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Amanda and Alyson’s Activities

Alyson and Amanda were identical twins. No really: identical in almost every way on the outside. There were obvious differences in their personalities, but they got along so well t

Radio Waves

Radio Waves by English Rose and Sean O’Hare

“And now we would like to take you over to Victoria with this morning’s local news feature.”

Damn. What is it with radio – you find

Leslie’s Barbershop Visit

Leslie’s Barbershop Visit – Blade03

When I was young I used to get my hair cut in the barbershop, like all the guys in town. It wasn’t unusual to see a female with short hair ge

Shave Slave

THE SHAVE SLAVE (A Dialogue) – Clip Er2


I am in a spandex full body suit. The sheen properly highlights my body’s contours and curves in shiny black. Small sli

Tammy Goes for Dan’s Fetish

Tammy goes for Dan’s Fetish – Billd

Tammy knew of Dan’s hair cutting fetish for a long time now. Many were the times she teased him by allowing him to trim her hair, and while he

Bad Perm

She sat there thinking all day about how to get her hair curly. It just would not hold a set let alone a curl. She decided to go to the local beauty salon supplier. The lady there

Blair the Witch’s Project

Blair the Witch’s Project by ‘X’

Janis was hiking alone. Her busy schedule finally freed up enough time for her to get away. Away from the endless streams of men who she thought