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Day in the Barbershop

South India. The state of Andhra Pradesh. The southern part of this technologically upcoming state. The temple town of Tirumala-Tirupati. Situated in the seven hills that compris

I Laughed at My Brother

I Laughed At My Brother by Jim B.

“What happened to your hair,” questioned Mary as I arrived at the bus stop.

“You’re not going to believe it,” I told her. “I’d better call you

Darling Nikki

Darling Nikki by HeadBoy

She had green eyes, and walked in with a smile and some measure of confidence you didn’t see walk into this building very often; it was a Kafka-esque pl

She Sat Cross-Legged

She Sat Cross-Legged by Cruzzer

It was a dark evening, and the night was cool and filled with the sounds of crickets and frogs. Diane sat cross-legged on the screen porch of the


The Show by Hair-Raiser

Eve nervously walked over to the Hair-Raiser stand. She’d been going to the salon for over a year. She had had a phobia of going to the hairdressers, born

Fear Remembered – Part I

Fear Remembered – Part I By Jim B

Sitting here in my car I am looking towards Erin’s Barber Shop with the fear I had remembered for years. Years that go back to my childhood, my

Pillow of Love

This story not to be reproduced in any fashion without written consent from the author. (c) 5-12-00 by BuzMeTendr

Pillow of Love – BuzMeTendr

Their time together was nearly sac

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