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Riding on the Metro

Riding on the Metro by HeadBoy

Snow was falling, D.C. was cold and Congress was not in session, so the streets were a nearly-eerie quiet. The wind whistled through the naked che

Tonsure of a Mumbai Girl

Tonsure of a Mumbai girl – Sabu

I live in Baroda. I have a girl friend named Sabitha who lives in Mumbai. I met her in a beauty parlor in Mumbai. She has jet black hair with thi

Electra and Lizzie’s Turn

Electra and Lizzy’s Turn – Jaci

Lizzy and Electra were both friends with Chelsea, who had recently had her head shaved and tested with some “gook”, as they called it, which made

Question of Detachment

A Question Of Detachment?

It had been there, deep inside me for as long as I can remember, although as a pre-adolescent boy, I had no understanding of the aching that occurred ea

Melissa’s Pride

Melissa’s Pride by DKenn51495

Melissa stood in front of the mirror putting the finishing touches on her makeup as she finishes getting ready for an evening on the town. Tonight w

Behind the Eight Ball

Marco watched the eight ball rattle around the corner pocket, mocking him as it sank. “That’s game,” Gayle said with a wink, spanking Marco on the ass as she walked by. “Loser rac


The following story depicts a forced female head shaving. It is intended as a fantasy for adults, and does not advocate such activities in real life. Be kind to all living creatur

There Are Rewards

There are Rewards – BarbrGal

The six months passed slowly. Thankfully since I worked in a record store and was sort of a free spirit no one said too much about the crewcut that

Reality Meets Fantasy

Reality Meets Fantasy by: Cruzzer

The warmth of my smooth scalp feels so erotic. The cool air on my head and neck makes me feel so happy. My haircuts are always a pleasurable ex

Lisa’s Hair Adventure Part I

Lisa’s Hair Adventure

I was always a bit concerned about the city neighborhood I lived in. It has a wide range of people – young, old, yuppies, and men and women with shaved head