Cindy’s Wedding Part 3

Cindy’s Wedding – Part 3 by NovoWriter

The parting clouds caused the early morning sun to filter through the cracks in the curtains and fall directly across Susan’s face. Still not surfaced from sleep, her head turned instinctively away from the sun. Sharp stinging in her right ear woke her up immediately. No, it hadn’t been a dream. She reached up to her short curls – less than a day ago they had been a long, full mane of gorgeous brunette hair. Her fingers gingerly touched her earlobe and felt the three rings there. They hurt worse than when she went to bed. The left ones did too. Strangely, the diamond in her nose wasn’t as sore as her now triply-pierced ears.

She pulled herself out of bed and went into the bathroom. She fumbled for the switch in the dark and was directly facing the mirror when the room burst into light. She gasped again at the strange reflection. The curly-haired pixie that looked back at her with astonishment bore little resemblance to the vivacious woman who had looked out at her before. She bent close to the mirror, running a slender finger over the single row of hairs which were all that remained of her thick, Madonna-like eyebrows. Their height on her face and smoothly curved shape gave her a look of surprise which was almost impossible to overcome with expression. All seriousness, much of her intelligence, and her contemplative look of understanding had been completely taken from her when those brows were formed.

Susan heard a knock at the door and her cousin Cindy’s voice. “Suzy, I set your new makeup on the vanity in your bathroom and your dress for the bridal shower is hanging in the closet. I’ll see you downstairs when you ready. OK?”

“I’ll be down in about 45 minutes,” Susan replied emotionlessly.

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She bathed quickly and dressed in the white leather short skirt and halter top which all of the bridesmaids were to wear to the shower. She used a small amount of mousse on her hair and tousled the curls as she had been shown. Numbly, she put her makeup on as Cindy’s friend Elsa had done it the day before – a line of pencil along her thin brow, heavy eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick.

Her aunt, who hadn’t seen her the day before, thought she looked cute and said so. In fact, her aunt thought the idea of all the bridesmaids looking the same was a great addition to the next two months of showers, parties, and the wedding itself.

The shower that afternoon was the first of five events over the next two weeks. By the time the two weeks had passed, Susan had fallen into the routine of dressing and looking like her cousin wanted. She had gotten friendly with the other bridesmaids, who all looked just about like her. The parties themselves were boring at first, but became increasingly more fun for her as time passed.

Something was different that at first she couldn’t put her finger on. Then, sitting alone in her room after the fourth party, she realized what it was. She had not had a serious conversation with a single person she had met for the first time at any party. In fact, most of the time she had been treated like someone who doesn’t have a serious opinion about anything. To Susan, this was in sharp contrast to her usually strong position in any discussion, where people seemed instinctively to look to her for an intelligent viewpoint on any subject. It hit her like a shock. It was the way she looked now that was causing new acquaintances to dismiss her opinion, to think of her as some silly character who could only look cupie-doll surprised. My God, she thought, Cindy has not only changed me physically, but changed everyone’s perception of me. And so many of those changes are irreversible!

Jack arrived the day after the fifth party, for a weekend stay. Susan had never been more nervous, waiting for him to walk off the plane. What would he think of her? How would he react? Would he still love her?

There he was looking around. She walked rapidly up to him and said, “Jack,” loudly, as soon as she was close enough.

“Wha … what! Susan?” His voice rose to a pitch Susan didn’t know he could manage.

“Jack … Jack, don’t hate me, please! This is what Cindy wanted for her bridesmaids and I went along and before I knew it my hair was gone and then they pierced my ears and …” She spoke rapidly, machine-gun like.

“And your nose!” He exclaimed. “And your eyebrows are gone!”

“Jack … please.” She barely held back tears. She couldn’t let herself cry now. Not until she knew how he was going to feel.

Dropping his bag, he held her by both shoulders. Bracing herself, Susan thought he was going to shake her. Instead, he held her at arms’ length and paused to examine her face. He turned her head from side to side. He gently touched the diamond in her nose and lightly tousled her hair.

“Susan,” he said at last, “I don’t think I’ve ever been more surprised in my life. In a million years, I never thought you’d do anything like this.”

“Jack … please don’t hate me for how I look …”

“What?” He interrupted. “Susan, how could you think that I’d ever hate you or how you look? I told you before you left that I’d love you whether or not you had any hair at all. I’ll admit that the earrings and the diamond in your nose are a bit of a shock, and your eyebrows are sure different but … Actually, Susan,” he paused in thought and began again, “I think you look very sexy!”

“You’re only saying that to make me feel better,” And she was so glad he did say it!

“No, Susan, I mean it. You look different, but I find that it really turns me on!”

If she had harbored doubts at that point, they were completely erased after their lovemaking that evening. Susan couldn’t believe how Jack was responding to her. True, he was always quite attentive in bed, and an active and thoughtful lover, but that night’s experiences were beyond anything she could remember.

The fact that Jack was enamored with Susan’s new look wasn’t lost on Cindy, who took note to use it to her advantage. The day after Jack left, she announced to the bridesmaids over lunch that she was planning a new look for all of them.

“Craig’s family is coming to town on Thursday so we’re going to entertain them with dinners all weekend and a dance Friday night and a pool party on Saturday. So this afternoon …”

They were at the hairdresser, although a different one than Susan had used before. Cindy had announced, “you first Suzy,” and led her to the chair. She handed the hairdresser a picture that Susan wasn’t able to see. “Just like that,” she said to the woman and then, to Susan, “Time to get rid of all those dark curls, Cuz. Don’t worry, I actually told Jack what I had in mind and he thought it would be great. It seems that I may have done you a big favor in raising your hubby’s interest to even greater heights!”

Susan bit her lip and closed her eyes. She didn’t know what was going to come, but she knew she was both physically and emotionally incapable of stopping it. The best she could hope for was that Cindy was telling the truth about Jack. Regardless, Cindy had control of Susan appearance now and would for as long as it was important to her.

Susan could hear the hairdresser snapping something and shuffling some items on her counter. Seeing Susan’s eyes tightly shut and her lip between her teeth, she mumbled something about relaxing and sitting still just before Susan heard a buzzing from behind her. She felt the cold steel of a clipper guide against the back of her neck, not realizing at first what it was. Then the hard, cold clipper slid slowly up the back of her head to the top. The buzzing right between her ears drowned out any other sound. The hairdresser stroked again to the right and continued until she approached Susan’s ear. Susan knew what was happening but couldn’t open her eyes. She felt her short curls fall to her shoulder.

The stylist continued until the area behind Susan’s ears was done, then walked around and continued from the front. Susan felt the clippers glide over her entire scalp. The hairdresser touched up a few spots here and there and then announced, “there, that wasn’t so bad was it?”

Susan opened her eyes. The curls which she’d only just gotten used to were gone, replaced with a 3/8 inch buzz cut all over. Because Susan’s hair had grown out about that much, all traces of the perm were gone with the curls. Her head looked spiny, its pretty oval shape exposed for all to see.

The hairdresser escorted Susan to another chair where a second stylist leaned her back to a sink and applied a strong-smelling solution to her buzzed hair and her pencil-eyebrows, without saying a word. She covered her sticky- wet prickly hair with a plastic bag and sat Susan under a hairdryer for about twenty minutes. She then rinsed her hair and applied another solution to hair and brows, leaving her in the same chair for another thirty minutes, before rinsing again.

Susan’s buzz was towel-dried – that’s all that was required – and the hairdresser turned her toward the mirror. A carrot-red, buzzed girl stared back at her, her own surprise accentuated by the perpetually-surprised, now carrot- red brows.

Cindy was right there. “Don’t you just love it Suzy! You guys are going to be the hit of the weekend!”

Susan was too shocked to answer at all. As she sat there waiting for the others to get the same treatment, she realized that she had no will remaining to resist. In fact, partly because of Jack’s enthusiasm, she made a decision right there to handle anything Cindy threw at her without getting any more upset. If it changed her permanently, so be it; she would survive somehow, especially knowing that Jack had been genuinely excited by her changes.

Elsa was waiting for them back at Cindy’s house. All of the bridesmaids changed into the tiny, thong bikinis they were to wear to the pool party on Saturday. The thong bottom was so small that Susan’s pubic hair protruded all around it. Elsa was ready with her electrolysis wand and went to work on Susan’s lovely, soft, private curls. The distant pricking, mostly numbed by the antiseptic/anesthetic, continued until dinner. By then, nothing protruded from the bikini at all, and Susan’s once full crop had been reduced to a small mound. The next morning, at Cindy’s insistence, Elsa returned and worked on Susan most of the day. By evening, Susan was as clean as a six-year-old. She was also red and sore.

Elsa found a few stray eyebrows on Susan that had managed to survive the first treatment and touched them up before she left. “That should do it for those, Suzy. You won’t have to worry about stray brows anymore.”

Cindy tried to make sure that Susan had a good time during the weekend. She was intent on completing her cousin’s resocialization. She introduced her as “my pretty little cousin Suzy. Don’t you just love the style my bridesmaids have? And Suzy is the cutest of all of them!”

A week later, the soreness in her ears, nose, and groin mostly gone, Susan stood in the bathroom before the full-length mirror on the shower door. The red-head with the surprised look no longer seemed strange to her. “I look like a little kid,” she thought, touching her soft, smooth, permanently-naked private area.

She tried to conjure up the stunning brunette who had been there only a few weeks before. She could barely picture her. Those eyes now seemed to belong below the red, thin brows. The carrot bristles on her head erased any sign of the flowing locks she knew had been there, but was unable to remember clearly. It was hard to remember the cool feel of her flowing hair on her neck and shoulders. It was even harder to remember having to brush that long mane, having to wash it, waiting forever for it to dry.

Cindy told me I was like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, she thought. I am certainly changing. I think I look pretty in spite of this strange hairstyle. I do have nice ears and the rings really set them off. The jewel in my nose doesn’t look so odd now, although I don’t like it – yet. My expression seems to make people like me, even if they don’t take me seriously. And maybe that’s OK. It certainly means I don’t have to work so hard to hold up my end of the conversation. They laugh at anything I say. I guess I have a happy face, not a serious one. She tentatively smiled at herself. The reflection returned the surprised smile of a sprite. She laughed at herself.

She was getting used to clearly seeing the shape of her head, barely concealed by the remaining hair. She ran her hand over the rude stubble. In rippled like a pelt and tickled her palm. There is no Susan anymore, she realized. There is just a cute little Suzy who is still evolving into somebody else. Not unhappy, she climbed into bed. Cindy was getting her a rose tattoo on her left hip tomorrow, and a butterfly on her right shoulder. That would be nice, she thought, drifting off to sleep.

End Part 3 – If you liked the story, send me a note at [email protected]


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