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Friendly Barber

A Friendly Game of “Truth or Dare” by Chilli TNG (c) 2002, Chilli TNG

Jane was studying, as usual. College was much, much harder than she had expected it to be, and she was havi

Decision to be Made… Finally

A Decision to be Made…Finally by Sammy

They finally got to spend a day together after weeks of one working and the other going to school. Charlie and Diane were at the mall bas

John’s First Story

John’s First Story

This is my first story about my fantasies. One day on my way home from work, I found myself thinking about my gorgeous wife, Jo. She had recently got her shoul


The Budget

A friend of mine relayed to me this story and I thought you might be interested in hearing about her first experience of living within a budget. She wrote it out and I

I Did It

I Did It by Barber Jos

I did it. Looking in the mirror I see a perfect round head covered by thousands of minute black spots. I don’t want it really smooth, because studying num

Salon Thieves

Salon Thieves by Serious Shaver


He picked up yesterday’s mail from the desk in the salon office and walked down the hallway past the private waxing rooms to his favorite


Bowl-ing – CutUps

Lucy brushed the thick platinum blonde to her elbows, peeking through the window into her front yard. Mom and Dad were gone on business. Lucy had been sprung f

Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage – Shea

So here’s what happened…

I had been plotting this hairstyle change for a long, long time. I bought hair magazines, studying all the styles and imaginin

This is the Modern World

This is The Modern World by Headboy

Like any other coffee house, in any other town in America, and most likely the rest of the world, the young ones sit. Young, alive, full of p

Crazy Sarah

Crazy Sarah – DLBarGrill

I was always known as the rational, levelheaded one. You knew what to expect from Sarah. I was the one who would present the rational answer.

I lay on