a few months ago” I smile taking the drink and sipping it quickly
KBryant08: “hmmm, since I do technically own your hair, you should have asked first”
KBryant08: “but it won’t matter anyway” I say
TOBCLIPPED: I curl a long tendril of red curl around my finger a bit nervously…”can’t we talk about it”
KBryant08: bartender, another drink for my friend “brat” here
KBryant08: make it a double
KBryant08: OK, let’s talk about it
TOBCLIPPED: I smile at the bartender as he hands me the double
KBryant08: give me a few good reasons why I shouldn’t collect Kelli
TOBCLIPPED: “I can offer different things to pay up with…” I say seductively
KBryant08: Kell, get your hand off my crotch. that won’t work
TOBCLIPPED: I sigh…pulling my hand back
KBryant08: you made a bet, why shouldn’t you pay up like anyone else?
KBryant08: are you just an online player?
TOBCLIPPED: “well…uh….” I stutter
KBryant08: there is a barbershop two stores down (why do you think I picked this bar). you better come up with a reason pretty quick
TOBCLIPPED: “But I need my hair….” I say defensively…slightly drunk
KBryant08: why do you NEED it? how many times have you been late to class because of it?
KBryant08: Moe, another drink for the red head here
KBryant08: would you prefer to do it in public or private?
TOBCLIPPED: “but……….” I am flustered
TOBCLIPPED: I don’t answer in fear
KBryant08: Moe, we’ll take that table back there (we move to a table)
KBryant08: Kell, you’re paying up whether you like it or not and you’re paying everything in full
KBryant08: got it Kell?
KBryant08: hair, bush, brows, blow job, fucking you, you name it I get it
KBryant08: I want a blow NOW
TOBCLIPPED: I cringe….”ALL?!?!? but…but…..NOW?!?!?”
KBryant08: I unzip my pants, I take your head and force it down there
KBryant08: a lady bruin passes by on the way to the bathroom and looks
KBryant08: “she just lost an earring” I tell her
TOBCLIPPED: I turn almost as red as my hair as I open my mouth and take your cock in
TOBCLIPPED: My long red curls bounce over your cock as my mouth works its magic
KBryant08: more action, I thought you said aggies were pros at this
TOBCLIPPED: I suck and lick obediently…all over…balls and cock
KBryant08: the girl passes by again coming outside the bathroom
KBryant08: “she’s still looking” I say
KBryant08: stay down Kell, keep cleaning it all up and swallow too
TOBCLIPPED: I obediently keep sucking your hard cock like an animal
KBryant08: I feel your hair and massage your head as you massage my dick
KBryant08: I love your hair Kelli
KBryant08: so soft, flaming red, but so soft
KBryant08: I kiss your head and smell your hair. it smells like strawberries
TOBCLIPPED: I cringe some but continue to lick your shaft and balls
KBryant08: I take a small pair of scissors and snip off a lock while you work
KBryant08: another lady passes (an older lady) and cringes
KBryant08: “she lost a contact” I say
TOBCLIPPED: I yelp slightly as I feel it
KBryant08: she says “that’s what they all say”
KBryant08: I only cut one lock, although it is a big one
TOBCLIPPED: I blush furiously
KBryant08: I want this one for my car. it’ll deoderize and be decorative
TOBCLIPPED: I suck faster …trying to make you come before more see
KBryant08: I open up a small box I had with me
KBryant08: inside are my supplies
KBryant08: I take out a cape
TOBCLIPPED: I suck you hard…
KBryant08: I’m coming
KBryant08: remember, I don’t want a mess
KBryant08: bitch
KBryant08: this is what you get for waiting a year to pay up!
KBryant08: I caress your cheek
KBryant08: it is soft, but full of me too
TOBCLIPPED: My face crunches up in a grimace as I begin gulping down your come…
TOBCLIPPED: I swallow it all down
KBryant08: hurry up and swallow Kell, here comes one of my profs!
KBryant08: your head pops up
KBryant08: good job Kelli
KBryant08: your face is all red and your hair is all messy now
KBryant08: I take a napkin and wipe some come off your chin
TOBCLIPPED: there is a bit of come around my lips which I lick off quickly
KBryant08: I clean up your hair which has a little too
KBryant08: feel better Kell?
TOBCLIPPED: “I guess…” I say quickly downing a strong drink on the table
KBryant08: OK, good, cause now we’re going to the ladies’ room
TOBCLIPPED: I look up to see many men “checking me out”…since we are in a bar
KBryant08: I pull you by the hand and take you to the ladies’ room
KBryant08: it is a big ladies room, with a nice mirror, it is a fancy bathroom for a bar
KBryant08: I put a sign outside the bathroom that says “complimentary trims inside”
KBryant08: many men check you out
KBryant08: we go into the bathroom
KBryant08: it is crowded with women
KBryant08: women are fixing hair, checking makeup, peeing, etc.
TOBCLIPPED: They look angry
KBryant08: it is becoming evening so the bar is getting crowded
KBryant08: I tell them I don’t want to bother them and go to the men’s room
KBryant08: it is grimy and stinky
KBryant08: men never flush the urinal
TOBCLIPPED: I walk in…short skirt swaying
KBryant08: a few men come in and smile at seeing a woman in their territory
KBryant08: I sit you on the sink
TOBCLIPPED: I hop on the sink with a pout…feeling like a child
KBryant08: OK, Kell, this is gonna be hard, but the women won’t let us use their bathroom
KBryant08: Kell, I need you to take off your skirt
KBryant08: please ignore the men
TOBCLIPPED: I give you a pleading look…looking at the men cautiously…seeing them smile
KBryant08: you here two men laughing and mumbling…all you hear is “brat” so you know they are talking about you
KBryant08: I take the skirt and throw it in the urinal
TOBCLIPPED: “not here” I whisper in your ear
TOBCLIPPED: I yelp and turn red
KBryant08: Kell, I told you they are fumigating my apartment
KBryant08: you should have paid up earlier
KBryant08: then I wouldn’t have to do this
KBryant08: your underwear are tight. I love it when women wear tight underwear
KBryant08: I can see your figure perfectly
TOBCLIPPED: I look at the men’s gleeful astonishment, hoping to see more
KBryant08: I rub your crotch
KBryant08: I can feel the hair underneath
TOBCLIPPED: I turn so red I sway
KBryant08: one guy is already just standing there
KBryant08: he’s gonna stand and watch
TOBCLIPPED: I see him dying to see me completely naked
KBryant08: he walks up and volunteers to help me
KBryant08: I look at him and nod without a word and he grabs your panties
TOBCLIPPED: My mouth falls open in protest but all that comes out is a squeal
KBryant08: he takes the panties off and smiles, he throws the designer panties into the toilet and flushes
TOBCLIPPED: I watch helplessly
KBryant08: Kell, you have to spread them a little and lay back
KBryant08: we need room to work
KBryant08: I’m shocked to notice you have a red bush too
TOBCLIPPED: I obediently lay back back on the mirror…
KBryant08: did you dye your bush too? you’re a real bitch! trying to make men think you’re a natural red
KBryant08: we keep the shirt on you so you’re naked from the waste down
KBryant08: you spread wide and men stare
TOBCLIPPED: I squirm uncomfortably on the counter…looking down at my naked lower bod
KBryant08: I turn on the sink
KBryant08: I place a rubber hose on the sink so I have a hose to work with
KBryant08: I run cold water on your crotch
TOBCLIPPED: I squirm ..hating the idea of being shaven like this….
KBryant08: as one guy goes to wash his hands he rubs your pussy
KBryant08: sorry ma’am, he says smiling evilly
KBryant08: another comes and does the same thing, he pets it and says he wishes his wife was still this furry
KBryant08: I rub your bush too, for good luck
TOBCLIPPED: I squirm…hating being talked about like a possession…words like “furry”
KBryant08: gentlemen, take a quick rub for good luck
KBryant08: some men even pull your pubes
KBryant08: no pulling I say, but they only do it more
TOBCLIPPED: I give a pout and groan as all the men rub their hands over my bush
KBryant08: I take out the scissors and start snipping them in the air to taunt you
KBryant08: one man fingers you a little and sniffs it, then makes you sniff it
TOBCLIPPED: I pull my face away angrily
KBryant08: you don’t like your own scent he says
TOBCLIPPED: “get away from me..” I say angrily
KBryant08: he fingers you again deeper and decides to keep his fingers over your nose the whole time
KBryant08: he even holds your nose so you have to breathe through your mouth
KBryant08: I start trimming your garden carefully
TOBCLIPPED: I squirm…..totally helpless against him…he is huge
KBryant08: you try to close your legs but two men come and spread your legs wider for me
KBryant08: thanks I say
KBryant08: I keep trimming
KBryant08: I put the scissors away and take out the lather
KBryant08: a Texan man comes out and tells me not to shave you with a razor
TOBCLIPPED: I listen…hating having people talk about me like I am an animal
KBryant08: he says he has this stuff he uses on his own wife when she is bad
KBryant08: it is Rosco’s hot Texas lather
KBryant08: it’s a hair remover that is permanent
TOBCLIPPED: I struggle to get off counter as I hear the word “PERMANENT”
KBryant08: thanks Rosco, we’ll use that on the crotch and afterwards on the head
TOBCLIPPED: “nooooooooooooooooo…come on turi….pleaseeeeeeee” I say…helpless
TOBCLIPPED: guys holding me legs wont let go…stuck spread-eagled
KBryant08: men’s eyes light up at the word head shave
KBryant08: some guys go out, tell their buddies and bring them in
KBryant08: some women come in too
TOBCLIPPED: I look at all the people coming in slack-jawed…hearing the murmurs
KBryant08: a couple grunge girls come in happy to witness the shaving of a preppy girl
KBryant08: I rub the cream on my hands and it burns
KBryant08: OUCH I say
KBryant08: HOT!
KBryant08: even on my hands it burns
KBryant08: I quickly rub it on your crotch
KBryant08: one grunge girl starts licking your face
TOBCLIPPED: I whimper…trying to pulll my bush away…I hear the grunge girls…laughing
KBryant08: she’s happy you’ll be buzzed like her
TOBCLIPPED: One looks like the girl from Garbage..
TOBCLIPPED: I know that you are planning worse then a buzz
KBryant08: she starts braiding your hair all tight in some places, she wants to leave you with a few dreads
KBryant08: your crotch hair starts falling off when it makes contact with the cream
TOBCLIPPED: I feel overwhelmed as she grabs my hair and starts braiding it…as I am being permanently de-bushed
KBryant08: your crotch is bare, looking like a little girl’s
KBryant08: I take the hose and start spraying your crotch clean
TOBCLIPPED: I look down at the smooth skin…no hair at all around my slit…so featureless
KBryant08: sorry Kell, get used to it ’cause it won’t grow back
TOBCLIPPED: My eyes grow teary as I look down at the hairless area
KBryant08: I lift you up
KBryant08: I turn on the fan that dries hands and turn it up towards the ceiling…
KBryant08: I lift you up enough so you can have your crotch dried by hot air
TOBCLIPPED: People laugh…realizing that the bush they just saw on me will be my last
KBryant08: I leave you lifted up even though your ass and pussy are getting hot
TOBCLIPPED: I feel soo naked now
KBryant08: I want to make sure you are dry
KBryant08: I sit you back on the sink, your crotch is now done
KBryant08: OK Kell part two coming up
KBryant08: two men go to the men’s stall and start pulling out the walls
KBryant08: they pull them out and now only the toilet is left
KBryant08: they want me to seat you there better
KBryant08: I say OK
KBryant08: “let’s do it the man’s style” one says
KBryant08: toilet seat up!
KBryant08: the crowd is even bossing me around now. I’m losing control
TOBCLIPPED: I whine as I watch them joke around
KBryant08: the grunge girls have given you a few nappy braids
KBryant08: they take lighters and burn the braids so they stay tight
KBryant08: I tell them to stop since I’ll just be cutting them off
TOBCLIPPED: I cringe at that…”cutting them off”…I sob some…
KBryant08: I take the clippers
KBryant08: it’s becoming a circus, people are taking pictures and videos
KBryant08: there is a line outside the bar
KBryant08: a man takes off your brat shirt
KBryant08: you aren’t wearing a bra
KBryant08: one of the grunge girls takes it and puts it on
KBryant08: she likes it
KBryant08: well Kelli, brows or head first?
KBryant08: one man flushes the toilet and the sound scares you since it was so sudden
KBryant08: I take the clippers
KBryant08: I plug them in
TOBCLIPPED: I cringe…hating the choice….people laugh at it
KBryant08: one of the grunge girls has a small pair of clippers in her giant purse of shit
KBryant08: “I use it to give my girl friends buzz cuts” she says
KBryant08: she tilts your head down and starts to go to work before I do
KBryant08: “honey, any girl that wants to fuck me has to have her head shaved. you can join the club if you want”
TOBCLIPPED: I look up…feeling pathetic…as someone actually shaves off my long red mane
KBryant08: she takes a few shaved locks from your neck and drops them in front of your head
TOBCLIPPED: I watch them in horror
KBryant08: I take the monster clippers and pull your top hair as I prepare them to be shaved
KBryant08: “she’s getting shaved like a sheep” says the Texan
TOBCLIPPED: I look at the clippers….not even meant for a human…you see definite fear in my eyes
KBryant08: except sheep will grow back their hair says grunge girl
KBryant08: they are dog clippers
KBryant08: I didn’t want to spend money on real ones
TOBCLIPPED: I cringe…and then look startled as I hear what the grunge girl says
KBryant08: I start running them over your head
KBryant08: grunge girl is slowly shaving you in patches, I just mow you
TOBCLIPPED: I cry as I feel the two of you plowing off my hair
KBryant08: I keep buzzing the top of your head
KBryant08: it’s bald with stubble
TOBCLIPPED: I cry as you make me look like a freak…bald on top
KBryant08: men start petting your bald top
KBryant08: Moe comes in
KBryant08: I think he’ll be upset
KBryant08: “why aren’t you having any fun turi? you’ve been telling me you won this bet for months”
KBryant08: “let her suck you while I do the work”
TOBCLIPPED: I cry out in shock….my head already just fringe
KBryant08: I unzip the pants again and place your mouth there. Moe starts with the clippers
KBryant08: he shaved heads in the service so he works quickly
KBryant08: all the long hair is starting to hit the floor
TOBCLIPPED: I whimper as I kneel forward on the toilet seat…totally naked…looking like a marine
KBryant08: I’m just enjoying the suck and the view
KBryant08: KELLI21257 finally pays up after all that
KBryant08: he’s running the clippers all over your head (he’s pushed grunge girl away)
TOBCLIPPED: I whimper feeling my head grow totally hairless
TOBCLIPPED: I realise I will have to lay bald in the game later…making me sob more
KBryant08: the game starts in 20 minutes
KBryant08: your are clipped bald with stubble
KBryant08: red hair is all over your naked body and toilet
KBryant08: we need to get rid of the stubble
KBryant08: we need water so I tell grunge girl to get some
KBryant08: she takes a handful of toilet water and pours it on your head
TOBCLIPPED: I sit there looking nothing like I once did…
TOBCLIPPED: “Please don’t use the stuff that you did on my bush…….Please” I say hopefully
KBryant08: the Texan takes a glob of it and starts rubbing it on your head
KBryant08: he doesn’t care
KBryant08: this keeps my wife behaving
TOBCLIPPED: I freak out……..trying to get him to stop…people grab my arms..
KBryant08: everyone holds you
KBryant08: he rubs it in hard and stubble starts falling out
KBryant08: your untanned head is starting to shine from baldness
TOBCLIPPED: I whine…”NOOOOOOOO, not permanent…nooooooo” I squeal
KBryant08: he starts under your arms too
KBryant08: “might as well save you some waxing money too”
KBryant08: they start rinsing your head with toilet water again
KBryant08: you are smooth
TOBCLIPPED: I try to pull my arms down to save the last of my hair…but they are already exposed
KBryant08: someone yells
TOBCLIPPED: I plead with everyone not too
KBryant08: I get a pair of tweezers and start plucking
TOBCLIPPED: I stand still knowing I have no choice
KBryant08: pluck, pluck, pluck
KBryant08: the Texan just rubs the cream over them and they come off
KBryant08: you look like an alien from sightings
KBryant08: you have no clothes and the game starts in 10 minutes
KBryant08: everyone starts leaving the bathroom now that the action is over


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