Bets & Dares

Jamie’s Haircut

Jamie’s Haircut by Crewctguy

Jamie was the kind of model that people loved look at and dream about. She had gorgeous, long brown hair, which she usually kept in a ponytail. Plus

Why Did You Wait So Long?

Why Did You Wait So Long? By James

For years, I had always had a crush on Stacey. From the first day of Kindergarten, I fell in love with her. At the time I did not know why, bu

She Sat Cross-Legged

She Sat Cross-Legged by Cruzzer

It was a dark evening, and the night was cool and filled with the sounds of crickets and frogs. Diane sat cross-legged on the screen porch of the


Christy and her best friend Becky had grown accustomed to spending summers at Christy’s grandmother’s house in southern Ontario. The 12-year-old girls had been going there for thre

Jenny’s New Style

Jenny’s New Style – Redcrop

Jenny paused for a moment and checked her reflection in a shop window. Her hair was bothering her. The cut had looked great when it had just been don

Christina, Jessica and Billie

Christina, Jessica And Billie by EddyZ

Do you know what happened to Britney Spears? You can read it in “Britney’s cut”, in which Xphile666 describes how Britney was kidnapped an

Bridge to the Past

Bridge to the Past

Jim shuffled through the unbound loose pages of his favorite magazine. There in back and white, with those subtle tones of gray, were the images of what he lik


The Oil – Greg

Mary stood at the door and took a deep breath. “C’mon Mary,” she whispered to herself, “you have come this far, don’t chicken out now!” It was a Saturday morning

One Incredible Night

One Incredible Night – Clipper4U

I have been a lover of women getting their hair cut for some time and just like everyone else, I thought I was the weird one. I’ve had many girlf


Twins by Cruzzer

One hot summer day, Melissa and Melinda, a pair of nine-year-old twin girls, were bored and looking for a little something fun to do with their day. It was too