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Haircut Sale $3.99

Haircut Sale $3.99 by jonny

The banner above the new discount haircutting chain store in the strip mall said “Haircut Sale $3.99”. I wear my hair in a conservative businessman’s

Surprising Weekend

A Surprising Weekend. – EddyZ

Rana’s hair fluttered wildly in the wind and she was constantly busy with both hands to brush it out of her face. At last she requested me to stop

Fear of a Mullet Planet

Fear of a Mullet Planet by HeadBoy

A quiet cabin in upstate Vermont, a crackling fire, the soft dulcet sounds of Chet Baker wafting through the air, a dark, empty night outside.

Katie Suffers for her Art

Katie suffers for her art by Cliptomaniac

Katie had done quite well for an art student. She was making a bit of money doing something she that was both arty and also erotic and


We all know the story of Count Dracula, who sssucked the blood, that mere essence of life itself, out off his terrified victims… And we all know the tale about Jack the Ripper,

Very Short, Cut a Lot Off

Very Short, Cut a Lot Off – Spud

I was having a very busy day and had fallen quite a bit behind and was just about to start a haircut when Julie, one of my regulars, walked in.

Naughty Nancy

Naughty Nancy – Billd@Microserve.com (Billd)

Nancy and Greg had been going out with each other for over two years now, and had been living together for just over a year. The only

Head Shaving Experience

Head Shaving Experience by Karen

I’m a bi 25-year-old woman bodybuilder with an exhibitionism streak, a masturbation compulsion and bondage. I get an indescribable rush showing o

Chance Meeting

A Chance Meeting – Hartwig/Greenlee

It was a lovely spring day and I was on a break from school. I was enjoying the afternoon with a bike ride through the city and had ended up