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True Story

True Story

A True Story – Anon

The following is totally true.

For years I’ve had a hair fetish. My fetish though, seems to not be shared by anyone else on the net – artificial hair colors

Dressing Room

Dressing Room

The Dressing Room Part One by Ransom King

I remember my first night inside Cabaret Calva’s entertainers’ dressing room. The dancers’ regular hairdresser was on his honeymoon wit

Gentle Persuasion

Gentle Persuasion

Gentle Persuasion by Firefly

As Julie walked into the salon she realised that something was different. The whole place had been refurbished and she didn’t recognise any of the s

Mystery Prize

The Mystery Prize by Sabrina S. and Sean O’Hare

Earlier this year we were on holiday. We decided to get away from the buzz of the city and visit our favourite wine area, and sam

Hope’s Cut

Hope’s Cut – Tigger

Hope walked toward the barbershop and clutched the $300 Mike had given her. She had thought of getting her hair cut short before, but Mike had given her an i

Science Mission 1138

Science Mission 1138 by Mobmij

To: Chair, Science Mission Review Committee
From: Chair, Central Authority Oversight Committee:

Review attached mission logs from Fligh

Maria – The New Barber

Maria – The new barber By Jim B.

The week had been slower than usual, so I decided I would take an extra hour of sleep and open the shop a little late. Everyone else had opened a

Jamie’s Haircut

Jamie’s Haircut by Crewctguy

Jamie was the kind of model that people loved look at and dream about. She had gorgeous, long brown hair, which she usually kept in a ponytail. Plus

Why Did You Wait So Long?

Why Did You Wait So Long? By James

For years, I had always had a crush on Stacey. From the first day of Kindergarten, I fell in love with her. At the time I did not know why, bu

She Sat Cross-Legged

She Sat Cross-Legged by Cruzzer

It was a dark evening, and the night was cool and filled with the sounds of crickets and frogs. Diane sat cross-legged on the screen porch of the