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Wonder Babe and M’yla

Wonder Babe and M’yla by Ransom King

It had taken M’yla a few months to set up the confrontation between Wonder Babe and herself. She would have her revenge against the super-he

Turner Family Comes to Town

Turner Family Comes to Town By Fidgety In The Chair

It was a hot and humid Saturday in August and just about quitting time. I was hanging out until 3:00 with the other barbers i

Lockless in Las Vegas

Lockless in Las Vegas by ManeMan and ManeLess

Jack had a love/hate relationship with hair. Women’s hair. For years, it was ‘the longer the better’. Until that fateful day when a

Phil’s Narrative

Phil’s Narrative

It seems that it was about two years ago that I met Jenny. I needed a haircut, my job would not accept shaggy people, and the haircut place she co-owned was hand

Kim’s Cut

Somewhere in the Midwest…

My sister, Kim, was three years older than me. She was sixteen and I was thirteen, and perhaps out of spite for one another we had grown to become alm

Stylist’s Choice

The Stylist’s Choice by Hair-Raiser

Kathy was feeling pretty good. It had taken some time, but she’d finally persuaded Carol to go for a bob. Carol’s hair fell to the middle of h

Nathalie’s Punishment

Nathalie’s Punishment

It was a hot summer day in our small little town, the type of day where the heat begins to build up one’s frustrations. Nathalie and I have been married for

Sun Toi, Part II

Sun Toi Part II by Daphne

As related in the first part of this recollection, Sun Toi was a girl who I met one night while working at my job as a bus driver. She was a petite Asi