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$350 a Day

The telephone rang about three and when I answered it, it was my best friend Pam. She was all excited, practically yelling. There had been rumors that day of a modeling job. I didn

Looking for a Dharma Bum

Looking for a Dharma Bum by Sabrina S. & HeadBoy

The car rolled down the freeway. Carlo held his head out of the rear window, or where the rear window would be if we had one in

Another Dani

“Hi. I’m Gerry.”

“Yeah. I know,” Courtney said. “You come highly recommended.”

“Always nice to hear,” Gerry answered as she brushed out Courtney’s curly hair. Curly hair can ofte

Way You Always Wanted It

The Way You Always Wanted It – Cut Ups

Laura made the deposit and left the bank in her small hometown. She had worked in the federal government for forty years, beginning in the

Dream Come True

Dream Come True by indiangirl1967@yahoo.com

When he was 12 he found out that some sensation always happens to him whenever the hairdresser Ramu visited their home for the family

Head and Shoulders

Head and Shoulders – Greg

“…8, 9, 10!” she said as she let out a sigh of relief. Her workouts had been going extraordinarily well lately. And she had her husband to thank for



Karen Werner was known on campus as the girl with the long blonde hair–reasonably so, since it hung below her waist, and she wore it in a single thick braid that fl

Anne Gets a Haircut Surprise

Anne could not believe it when her name was pulled out of the hat! There must be at least twenty couples at the party tonight and it had to be her bad luck to be the one selected a

Surprise in Store


“Good morning everyone. I’m Janice Pearson the store manager and I would like to welcome you all on your first day in the store and to the star