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The shoes were his thing. Since we started dating, we had gone shopping together about once a month. These shopping trips would always start with him giving me a foot massa

First Joyful Shaving

The first joyful shaving….

The first time my wife and I shaved our heads it was a mutual thing. I had just purchased a clipper set for trimming my hair and asked my wife to tri

Paradox of Perfection

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Fear Remembered – Part II

Fear remember – Part II By Jim B.

I could hardly believe it had been that long, thirty-three years.

Those times I would wash my hair hoping something would make the ends nice a


THE DEAL – Clip Er2

At first, Maria wasn’t sure. In the dim light of the bar, through the smoke she thought he looked familiar. Then, when he strolled by the table she was sharin

What a Vacation

What a Vacation

Just before leaving Mexico, my girlfriend and her girlfriend visited a hairdressing shop, to get their hair done, to come home with. My girlfriend had shoulder le

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret by X

The women of the anti-fur coalition were just wrapping up their protest of a posh Beverly Hill’s store when Playmate of the Year Victoria Silvestedt happe

No Title

My girlfriend and I have had a weird relationship. We first met over 10 years ago when I was interviewing her for a job… I remember going through my usual script but I was compl