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Candy & Wine

Candy and Wine (a girl’s favorite things) by Buzz

Candy said she wanted a trim and would be over around 7 pm. I never knew she was bisexual but I never knew I was also, until ton

Meer-ay Cut

Meer-ay cut !

My wife knows my “interest” in hair cutting and during the five years of our marriage we have always had exceptional relations whenever she got her hair cut. When w

Shaving Jamie

Shaving Jamie Part I

“NOOOOOO!” I rushed into the bathroom as I heard Jamie’s blood-curdling scream! I had expected that she had electrocuted herself with her hair dryer or somet

Holiday Crew

The Holiday Crew – Si

This story is a most remarkable experience that I had the summer holiday before last. The names have been changed as the girls do not know that this story

Time To Share

Time to Share…

You are all sharing your ideas, thoughts, loved ones’ reactions and adventures, so I should share one with you. No, not one of my haircuts, I expect you are bore


Changes – by Anon_temp

Hi, my name is Laura, and I run a small one-man hairdresser’s shop in a quiet part of a large city. I suppose you’d like to know what I look like as well,


The Reunion

You were just going to leave your high school reunion party. It had been a great night amid laughing, good memories, and cheerfulness. You ran into so many people tha

Doctor’s Orders

Doctor’s Orders – Bob688

This is a work of fiction about non-consensual female hair cutting. It contains no violence or adult themes. Read it only if this sort of story appeals t