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The Nit-Nurse – Chris Hall

There was a knock on the classroom door. Without waiting for an answer, it opened, and in walked Mrs. Price, the school nurse. She was a large, butch w

Tough Times in Little League

Tough Times in Little League by Shornlocks

It was definitely the low-point of Brenda Mitchell’s Little League career. The 13-year-old right fielder, who just two years ago had br

Term Project

by BladesRule

During my sophomore year in college, I had a truly enlightening experience one semester in my Psychology class. Midway through the semester, we were assigned a term

Cinderella – The Real Story

Cinderella – the Real Story

The brash sound of the buzzer in her room startled Cinderella. You would think by now that she’d be use to it, since with ritual precision her step-si

Riding on the Metro

Riding on the Metro by HeadBoy

Snow was falling, D.C. was cold and Congress was not in session, so the streets were a nearly-eerie quiet. The wind whistled through the naked che

Lisa’s Haircut

Lisa’s Haircut by Libby Warren

The barber slowly runs a comb down the length of my brown hair. He runs it slowly, deliberately. He has just begun combing, and I think he intends

All For Beth

Beth was the quintessential All-American cheerleader–blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful smile–every guy’s dream. She was a grade-A student, a talented singer and dancer as well, a

Hot Erotic Romance

A Hot Erotic Romance by Geneva

I love Michael because he puts a little twist into everything he does. Even his hair is very unique yet all his own: brown, shoulder-length and com

Clipper Cut for Diane


Diane sat nervously on the waiting bench while her friend walked over to the barber chair. How did she let herself get talked into this, she wonde