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Cupid & Psyche

Cupid & Psyche by HeadBoy

“Cupid don’t draw back your bow, Sam Cooke didn’t know what I know” •Jakob Dylan

It was a mythic day, long ago, when Psyche was a princess so beautifu

My Encounter With Amanda

My Encounter with Amanda by Sean O’Hare


As I turned the corner I was confronted by an unexpected sight. Gone was the familiar, slightly run-down appearance of J

Accidental Haircut

I always cut my daughter’s hair and never cut or even trimmed mine until about two years ago. We both had very long hair that is exactly the same color, mine well past my waist and

True Blonde?

A True Blonde? by DeB

Emma folded the newspaper over four times until only the crossword puzzle was visible. She leaned forward and snagged a pencil from the holder on her desk;

Long Distance Calling

Long Distance Calling – DoctorB

The hum of the beeper in my pocket startled me. I discreetly looked at the display so as not to interrupt the meeting I was in. The beeper displa


Salamander by Mobmij

“I have just updated my report on the Bigfoot film hoax as of 1/11/99. Nice goin’, you fucking morons. And something new I just picked up – a new theory abo

New Girl in School

The New Girl in School – Ants1234

Sherri had moved back east when her mom was divorced. She had been a popular girl in her California High School and was working as a part-time

Short, Sharp, Shock

Short, Sharp, Shock! A Hair Story by Ian White

Pamela was a rather plain looking woman in her late forties. She was single, and owned her own stable yard in a small village in Y

Pete’s Secret Plan

Pete’s Secret Plan – Kate

For my boyfriend’s 24th birthday, I agreed to be his slave for a day. It was a little game we had often discussed, but never actually played. Expecting

Sian, With the Golden Curls

Sian, with the golden curls by Sean O’Hare


I heard the bell over the door chime, and looked into the shop from the room at the back where I was grabbing a quick lunch now

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