Bets & Dares

One Incredible Night

One Incredible Night – Clipper4U

I have been a lover of women getting their hair cut for some time and just like everyone else, I thought I was the weird one. I’ve had many girlf


Twins by Cruzzer

One hot summer day, Melissa and Melinda, a pair of nine-year-old twin girls, were bored and looking for a little something fun to do with their day. It was too

Balded on a Dare

I do not know how it all got started but I do know what set it off. You see my girlfriend and I have always taken great pride in and good care of our waist length hair. Our hair wa

HC – You Will Graduate

HC – You Will Graduate! by Shearingly

She walked through the front door, glanced around the noisy room, hardly seeing anyone or anything and slumped down on the couch. I was a qu

Katrina’s First Short Cut

Katrina’s First Short Cut

This story is true and happened today, Dec. 15, 1999…

…so, I walk into my salon after lunch and standing at the front desk is Katrina, 20 years ol

Story of Karen

The Story of Karen by Sangreal


“Jeez! Karen, your legs are pretty stubbly!” Jack was rubbing Karen’s legs as they lay on their bed before their frequent love-making.

“I’m sor


Jenny Jenny was in her third year of college. She started college after working several years for a conservative corporation. She loved the freedom that college gave her and had l


Found!! – Good2BBuzd

A computer for Christmas! I had no idea this would eventually lead to first a buzz, then a clipper shave, then a razor shave that would leave my head hairles

Kinky or What

Kinky or What

It was bed time and I had just showered. My wife had pestered me to trim my pubic hair, so while the shower was running, I took the beard trimmer that my wife gave