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Biker Chick

The Biker Chick by DeB

Kelli slowly maneuvered her car into the last available space. Man, I hate street parking! she thought to herself. And this neighborhood really sucks! I’m

I’m With the Band

I’m With The Band by HeadBoy & Sabrina S.

The sign hung on the phone pole with duct tape, a rusty nail and desire. “Female musicians wanted! Influences: Sex Pistols, Bryan Ferry

Birthday Bet

The Birthday Betby DeB

My God, it’s almost seven, you think to yourself as you clip on your earrings.

He’ll be here any second! You smooth the black dress across your taut, fit


Jenny Jenny was in her third year of college. She started college after working several years for a conservative corporation. She loved the freedom that college gave her and had l

Kelli and her Friends

Kelli and Her Friends Part I: Kelli’s Makeover

College started off different for me last fall. I no longer had the satisfaction of knowing that Jamie would be there waiting for m

P.J. Shearer’s Secret Revealed

P.J. Shearer’s Secret Revealed By Da Marsh

Author’s note: This story contains sexual content, female head and body depilation, and some mild defeminization. If you can’t handle

Elvira and the Centerfold

Elvira and the Centerfold

When she showed up at the Annual Playmates Halloween Bash dressed as Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Petra had no idea her competition would be none othe

London Tales III

London Tales III – LondonHair

As I’m sure many of you will remember, way back in the early eighties geometric haircuts were the in thing for many. With the advent of new romantic

Neighbour Sisters

Neighbour Sisters – Long Hair Cutter

My name is George. I have a beautiful neighbour by the name of Jane. She lives with her younger sister Tina. Both of them have a very sexy b