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Electra and Lizzie’s Turn

Electra and Lizzy’s Turn – Jaci

Lizzy and Electra were both friends with Chelsea, who had recently had her head shaved and tested with some “gook”, as they called it, which made

Oneself as Another

This story is the fictitious product of its writer. It celebrates desire, but it is not pornographic or sexually graphic. The writer is a monastic old – but not yet elderly – man


Elizabeth – An excerpt from “Moose Crossing” by DLBARGRILL

In their past, everyone has an Elizabeth. She’s the one who you fell hard for, but she only wanted to be friends. Event

Christina, Jessica and Billie

Christina, Jessica And Billie by EddyZ

Do you know what happened to Britney Spears? You can read it in “Britney’s cut”, in which Xphile666 describes how Britney was kidnapped an


Isolated – Shearingly

Years ago, as a young man, I was riding my horse through a particularly remote & rugged but beautiful part of the Rocky Mountains. I had a pack horse loaded

One Day…

One Day… – Shornlocks

When June and I started dating, my hair was quite long. I had grown it out over the winter, and while it served its prupose of keeping my head warm, I sta


Hands by Mobmij

I think all I have to do is explain, and you’ll let me out of here. You know who I am. You know by now that I’ve never been in trouble like this before. Just let


“At last,” she said aloud as she finished the last of the marking. “That’s the end of all the students’ term work until the end of next term.”

She brushed the lock of hair away fr