Punishment Cuts

Smooth Lesson

Smooth Lesson by BigMacJim

Irene was a fiftyish schoolteacher who was ready for adventure as well as a change. She had been wearing her ass-length hair pulled back into a severe

Angela’s New School

Angela looked around nervously as the car passed through the gates of the school. This was the most prestigious and expensive girls college in the state and had a long waiting list

Curious Meeting

A Curious Meeting by Barber Jos

I look around in the small concert hall of our village and see all those grey-haired middle-aged or even older men and women and only some youngs

Not What I Expected

Not What I Expected – K Locks

I walked up to the unisex salon for my regular trim every six weeks. I always went a little early for my appointment. I loved women’s hair and it w

Honeymoon Suite Shave

The Honeymoon Suite Shave, or
Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Hair – Da Marsh

A lot of my long-time friends wondered what I saw in Veronica. After all, I’m the owner/CEO of


This is a little story of a girlfriend who sees a few photographs of her husbands’ father when he was in the military. Back then it was called a G.I., “government issued, now it i


Inspiration by Barber Jos

The experienced short hair-enthusiast, or call him or her a fetishist, will look around with more than sharp eyes to find persons with his/her favorite

Too Hot for Hair!

Too Hot for Hair!

It was only the beginning of the summer and it was already hotter than blue blazes. Janice and I were sitting together in the last class of school, just waiting

Band’s Bitch

“Boy, we really suck this year. We don’t stand a chance of beating Jefferson on Saturday.” Kelli’s voice filled the lunchroom.

“Kelli, how can you say that? You’re head cheerleade

Winning The Bet

Winning the Bet – Zirc

This is a true story of a bet that was made and fulfilled my dreams of erotic haircutting.

My lover and I had been seeing each other for a year. Her name