Punishment Cuts

Band’s Bitch

“Boy, we really suck this year. We don’t stand a chance of beating Jefferson on Saturday.” Kelli’s voice filled the lunchroom.

“Kelli, how can you say that? You’re head cheerleade

Winning The Bet

Winning the Bet – Zirc

This is a true story of a bet that was made and fulfilled my dreams of erotic haircutting.

My lover and I had been seeing each other for a year. Her name

My Girlfriend’s Loss

My Girlfriend’s Loss by Jim B.

When I got home from work my girlfriend welcomed me with a kiss and told me she was horny and wanted to know if I wanted to go have sex before we s

Tequila Nights to Die For

Tequila Nights to Die For Waking from her troubled slumber, Ellen is totally parched. Her mouth is so dry it hurts. I must been sleeping with my mouth open again she thinks… Goi


The Bus

Johann groaned as the Avenue B bus pulled away from the 6th Street stop, and he slowed his hopeful dash to a stroll. Having missed this one he knew he had twenty cold min

Show Biz

Show Biz by Mobmij

The first time I saw Elbert Dorsey, I had the impression I was looking at a huge, blood-swelled tick. He sat in a maroon leather chair in the middle of his st

Trojan Women

Trojan Women by EddyZ.

Some of the young actresses were involved in a heated argument. Others sat down dismayed. But to all of them the announcement of the assistant director ha

Club H

Club H by Sean O’Hare

I had just finished my lunch-time workout in the gym. Had I read the advertisement on the Sports Club noticeboard correctly…

“Ladies, do you have long h

Bang On or Gone

“Damn, it’s raining again,” I thought to myself as I looked out the bathroom window. I was getting ready to go to my job interview, and I wanted to look my best.

“My hair will ne