Time for a Change

Fast Times at Queerrie High

Fast Times At Queerrie High by EddyZ.

“Customs, miss. Please show your passport.”

Alex looked amazed at the two men dressed in indistinct uniforms at the airport of Derby.


Missing Time

Missing Time

Dana was asleep in her bed, as the south western sun just started to break the horizon, on its way to another hot scorching summer day. She was in the midst of a tro

Anniversary Cut

This story is dedicated to Stormi whose inspiration and comments and thoughts in the chat room made it possible. Thank you Stormi.

Anniversary Cut – CB

A perfect day. The brisk


Chapter One ….. Our meeting By Jim B.

The first time I met T.J. she was tending bar at local strip club. It was the only one in this area, so the clientele was mixed like the d

Boys Will be Boys

Boys will be Boys – CrewCtGal

“Over here, quick Sal!”

Tim yelled at his sister as he scrambled over the tin fence of the yard. Sally struggled herself over the fence, her chubby

Letter to Moscow

Letter to Moscow – DLBARGRILL

Christian had been in Moscow for almost five months. At first the idea had enormous charm. He was being sent to the legendary Russia, home of the C


The Muse by HeadBoy

muse n 1: in ancient mythology any of 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne; protector of an art or science [syn: Muse] 2: the source of an artist’s inspiration;

If You Love Me, You’ll…

“If You Love Me, You’ll…” – Bald and Proud

As I take another day off from traveling, I get the chance to sort my notes and see what other interesting hair encounters I have ha

Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

This is the story of how I gave my husband the perfect Christmas gift this year. My name is Trish and I have thick black hair cut in what you would call a classi

Payback Time

Payback Time

John slumped down on his bed as Christie walked out the door and out of his life. The last sight he saw was her long, blond braid swinging past her waist. He lay in