Forced Haircuts

Helen’s Humiliating Haircut


“Would you wear any style or fashion for me, even if it humiliated you?” he asked. Being submissive and a bit of an exhibitionist, the idea excited me

Bianca & Debbie

Bianca and Debbie

Bianca was in the bathroom. She looked at her reflection in the mirror as she brushed her long hair. Her hair was of reddish colour and wavy. It was so long tha


The Wedge by: John of NYC Well I got this story from when I was giving a road trip on AOL. I met this girl that we really connected. She was my age and told me about what happened

Fear Remembered – Part III

Fear Remembered – Part III By Jim B.

I looked at the picture. The woman had black hair but you could still see how short her hair was cut. It was as short as my brother’s hair w

Susan’s Summer Job


“What have I gotten myself into?” Susan asked herself as she stepped off the bus at the entrance to the barracks that would be her home for the next three mont

First Haircut

First Haircut By Deborah Wayne

The train’s click-clack, click-clack made me so excited. Imagine: my first haircut, and me sixteen. I was so surprised when Mom came up to me last


Trapped – Chi4242

We were all having a great time sitting around the table and eating dinner at my Aunt Betty’s and Uncle Lou’s house. It was my Mom, myself and my sister, Betty

I Don’t Need It

I Don’t Need It


Tabitha woke with a start, her heart racing and her cheeks moist with tears. Feeling the soft tear drops slowly running from her blue eyes, she sighed wearily t

Doug and Gabrielle

Doug and Gabrielle

Doug and Gabrielle met at a White Hen Pantry, and from the moment their eyes met, they knew they were meant for each other. Both had their hair cut short, and to the same length,