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Krystal’s Day

Krystal’s Day – J

This a true story about a close friend of mine who lives in New Hampshire. Everything is down to the last detail as it happened. Enjoy!

It was about the middl

Erotic Encountern

An Erotic Encounter by Geneva

Steve and I are now married. The wedding and the reception are the ones to remember for me. But, the honeymoon is the one that really sticks out in

Sister’s Summer Haircut

Sister’s Summer Haircut by Haircape

“Don’t forget,” my mom called to us as we went out the door. “I’ll pick you up after school so we can do our errands.” I looked at my sister,

Nuisance No Longer

A Nuisance No Longer by Shornlocks

“Heather! Jessie! My Daddy’s joining the army! My Daddy’s joining the army!”

Heather and Jessie, 13-year-old twin sisters, looked at one anot

Being There

Cartoon Network was on, almost mocking Jen as she sat there, helpless. Hands tied behind her back, feet strapped to the chair legs, rubber ball shoved into her mouth and taped in p

Lapse in Judgement


I was driving along in my car thinking about what I had just read and seen while on line checking out my newsgroups – a.s.f.h. and a.b.p.e.f.h. I


The Homecoming


I was returning home after 6 years overseas. I was 28 and had eloped 5 years earlier with a guy that my parents had not approved of. My parents were very s

Another Unusual Visit

It was around 3pm on Tuesday afternoon. I was on my own in the shop as Jim needed the afternoon off. It was always a quiet time so I didn’t anticipate problems.

The shop was empty


The Window by Buzz

I watched in the window as she raised the scissors up to her forehead. Her bangs hung to just below her highly arched eyebrows. With a steady hand, she starte


Sabrina Written by Mistress Janice. Original Storyline by Shearingly. Copyright 1996

A story about sweet revenge and love of a boy……

Roberta was sixteen, and in love. Her bo