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Lisa’s Hair Adventure Part II

Lisa s Hair Adventure Part II

While Lisa was brushing her new shoulder length style, I opened the perm kit. She said to use the small rods in the front and the larger ones in the

Kristen’s Cut

Kristen’s Cut – Rome3674

It was Saturday, and Kristen had a 12:00 hair appointment at a salon she’d never been to before. The salon was close to home, and, from what her friends

Mindy’s Haircut

Mindy’s Haircut – Shaveman

“Hah!” Mindy yelled in sadistic pleasure as Kimberly tripped and fell face down in the mud. Mindy always looked forward to the moments when that ‘swee

She Drives Me Crazy

A few years ago, the music group “Fine Young Cannibals” came out with a great song called “She Drives Me Crazy”. The lyrics were mainly “She drives me crazy, that long blond hair.


RIVALRY by Shearingly

My sister, Becky, is a junior in high school. This story is about a rivalry between Becky and the girl who lives across the road. They are both juniors this

Shingled Up the Back

Shingled Up the Back – CutUps

Elizabeth Gedney fell into deep sleep, lights out as soon as her brunette head hit the pillow on Parris Island. This had been her first day back on

Fourth Time

THE FOURTH TIME by Michelle mich_gsy@yahoo.co.uk

This was the fourth time I had been in his study in as many months.

I was sent to an all-girls boarding school when my parent

Set In My Ways

Set in My Ways by Sean O’Hare

Chapter 1

“HaiRazors,” I thought to myself as I approached it down the small lane off the high street. It looked like the sort of place my friend

Hope’s Cut

Hope’s Cut – Tigger

Hope walked toward the barbershop and clutched the $300 Mike had given her. She had thought of getting her hair cut short before, but Mike had given her an i

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