Time for a Change

Extending a Hand

Extending a Hand

Even though my wife had kept her hair short while we were married, I never had the nerve to tell her about my fetish. I had purchased videos of women with shave

Hell No, We Won’t Go

Hell No, We Won’t Go – Franklin Farmer

The judge looked down from his bench at the and sternly read the sentence, his cold steel grey eyes stared into each girl’s eyes. “Disturbi

My Eden

My Eden

This isn’t a mere story, a figment of my imagination, or the product of an overheated pussy. This is autobiography. It’s said that an angel with a flaming sword guards ou

Biker Bar

The Biker Bar by DeB

The first thing Kelli noticed was the nigh-unbearable stench. Wrinkling her nose in disgust, she pushed through the almost-visible vapors of ammonia, and cig


The Businessman by Mobmij

“I have the most useless power in the world.”

Two men were sitting in an expensive bar in a very expensive hotel, nursing glasses of single-malt whisk

True Blonde?

A True Blonde? by DeB

Emma folded the newspaper over four times until only the crossword puzzle was visible. She leaned forward and snagged a pencil from the holder on her desk;


Salamander by Mobmij

“I have just updated my report on the Bigfoot film hoax as of 1/11/99. Nice goin’, you fucking morons. And something new I just picked up – a new theory abo