“Come on, Kelli, we’ll be late!” Ashley exclaimed as she waited for her friend.

“Coming,” Kelli called out as she finished brushing her long blonde hair and gave her

Goodbye, Sandra Dee

Goodbye, Sandra Dee By Lela

Sandi was the sort of invisible girl that every high school has. She participated in no sports, she got good grades, but not outstanding, and she act


The Potion – Shearingly

This is a really weird story. My father works for a chemical company in their research & development division. He is a Vice President in purchasing, not a

Oceans Away

Oceans Away – Bald and Proud

On this journey of discovery of mine, I have met and talked to quite a surprising number of people who, like myself, have discovered they like to ha

Tina’s Fantasy

Tina’s Fantasy

My girlfriend Tina is really a knockout. She has a beautiful face, a great figure and lovely, thick black hair down to her shoulders. She was 19 and I would do any

London Tales V

London Tales 5 – LondonHair

Soho was fast becoming the gay capital of England, with Brixton coming a close second.

Men and women of all ages converged in the area to share and

Hell Hath No Fury

Hell Hath No Fury (A true story from Rayzor)

John is a guy who worked for our company. He left suddenly one day and telephoned later to ask for some time off to attend to some u

Personnel Services

Personnel Services – Yvonne K

The phone ringing interrupted my thoughts

“Hi, it’s Marla, I was wondering if it was OK if I took some extra time off at lunch, maybe from 11.30?”

Skinhead Girl

Skinhead Girl – BigJohn

I’ve been living with my girlfriend for the last few years. When I first met her she told me of the wild past she had before we met. Although we have a lo

Another Unusual Visit

It was around 3pm on Tuesday afternoon. I was on my own in the shop as Jim needed the afternoon off. It was always a quiet time so I didn’t anticipate problems.

The shop was empty