School, Army & Prison Haircuts

Cost of Living

Cost of Living

The Cost of Living

Jenny stared at herself in the mirror with a mixture of depression and disgust. Her eyes were red and puffy and tear-streaked from the nearly two hours of non-

Real MASHer

Real MASHer

A Real MASHer By Frank Rizzo

Between 1950 and 1953, the area near the 38th parallel was the scene of a “Police Action”. While this title would be disputed by many people, it rem

Foolish Bet

Foolish Bet

Foolish Bet by TOBCLIPPED and KBryant08

KBryant08: you only have time to pay up before the game so you will sport the new haircut at the game
KBryant08: maybe it’ll inspire your

Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands by Francis

It had been several years since I quit my job at a leading software firm and began living my lifelong dream. I had used my savings to buy a 30-foot sch

Jess’s Last Cut

Jess’s Last Cut – SEJ

The phone rang in the shop. It was Jess, the model from down the block. I was used to seeing her every four weeks or so to trim her waist-length hair. But


The Professional by ‘Cat’

Sam saw her leave the cafe and cross the street just as his previous customer was leaving – old Archie who always came in for his regular trim on a Mond


Charlie by Alan.

Charlie had been working hard all morning, there had been quite a few customers in since opening time at 9 o’clock that morning. Most of the customers had just


Honey, I want to cut your hair…

Oh really, what has brought this on?

I don’t know, I just would enjoy cutting your hair, thinking about it turns me on.

It does, does it?