School, Army & Prison Haircuts

London Tales VI

London Tales 6 – LondonHair

I recently attended a dinner party round friends’. During the meal someone asked how business was. I replied that business was steady but if last yea

Exchange Students

The Exchange Students – Vam

“Mom was there any mail for me today?” Jessica yelled as she ran down the stairs to the kitchen.

“No, nothing yet, the mail comes late on Saturday.”

Wife’s Revenge

A Wife’s Revenge – Raool

Debbie stood in front of the bathroom mirror and smoothed her eyebrows. She ran a brush through her short layered hair and gave it a liberal dousing of

I’m With the Band

I’m With The Band by HeadBoy & Sabrina S.

The sign hung on the phone pole with duct tape, a rusty nail and desire. “Female musicians wanted! Influences: Sex Pistols, Bryan Ferry

Shave Slave

THE SHAVE SLAVE (A Dialogue) – Clip Er2


I am in a spandex full body suit. The sheen properly highlights my body’s contours and curves in shiny black. Small sli

Once Upon a Lurker

Once Upon a Lurker by BuzMeTendr

Often times the hour was late, or should I say early morning, when I would sit at my trusty computer and browse – or lurk as the term online is