I must tell this story, as I can hardly believe it myself. I am a 34 year old woman, and I think I am nice looking and I am of small build and slim. I have been a hairstylist since I was 19 years old. I have no family alive at the present, because they died in a accident.

It was the summer of my 22nd year when I took a vacation to Northern Scotland up into the high country. While walking around the countryside, I met a woman who was considerably older than myself, and after a couple of days she talked with me at length on many different subjects. The one subject that changed my life completely, was witchcraft. That old lady showed me some things she could do, such as mind control and making things appear and disappear. I could hardly believe what I saw. She could actually do this.

At her request, I stayed with her because she wanted someone to train and pass along her knowledge. I stayed with her for a year and after a while I could do some of the things she could do, and I needed much more practice. I thought at the time, I really could use my new found powers to help me with my obsession with hair and the cutting of it.

I left the old lady after she died of old age during that second summer, and returned to the U.S. I believe she was waiting for me or someone to pass along her skills and knowledge and just up and died.

As I went to the money exchange at the airport, the girl was supposed to give me back $320.00. I concentrated on my powers, and the girl gave me $3,200.00 instead. I waited for her to correct her mistake, and after a few moments I left with the cash. I was very excited with this mind control I had. I left Kennedy Airport, and took a taxi into Manhattan, and after checking into a hotel, I went for a walk in the village area. I saw a woman walking on the other side of the street and had a male companion with her. As a lark, I concentrated on them, and made their clothes disappear. They of course got excited and ran away down the street. I loved it ! A few more blocks down the street I passed a book store where a woman with medium length hair was cutting some paper. Again, I concentrated and she calmly put the scissors to her head, and in front of the customers, she cut away most of her hair. I was amazed at what I could do. The possibilities of the use of my powers was limitless. To prove something to myself, I went past a beauty salon and I saw in a window a lady getting a hair trim. When the girl was finished with her and the lady was leaving, I concentrated on her hair and actually made it grow several inches, and then made it get shorter than it was before. After playing with my powers, I had to go someplace to think in quiet, and I returned to my hotel room.

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I came up with a plan. I could do anything I wanted to do.

It was 2:00 P.M. and I went to a bank. I asked a teller for change for a $20.00 bill. Concentrating on her, I made her give $10,000.00 instead of the required change. I put the cash in my purse and left the bank. I bought a small gym bag and went to other banks until they were all closed. When I finished for the day, I had $135,000.00 cash in small bills. At a used car lot, I bought a car and with dealer plates on it, I drove to Philadelphia. The next day I did the same thing and had over $400,000.00. Continuing around to other cities, I amassed over $2,000,000.00. I had to get rid of the car, and I bought a nice 35′ motorhome, to put in the cartons of cash and other things I purchased.

As I mentioned earlier, I like hair and haircutting. My own dark brown hair was usually cropped very close in the back and on the sides, and the top was slightly. on several occasions I had it clipped extremely close all over. one time I let my girlfriend use the hairclippers and take it all off. That was when I was 13 years old, and my mother got quite upset with me about my baldness.

I purchased a building and had a 12 station beauty salon built in it, and there was a small wig shop next to it. I outfitted the shop with all the best equipment I could find and bought the finest human hair wigs available for the wig shop. The total cost was over $700,000.00, but well worth it. I also bought a 24 room mansion.

After hiring enough women to operate the shops, I opened them for business. The only work we did was hair cutting. Using my mind control powers, I got many women to come in for haircuts. Here are some of the cuts and events I caused with my mind.

I was standing in the reception area and saw a young woman walk by. Concentrating on her, I made her enter the salon for a haircut. Of course I was the one to cut her hair for her, and took her back to my station. I made her sit down in the cutting chair and in her normal tone of voice, I made her say, “Cut it all off close to my head, please.” I immediately started cutting off her middle of the back brown hair. After cutting off most of her tresses, I put away the scissors and got out the hairclipper. Putting on the 1 inch attachment, I placed the whirring blades to her nape and ran them all over her head, leaving her hair one length all over. With a closer blade, I trimmed up around her ears and back, leaving her a tapered crew-cut. She got out of the chair after taking off the cutting apron, and she went to the front to pay. She kept running her hands all over her head feeling her close clipped haircut. I watched her leave the salon and walk about 50 feet up the street. I released the mind control on her, and after a few seconds passed, she reached up with her hand and felt the clipping I gave to her. She turned and looked back at my salon with a shocked look on her face. It looked like she was going to cry, and I let her stay that way for a few moments. Again I took control of her mind, and had her continue walking down the street. Following her I had her walk into a barber shop she was passing. The shop was empty, and I had her tell the barber to shave her head bald. The barber was resistant and I made her do it anyway. The barber sat her down and put the cutting apron around her shoulders. Without any hesitation the woman picked up her hairclipper and clipped off all the girls hair starting from front and going to the back, leaving a bald bluish white path of scalp in it’s wake. The woman clipped her completely bald and lathered her head and shaved her clean and smooth. When she had only a few more strokes with to use the razor, I released control on the both of them. I saw shocked looks on both of their faces at seeing what the barber had done, and the woman put down her razor and softly held the girls bald head against her breasts, trying to show compassion and sympathy to the young girl. I returned to the salon, smiling as I went. After about a month. I instilled the thought to my entire staff, for them to shave their own heads bald. It was something to see, as they took turns on each other, clipping and shaving their hair away. There were some customers watching the whole episode, and some of them willingly had them shave their heads as well. I also put the thoughts in the staff’s mind that they would like being bald. For a while the girls would keep their heads shaved and some would let it grow out a little, and then would have one of the other stylists shave her head in front of the customers. It was lots of fun. I sat in the chair one time and one of the young woman staff members clipped and shaved my head also. I loved it very much.

On another occasion, I made my hair grow out to touch my elbows, so it was very long and heavy. I went to a woman barber and had her clip it all off into a nice mohawk haircut with the sides and back shaved bald. I just sat there enjoying the feel of the hairclipper shredding away the hair from my scalp, and the feel of the whirring and vibration of the machine. The feel of the girl’s soft hands on my scalp as she massaged the shaving soap around my head was so erotic and I got extremely excited. She shaved away the stubble leaving a strip of hair down the center of my head inches wide and inches long.

I felt so nice. She finished shaving me, and I left after paying her. It felt so nice letting the soft breeze caress the shaved area of my scalp. I rounded the street corner and saw I was alone, so I let my hair grow out to my shoulders. I again went to have my hair done, but this time I had a beautician cut it all off short and close. I really love having my hair cut all the time.

One afternoon I saw a group of school girls and 3 women walking down the street. They were girl scouts on a field trip with their scout leaders. I gave them a mental message to come into my salon for haircuts. The scout leader organized them into the chairs, and we started giving them haircuts. There was 86 teenagers and the 3 women. One by one we, the bald headed beauticians, snipped, clipped and shaved 89 females bald. Most of the girls had long ringlets of tresses that fell to the salon’s tiled floor, as the smiling women worked the relentless scissors and clippers all around and over the young lady’s heads. As I used the clipper on one young and pretty 16 year old, I fondly looked at the great clumps and sheets of hair fall to the floor, and those same curls cling to the haircutter’s shoes and at the front of the white uniforms they wore. We only clipped the girls bald and used the edger to get it as close as we could to the scalp. I finished clipping the last girl and watched them crowding around each other smiling and feeling their bald heads.

When the girls got home, their parents raised hell, and the scout leaders were investigated, even though they were also bald.

My staff was checked out by the police, and were asked why some of us shaved our heads. As an example, during the questioning, I promptly sat into one of the cutting chairs, and had a girl clip off all my hair and shave my head bald. The investigators were amazed as they watched a woman have all her hair removed. I kept my head shaved for about a year, and wore a wig for a while, to give the impression of it growing out. One time I got a group of nuns come in to shave their heads. They now come in on a regular basis to get shaved.

When I needed more money, I would go to the banks and do as I did before. I would even change the numbers in my account to become richer.

On one of my excursions to get my hair cut, I met a woman barber, and grew quite fond of her. I made my hair grow out past my shoulders and went to her shop. She was new in town and could use the work. I wore a very tight white mini-dress, that clung to my body. My now long heavy hair swung around into my face as I entered the barber shop. The lady’s name was Martine and was very striking in appearance. She was 6’2″ tall, and .very well built. Her breasts were large but not ugly. Martine wore a sheer pink blouse with short sleeves, white short shorts and platform shoes. Her pale blond hair was cropped short all over her head and the sides and back was tapered closer.

Martine was giving a girl a trim on her mohawk haircut. She used the clipper to take off the minute bits of hair from the sides and leaving as bare as she could. After she finished with the girl, she beckoned me to the chair for my haircut.

I eagerly sat down and she wrapped the cutting apron around my shoulders and neck, pushing the long heavy hair out of the way. She asked me what kind of haircut I wanted. I looked into her eyes through the mirror’s reflection, and told her I wanted her to cut my hair into any style she wanted to do. She smiled broadly and chatted with me, as she cut away my hair into a regular close back and sides style. She left the top a little longer and full. I looked into her eyes and told her in a mocking tone and smile, that she could have cut off more hair if she wanted to. With a grin and a determined look on her face, Martine combed my top hair up between her fingers and cut it off in large clumps. She cut and cut, until the remaining hair all over was no longer than the width of her fingers. She looked at me in the mirror for approval from me, and I just smiled at her. Martine then took up her clippers and trimmed the back and sides into a nice close taper. She also trimmed the top closer so it stood up slightly, but left the bang area longer and would lay flat. My lovely barber then used the edger clipper around my ears and nape to ensure a nice clean hairline. She unfastened the cutting apron from my neck, and shook the cape so the clipped ringlets of my hair fell to the shop floor. With a wide grin, she asked me if my hair was close enough to my scalp now.

I told her that it wasn’t too bad, and I explained that I was a haircutter also, and about my salon. Martine grew interested in my skill as a cutter and said she would like to see the salon sometime. Needless to say, I encouraged her to come over some time.

After that first day of my haircut, we became good friends. She would cut my hair every week or more often. She didn’t know about my powers, and was really amazed at how fast it would grow. Shortly after the first haircut, she asked me to cut hers off shorter for her. I cut her hair into a nice crew-cut with the sides and back clipped almost to her scalp. Of course I used the clipper on her, and she seemed to enjoy it. You could actually see her scalp all over, it was so close. She was really quite lovely.

We saw a lot of each other, and one night, while we were half drunk in a bar, I told her in dribs and drabs how I liked hair and haircutting. She became quite fascinated about my ‘secret’ obsession, and she questioned me in depth about it. Martine was particularly interested about my liking baldness. We decided that we had enough to drink and left the bar. As she drove me home, she confided in me that she wished she could try a bald head, but could not, as it would be difficult to explain to her customers, even if she wore a wig. We both went into my house and sat together and talked. I told her about my powers, and she would not believe me. I showed her, by making my hair grow down past my shoulders. She reached over and tugged my hair to see if it was real. I then made her hair grow down to the floor, and she laughed wildly about it. She finally believed me. We went to my salon and gave each other haircuts again. She cut my hair into a nice above the shoulders flip, and I did the same for her. I told her that she could now become bald headed if she wanted to, and we agreed to do it in the morning.

Since Martine’s house was across town, we decided to have her stay at my place.

We awoke and had breakfast at 7:00 A.M., and because it was Saturday, she had to open her shop. I told her to think about shaving her and my heads, and I would see her that afternoon at 4:00 P.M.

The girls at my salon thought I was wearing a wig when they saw me. I didn’t use my powers that day and just controlled myself with the many haircuts I did. One of the haircuts I did was to a very pretty 17 year old girl. She had 4 inch very curly dark brown hair all over her head, and she requested me to clip it all off to 3/8th inch all over her head. I sat her in the chair, put the cutting apron around her shoulders and took up the hairclipper. I smiled at her and placed the clipper with the 1 inch attachment at the nape of her neck. Very slowly I ran the clipper up the back of her head and to the crown, and over the top to the front. A very large clump of curly hair fell into her face, onto her breasts and into her lap, tumbling to the tiled floor, leaving 3/8th inch of hair in its wake. I continued, all around her head, baring more and more of her pretty skull. The I took the edger and tapered around the sides and back of her head.

Another young girl of about 12 years old, came in with her mother. It seems that the young girl, Amy, had tried to cut her own hair, and made a mess of it. There was patches of scalp showing. Her mother told me to even it all over as best I could, and she would buy a wig for her. I told her that the only way to even it up, was to clip it all off down to her scalp. I got her mother’s okay, and used the edger clipper and clipped her head bare of hair, just leaving a stubble. As I clipped the little girl bald I stood straight not talking to her, and gave her the impression that this was a everyday occurrence and I could not care less if she was bald. I even gave her a impression that this was punishment. Amy cried a little at first when she saw her head become bald, but soon cheered up when she saw how nice she looked. I put away the clipper and took out the electric razor. I told her mother that she should be shaved smooth and she would like the feel of it that way. They both smiled and said okay, and I proceeded to shave her head completely smooth.

Amy’s mother came back from buying a wig next door while I was shaving her, and she watched with fascination as her daughter became bald headed. I finished shaving Amy’s head, and her mother came over and caressed her bald scalp in approval of her new look. She gave Amy the wig to put on, but she wanted to show off her bald head, and they left the salon, arm in arm. As they left the salon the mother would reach up and touch her bald head and smile. About 15 minutes later, they returned and the mother asked me to shave her head also. I immediately sat her into the chair and snapped the cutting apron around her shoulders. I took up the clipper and ran it all over her head. off came her medium length blond hair, as the relentless clipper did its fine work on her. I shaved her head smooth and clean all over, and again they left the salon.

I finished cutting hair at the salon for the day and went to meet Martine at her barber shop. I brought along 2 very fine and very short wigs from my salon for us to wear, if it became necessary. I got to Martine’s place 20 minutes early, just in time to see her put the finishing touches on a lady’s brush-cut hairdo with the clippers.

After the customer left the shop, we talked about the head shavings we would do to each other. She decided that she would try being bald headed, and if she didn’t like it, I could always grow it out for her. We decided that I would shave her first. Eagerly, she sat into the barber’s chair, and I adjusted the cutting apron around her shoulders. I used her Oster detachable blade clipper on her, and started at the nape of her neck. I pushed the whirring machine up the back of her head, to her crown and across the top to her forehead. Martine’s hair fell away from her scalp onto her shoulders and into her face and lap as I clipped off all her hair. As I clipped away the hair from the right side of her head, I looked at her reflection in the mirror, and saw a satisfied look on her face. I took my time clipping her bald, so that we both could enjoy the process, and so she could enjoy the feel of the hairclipper on her scalp. When I finished clipping her, I wrapped a hot wet towel around her head to soften the stubble, and lathered .,her scalp for shaving. Her sharpened straight razor was sitting in plain sight on the counter, and I picked it up. After honing it on the strop, I started shaving away the stubble and lather. Martine was grinning widely as she saw her bare scalp becoming visible from under the lather. I had to shave her head 4 times to get it smooth enough to satisfy me. The shaving completed, I wiped her bald scalp clean and lightly dusted it with talc to make it feel smooth and soft.

Martine stood in front of the shop mirror moving her hands over and over her shaven scalp, and I had to remind her that it was my turn in the chair. She reluctantly pulled herself together and placed the cutting apron around my shoulders and picked up the heavy duty shears, and started snipping away my long hair. The sound of the squenching shears, and the large handfuls of my tresses being dropped to the floor, turned me on, sexually. I could hardly keep myself from going wild with excitement from losing my hair. I really got turned on when she first started the clippers at my right ear and pushed them up to the top of my head, and left the area free of hair in the wake of the machine. All around my head, she used the clippers, freeing my scalp of the hair on it. The feel of my hair falling away and caressing my face as it fell into my lap, was the greatest feeling ever. She finished clipping me and lathered and shaved my head clean and smooth. I loved the feel of my bald head and a woman’s soft touch on it. I could imagine how good the other women felt when it was me shaving them. I stood next to Martine and we looked at ourselves in the shop’s mirror, admiring at how good we looked. We left the shop without putting the wigs on, and Martine locked up her shop for the weekend. The both of us walked to my car and enjoyed the looks of astonishment, on the faces of the people on the street.

We got into the car and as I pulled away from the curb, Martine reached over and caressed my smooth bald scalp. Her soft smooth delicate hands felt so very good. I loved it.

I pulled into the parking lot at a boat marina, and we had to compose ourselves and put on our wigs.

I rented a cabin cruiser for the weekend, and we went to a island about 40 miles off shore. We anchored in a cove, and relaxed the weekend away until Monday afternoon.

Monday I dropped Martine off at her place and we agreed to meet later on that week.


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