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Spring Styles: Short Is In

Spring Styles: Short Is In (part one) by Ramsay

“She’s late again,” Jessica thought to herself, not for the first time that afternoon. Diane was always late. Late for lunch, lat

Letter From a Friend


My Dearest Eric,

I have news for you that you might like. I finally did it. Yup, I cut it off. Cut it ALL off. I know how you would have liked to see me d


Trapped – Chi4242

We were all having a great time sitting around the table and eating dinner at my Aunt Betty’s and Uncle Lou’s house. It was my Mom, myself and my sister, Betty

Cindy’s Wedding Part 3

Cindy’s Wedding – Part 3 by NovoWriter

The parting clouds caused the early morning sun to filter through the cracks in the curtains and fall directly across Susan’s face. Still n

Louanne’s Louse-y Lesson

Louanne’s Louse-y Lesson – Shea

Louanne was finding university a challenge. It was already the middle of October, and she hadn’t met anyone, except for her aggravatingly apathet

That’s Life

That’s life by Alan

I wasn’t really listening when she said, “We’ve got to talk. Let’s go for a walk,” she said. “We’ll go over to the nature reserve, it’s quiet there.” As we dr

Most Exciting Times of My Life

The Most Exciting Times of My Life – Rookie14

It was a Monday morning, the first day of my senior year in high school when I noticed a girl named Lindsay in my health class. It h

Definite Newsflash

A Definite Newsflash by Geneva

I realized that my days at the local television in Houston, Texas were getting rather long and hard at times for me to be the leading television di

Frustrated Debbie

Frustrated Debbie by DLBARGRILL

Debbie threw her briefcase to the floor and screamed. She had had enough. After a frustrated Debbie pressed her headhunter, Rhonda explained the