Phil’s Narrative

Phil’s Narrative

It seems that it was about two years ago that I met Jenny. I needed a haircut, my job would not accept shaggy people, and the haircut place she co-owned was handy, in between my new job and my townhouse.

When I first saw Jenny, I thought she was cute, she had lustrous eyes, and a long graceful neck hidden by what I though was an attractive, but not eye-catching, bob hairdo. She seemed very nice, and gave me a good haircut. I also noticed her Australian accent. We talked and talked about many subjects on my twice-a-month visits there. She always knew what I liked, and what was necessary for my conservative job. I noticed that she kept the same hairstyle, a mid-neck “longish” bob, but changed the color fairly often. I saw her with almost white platinum blonde, vivid red, golden yellow and jet black. The variable aspect of the colors, and the strong colors she wore her hair in, intrigued me. I never mentioned it, although on the first day I saw her after the new color, I think she noticed my study of her changes.

One day I saw Jenny at the mall with another lady in the food court at the table having lunch. I went up to say “hi”. Jenny greeted me in a very friendly way, and introduced the other lady as her sister. I asked if I might get my lunch and join them, and Jenny said “Sure!” Her sister looked intriguing. She had the same color hair as Jenny (Golden Blonde this month), but it was very short all over, almost like the diet lady Powter. Her name was Julie. I got a chicken bowl from the teriyaki place and sat with them. Her sister said, “I think my sister should get a buzz-cut like me, only red. As a male do you think she could pull it off?”

I was surprised that this little gal was so plainspoken, especially since I had only met her 15 minutes earlier. But I could see that Jenny was looking intently at me, expecting some kind of answer, so I tried not to put my foot in my mouth, and gave a proper reply. “Jenny would look real good in very short hair, but I don’t think a buzz cut all over would be good unless she is convinced that is what she wants. It seems to me that very short hair can make two statements. An extremely feminine woman like Jenny, could show off her graceful long neck better . . .” (oops, I thought, I am being too analytical).

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Jenny interrupted. “You think my neck is long and graceful?” She giggled.

I thought I had stuck my foot in it. “Well I think I have babbled too much…”

Jenny giggled again, her Aussie accent really got thick. “Bloomin’ yank got a bit o’ the nerves eh?”

I blushed. “Well, I-uh…”

Jenny said, “Come by my place. Julie and I want you to inspect the new me. I wanted a man’s opinion on what I wanted to do. Hey, I should know, hair grows out if I mess it up too much, besides, I can always hide it with a scarf.” I had heard that Australian women were aggressive, and if a man they liked did not ask them on a date, they would do the asking. I was curious as to what I would get into as Jenny gave me the address to her place. She told me 6:00 PM so I went home, and contemplated the Saturday evening ahead.

I decided to be a good guest, and brought a bottle of White Zinfandel. I rang the doorbell at Jenny’s place, and Julie answered. I noticed that she had changed her hair to red, almost crimson. I also noticed she wore five hoops in each ear, graduating, largest to smallest. I said, “Like the red, and like the earrings. Didn’t notice the multiple ear piercings today at lunch. Extra earrings is a cool look on a woman.”

Julie thanked me and said, “I had tiny earrings in at lunch, but you were so busy gazing at Jenny, you didn’t see them. Jenny has more earrings than I do. She loves earrings, but won’t pierce anything else. I don’t go for anything else in the face, not even a nostril, but I do go elsewhere. But she doesn’t. I have been trying to get her to get a navel ring, she won’t do it…”

Just then, a laugh was heard from the back. A burly man, Hank approached us and stuck out his hand. “I am Julie’s date for tonight, she wanted to see your reaction to Jenny’s hair before we left.”

“Out in a second,” came from the rear room.

It wasn’t long before Jenny came out. She had very short jet-black hair. On the top, it was slightly combable but the rest was not much more than 3/8″. She also wore seven closely spaced gold rings in her lobes, and two tiny diamonds high in the cartilage. I really stared intently. I was embarrassed. I think I muttered something about sexy earrings and hair. Anyway, Julie and Hank left, and Jenny and I were alone. I suggested we go out to dinner. She said that I needed to calm down first, and proceeded to unzip my pants. We made love, and I was surprised that in spite of being radically turned on, I was able to do better timing. We did it on her sofa with me prone, and her on top. I remember how sweet she smelled how soft her very short hair felt, almost like the now taboo mink stole my mom had when I was little. As the undulation went on, my hands gently caressed her firm well-proportioned breasts. She groaned as I ran my hand up and down her neck through her hair, playing with her collection of ear hoops, and then I came. She got me a glass of fruit juice. (Too much booze lessens the stiffness, she said) and washed me with a warm washcloth.

In about 20-30 minutes, during which we were cuddling and caressing, we were ready to go again. This time I was on top. Again I gently massaged her breasts, and bent over kissing her buzzed nape, licking gently the back of her left ear above where the hoops were going in. This time she came first. Women are so lucky, they recover faster, but I was stiff as a board, and I was but a couple minutes behind. Again, with the warm washcloth. As she turned there was a view of her so evocative that I came again. She was startled, but then she leaned over and licked my chest. This wonderful time went on and on. As I remember, there were four soiled rubbers in a wastebasket when we left three hours later.

Before we left, she had opened the wine, handed me a glass and left. She came back with a mirror, comb, and a jewelry box. She handed me the mirror to hold for her and combed the messed-up top of her hair. The sides did not need any help from a comb, of course. Then the next thing I saw was her opening the jewelry box. Inside there must have been 200 earrings. “Hold towards my left ear please.” She proceeded to remove the tiny hoops in her lobe and replace them with more substantial drop and hoop earrings, alternating. She repeated the process with the right ear. “Since I think you feel about my ears and earrings the way I do, I will love you holding the mirror for me.” She next took seven pairs of ruby stud earrings and put them in a small case which fit in her purse. “These fancy ones are for dinner, the little ones are for dancing later. Big ones are uncomfortable to dance in.”

We proceeded to a steakhouse and ate heartily, as three hours of screwing can make you hungry. It was a delicious steak, It must have been, but I could not take my eyes off of Jenny. Yes, she and I had an earring fetish, but she was also a very pretty lady. The short hair enhanced her appearance, and she really did have a graceful long neck. After dinner we went to a dance spot. Before we went in, Jenny handed me the mirror again. She replaced her dinner hoop and drop earrings with the little ruby studs that matched her dress. While I was getting us drinks at the bar, I noticed another man talking to Jenny, but he walked away with a disappointed look. Jenny said that while I was gone, she had been asked to dance by another man. She rubbed me gently on the arm, and asked, “It’s too bad we could not have done this sooner, but I am glad we got to this now.” We danced until they closed the place at 4:00 AM and then went back to her place. After a couple more rounds, not of alcohol, we went to sleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning I was awakened by the sound of the shower. I groggily focused on her miniature schnauzer, Max, who had hopped onto the bed and was sniffing my arm. The sound of the shower, and the faint sound of her singing to herself – I think it was an old Beatles tune – gave me a sense of contentment. She came out dry and naked except for the towel wrapped around her head. She was exquisite in shape. “Be out in a minute love, can you start the Mr. Coffee in the kitchen?” Back in the bathroom she went. Through the door she called, “Can you put some kibble in Max’s dish?”

I arose slowly and pulled on my trousers. I was surprised that I could find them. I went to the kitchen, fed the dog, and started the coffeemaker. The vanilla-nut coffee was in the front of the cupboard. I started it and watched it drip into the pot. She then appeared. I was a little taken aback. Her hair was almost white now. Same length but combed a little differently. “My hair? Oh, that was a rinse. I keep it bleached platinum normally, but I have black, auburn, carrot-red, and magenta rinses I use for a night out. I even have a super-white rinse when the situation calls for it, heck, I am a professional. I get a discount..”

I just smiled. She was a most fascinating woman. I noticed she had inserted five pairs of matching gold ball earrings in her ears. This was interesting, another change. The fourth change in a short period of time. She really focused on the jewelry. She came to me and sat on my lap, at which I almost immediately got hard. Down on the kitchen floor we went, I barely had time to slip on the rubber as she opened her robe, and as I began to lick her nipples she gave a “Mmmmm-yes”. I kissed and caressed her shoulder, nuzzling her neck. I took my tongue, did a mini slalom skier around the gold balls in her lobes and said in a whispered tone, “Olympics, but the course has only five gates.” She laughed. I reached my climax, but she wasn’t there yet so on my back I went. She pumped up and down on me two or three times, but I was coming down so I rolled her on her back, moved my head down and began to lick her clit. She seemed to have bleached and cut her bush. It was white with black roots. I hadn’t noticed it last night – I wasn’t looking there. She was maxed after about two minutes of concentrated French kissing of her sweet spot.

We both gave a sigh, and went to the bathroom to clean up. We cuddled as we walked back to the kitchen. The coffee was cold and had to be microwaved. She made a good cheese omelet and we had sourdough toast as well. I ran my hand through her platinum pixie-buzz, and it was prettier than when it was black. It was shiny, and had that fur coat feel. We decided to go and walk around the flea market held at the junior college on Saturday and Sunday. She looked at everything in clothing and jewelry of course. She bought a floppy hat and several scarves. There was a girl there who was piercing ears. Not with a gun, but with a needle. Jenny struck up a conversation with her. The girl had her ears pierced all the way up and around. She said that she wore 17 on each. She complemented Jenny on hers and was sizing me up.

I said, “Not for me, just like the look on my lady here.”

Jenny said to me after we left her stand, “I want to get it done like her, but not here, in a studio.”

I said that the girl was really looking me over, Jenny laughed and said that it was unusual for someone with as many earrings as she had to have a man with none. “I told her that I liked to bite ears when we fuck, and I don’t want to chip a tooth. That really happened to me with a past boyfriend.” She pointed to her left eyetooth, which did seem to have a little ding in it.

We left the swap meet and went to a Soup-Salad bar and had lunch. It was very pleasant. She looked out the window at someone walking a miniature schnauzer. The person had a shaved head. This person turned around. It was Julie. We had about finished, and so we went quickly outside.

“Jul’, Jul’,” Jenny yelled.

Julie turned around, Max in tow and came towards us. She looked at me, winked, and said, “Jenz, did you get the scarves?”

Jenny answered, “Does a kangaroo have a pouch?”

I did not understand this, must be some sort of Australian thing. I realized the idea was for Jenny to have her head shaved as well. Julie handed Jenny a bag containing shaving cream and disposable razors. We went back to Jenny’s condominium.

Jenny pulled out a pair of clippers, and handed them to Julie. “Let ‘er rip!” she declared. Julie went first over the sides and back, There were a few wisps of white, which fell to the floor, then the top was next. White hair was falling to the floor everywhere, then the clippers were turned off. Jenny now with nothing but stubble handed me the bag and said, “Finish me off.” I was a bit puzzled. “You are the one with shaving experience, Yank. I need your expertise!” I lathered her up, and gently went over her head. I dried her off with a towel and she declared, “Again!” I obliged her. Next, she said, “Julez, hand me the bottle of makeup.” She handed it to me and said, “Rub it over my head as though it were suntan oil.” I began to notice the hair shadow disappear. I suddenly realized that Julie had no hair shadow either.

“We are going to enter a local contest for the most beautiful bald woman,” Julie declared. “Jenny has never gone this far before, but I have done it twice for similar contests.”

Jenny looked at me and said, “Don’t worry love. In a couple of weeks, it will be long enough to dye golden and you will be able to stroke it again.” I said OK. Just then the doorbell rang. It was the girl from the flea market. Jenny had made arrangements with her for more ear work. She turned out to have a shop and was a licensed nurse who moonlighted in the bodyart field.

Jenny and Julie wanted to do the same thing, earrings all the way around. The piercer said, “I don’t like to do more than four on an ear at a sitting.”

This was reluctantly accepted by the two sisters and Jenny said, “Figure out the right spacing, like the ones I already have.”

Julie asked her to start at the top of her ear and work down towards her lobe. After the piercer enhanced Julie’s ear with the four, she had seven on each. I held Jenny’s hand, while the piercer, Dyana, worked on her. Dyana said, “I can come back in two weeks to do your next four.” Jenny agreed.

Julie declared that she wanted a diamond nose stud. Jenny wanted to be sure that this was not spur of the moment. Julie said, “I know Dyana from my other earwork, she knows I have been considering it for a long time.”

Jenny pulled me into the other room saying, “I can’t watch! She has such bad allergies in spring, her nose will hurt even worse! I could never do that.” A loud yip then came from the living room. A moment later, an “ouch”.

Dyana called out, “We are done.”

Jenny gave Dyana $40 and Julie gave her $70. Julie now sported a cute little diamond in the left side of her nose. It was cute, but I liked Jenny’s nose bare. It was time to get ready to go to the contest. Jenny wore a long-sleeved tight-fitting royal blue pullover blouse. Her dress was white, just above her knees, with stockings matching the color of her blouse and high-heeled shoes, white as her dress. She put a graduated set of five hoops in her lobes. This combined with the six diamond studs in the cartilage running from the top of her ear down. Julie wore a black sleeveless blouse, looser fitting, with a similar neckline. She had a black skirt the same length as Jenny’s and colorless stockings with black platform shoes. She wore a black headband horizontally, tied on the right side behind her ear. In her lobes she wore gold ball earrings that matched the new ones she had gotten. Jenny went to a chair and sat down. Julie proceeded to paint, using makeup, a butterfly behind Jenny’s ear. Interesting accessory. Even though I had never gotten into bald women before I was just about to consider a threesome quickie, but the damn doorbell rang. It was Hank. I guess he was into this stuff. He really looked them over, but said, “Lets go!”

This contest was interesting. Both had taken cases, and there were three aspects to the contest: evening clothes, swimsuits and interview. Some of the audience really reacted to the butterfly on Jenny’s head. They thought it might be a tattoo. At the end of the swimsuit, Julie was actually ahead of all the heads. Jenny won the evening clothes part, however Julie ended up second and my Jenny third. First place went to this black lady who was shapely and about 6’3″ tall. She had finished second in all three categories to finish first overall. She also had indicated she kept her head shaved, not allowing anything to grow on her head except brows and lashes for the past seven years. The winner won $500, Julie $250, and Jenny $150. Jenny also won the $25 for the most original head ornamentation. It was Sunday night, and as I had the next week off, we stayed at the hotel where the contest was held.

When we got to our room Jenny pulled out her mirror and her jewelry, and handed me the mirror. I was by now used to holding it for her and she said to me, “Let me get out of these hoops and put on something more comfortable.” She changed from her hoops into sapphire studs that matched her blouse. She took off her stockings and shoes and we got down to business. This time I was nuzzling her clean scalp and her even heavier pierced ears. I did the tongue slalom, and she said, “Not quite finished yet with the ears. When they are done, I expect to have them skiied all over.”

We made love passionately that night, and so did her sister and Hank in the next room. At a late breakfast, the next morning, Julie announced the intent to keep her head shaved until the next contest. Jenny said that she would start to grow hers again without any shaves. Both our women wore scarves on their heads to avoid stares.

Over the ensuing week Jenny and I got to know each other really well. We had a passion for the internet, libertarian politics, and Jenny’s hair and ear fashion. She was moving in with me, as Julie was with Hank. They arranged to sublet the condo they shared. While Jenny tended to her shop, I was fixing my place up for her. On Friday night she came home with her stubble dyed auburn red. Obviously we had a lot of fun that evening, and the ensuing weekend. I had actually lost some weight. I was surprised, as I was always about 15-20 lbs. over what I should have been. Yet I was eating well. Jenny cooked some, I cooked some, and we ate out and in with the help of the microwave. The following week we both had to work. That Friday, I waited with anticipation to see her hair when she came home. When she arrived I was pleased to see her with golden blonde again. It was still very short, but she had moussed it down and it looked great, as always. She reminded me that she was having Dyana over to do more work on her ears. Julie would be over also.

The next afternoon Hank and Julie appeared about 5 minutes before Dyana. Dyana arrived and inspected the work of two weeks prior. She said to Jenny, “You heal well, and don’t have pain. OK I will put in the last six for you.” Jenny was excited. When Dyana was through, Jenny had five hoops in her lobes, and a string of eleven small gold balls running around the rim of her ear in the cartilage. She said, “Finally!”

Julie would need one more session, so Dyana just put in four sets this time. Jenny, who had kept her head shaved until that time said, “Hank would like to see me have some hair after all, and I have agreed. I told him that I would wear a red buzz about 1/2″ all over, and he seemed to like the idea.”

We went out as a foursome, and Julie kept her head covered with a scarf that matched her dress. We got back, said our goodnights to Hank and Julie, and then we lay down. I commented that it was good to feel hair on her head again. She rubbed her head against my chest. That night I gave her ear the full skiing slalom. I then moved to her breasts, to her navel, and points south. She was most appreciative.

Our relationship was great. Her constantly changing hair fashion was sexy. About two weeks later, on a Friday night I was surprised to see Dyana and her piercing kit at the front door. Jenny had just come home a few minutes earlier. “I need two more in my ear, well not actually my ear, but this little flap of skin called a tragus in front,” she explained. Dyana set her down and marked two holes on each “tragus”. She pierced the holes and inserted a tiny ring in both bottom holes, and a gold stud in the top. Only this one had the same half of a ball shape on both sides, fitting snugly on both sides of this little skinflap. Jenny paid Dyana, winked at me and about that time, Julie and Hank showed up. Julie now had a two-week red buzz.

Hank had gotten tickets to a baseball game, and we went. I guess the girls were pleased that it lasted four hours, and we were gone six, not getting back until 1:00 AM. When we arrived, Julie said a quick goodnight, and she and Hank left. Jenny appeared. She had a white curly top with tiny curls. Super permed. She wore a graduated set of hoops, not five like usual, but eleven, going up to a larger diamond stud. The six around the top were small snugly fit wire hoops. I looked at her again, and she had two diamonds on the left side of her nose. “Yes, Dyana came back after you left, and did my nose. I decided I liked Julie’s so much that I had two done.” She turned around, and the area below the occipital was shaved, and there was that butterfly. “It’s just painted, I am not sure yet about a tattoo.” As I embraced her, she said, “Careful.” She opened her robe to reveal tiny gold rings in her breast and navel. I instinctively looked lower, and she said, “No, not yet.” I did not know where to begin, but Jenny helped me.

In about a week those other holes were healed. We have never looked back. It had been a surprising two months. She never got the sweet spot done. Just didn’t interest her. I loved playing with her earrings and always very short hair, and she loved the attention too.


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