School, Army & Prison Haircuts

Jess’s Last Cut

Jess’s Last Cut – SEJ

The phone rang in the shop. It was Jess, the model from down the block. I was used to seeing her every four weeks or so to trim her waist-length hair. But


The Professional by ‘Cat’

Sam saw her leave the cafe and cross the street just as his previous customer was leaving – old Archie who always came in for his regular trim on a Mond


Charlie by Alan.

Charlie had been working hard all morning, there had been quite a few customers in since opening time at 9 o’clock that morning. Most of the customers had just


Honey, I want to cut your hair…

Oh really, what has brought this on?

I don’t know, I just would enjoy cutting your hair, thinking about it turns me on.

It does, does it?


Self Cut

Self Cut

Today was the day I was going to chop my hair off. I don’t think I have ever been so determined to to do anything as I was to do this. I went into the bathroom and took

Easy Money

Easy Money by English Rose and Sean O’Hare

“Good afternoon, how may I help you?”

I feel a little out of place in this spacious, wooden-floored and elegant hairdresser’s. The cu

Letter to Sara

Letter to Sara – Jim B.

Dear Sara,

Well, last Tuesday was Mary’s first day at college.

You know how I felt as we drove there. I was asking her questions all the way. As usual

Accidental Haircut

I always cut my daughter’s hair and never cut or even trimmed mine until about two years ago. We both had very long hair that is exactly the same color, mine well past my waist and

My Cousin Rhonda

MY COUSIN RHONDA by Shearingly

The first time Rhonda came to stay with me she was twenty-three years old and her life was “falling apart.” Her husband had taken up with another w