Time for a Change

Temple Gods

Temple Gods

The Temple Gods – Dave

Goran sat uneasily on the low bench at the side of the temple. He had seen the choosing ceremony many times before, but tonight he was a participant. Ever

Welcome to St. Anne’s

Welcome to St. Anne’s – Chris Hall

Kathryn Livingstone approached St. Anne’s School for Girls nervously, her long, blonde hair streaming behind her in the strong wind. As she mou


Slagged – DeB.

The hovercar descended gently to the pavement, making its characteristic soft whooossshh. Its front doors dilated and two large men dressed in black suits exited,

Just A Trim

Just a Trim by Sean O’Hare

“I know you don’t want me to cut my hair, James. But it really does need a trim. That’s all – just a trim.”

James is acting a bit precious once again

It’s Just Another Day

[This story is dedicated to Sean O’Hare, without whom my first story would never have been written]

It’s Just Another Day… by Claire Oil

“How are you, Edna?” chirruped Jilly,

No-one Will Know

No-one will know – Cliptomaniac

After two months Jasmine and I were really getting used to life looking after my cousin’s log cabin in Canada. He’d decided it was time to see a

Savouring the Moment

Savouring the Moment – Cheshire Cate


I held the clippers in my hand. I flicked them on to test them – they worked, just like I knew they would. Julia lay on the bed, s

Lena’s Story

Lena’s Story by NovoWriter (novowriter@aol.com)

Once in a while a story comes along which is too good to pass up. You just have to write it. That’s why I feel compelled to tell L

New Ideas

New Ideas – Ex Dutch

Jane was feeling an itch. For years, she had been dreaming about a change to her look, but she had never dared do what she really wanted. She was a beautifu


The Pet – DeB.

Kelli ran smoothly, her arms and legs pumping rhythmically as she neared the end of her daily fitness routine. She worked out regularly, and it showed in her taut,