Forced Haircuts

Time to Change, Jen

Time to change Jen by Jim B.

“Hi, Jen!” Dawn said as she answered the telephone. “How have you been? It’s been, what, ten years since we talked.”

“Yes, about that long,” Jen an

Girl in the Window

The Girl In The Window by Ynot

Samantha entered her room and quickly shut the door behind her. She leaned against it and peered out across the yard, across the road, peered acro


Elizabeth – An excerpt from “Moose Crossing” by DLBARGRILL

In their past, everyone has an Elizabeth. She’s the one who you fell hard for, but she only wanted to be friends. Event

New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution by HairRaiser

The girls sat in the pub gigling. It had been a ritual for the last four years for them to get together on New Year’s Eve and make their New

Cyber Clipt

Cyber Clipt

The sound of the clippers buzzing permeated the barber shop. Sitting in the waiting area, and next, was Mercedes. She was staring intensely at the guy in the chair ge

Flattop Friday

Flattop Friday – Bob Barker

One Friday a month a local barbershop would have what they called Flattop Friday. This meant that everyone who came could get a flattop for free on th


Laura – Rocketman

I took Laura in my arms and kissed her. The bold move took her by surprise. We had just met hours before but I was instantly attracted to her in a special way a

All For a Good Cause

With the click of the remote control, the picture on the television set shrunk to a small white dot in the middle of the screen. Jim and George just stared at the fading dot, like


Erotica – Amanda

I suppose it has been about three years now that my boyfriend and I have been together as a couple. We first met when we were freshmen in college. He was majori

House Call

A House Call by Mobmij

Since I came here, I have tried to live a retiring life. I have shunned most human company and devoted my consciousness to a serious study of the many bea