Time for a Change

Daphne’s Cyber Cut Punishment

Daphne’s Cyber Cut Punishment

Daphne was my long-standing girlfriend and we trusted each other implicitly – or so I thought. For the last two years we had lived together in the t

Surprise for Robert

A Surprise for Robert

My wife’s hair is considered long by her stylist, it reaches the middle of her back, but lately she has be complaining that it is old looking. She wants to

Pre-Xmas Gift

Pre-Xmas Gift – Scandinavian Mrs.

Since we met several years ago, divorced with grown children of our own, he has mentioned things which he finds very sexy in our surroundings. C


Teenettes – Vam

This is a true story from my youth and may very well be the origin of my fascination with female haircutting.

It was two weeks before our 8th grade graduation,

Carol’s First Cut

Carol’s first cut.

My niece is just sixteen – an Aquarius like me, she was an extra-special birthday present. She goes to a High School here in Altamonte Springs. She has a longi

Unusual Story…n

This is an unusual but true story! It sort of mixes a true story, with my thoughts I have about female hair and haircutting

I made the long drive to the salon that I visit every

Secretaries’ Pool

The Secretaries’ Pool

5 years ago I started working at this company, as a secretary. In order to reduce the possible problems with boss-secretary relations the organization had a

Paula’s Haircut

Paula’s Haircut – Lisa M

Hi again, I’m Lisa and I thought I’d tell you about another makeover I did as some people seemed to enjoy my first true account, Helen’s Haircut.


Men’s Salon

The Men’s Salon – TJ

My name is Sarah and this is the story of my first buzz haircut. It happened during the summer vacation of my freshman year in college. I looked my best bac

My Day Off

My Day OffFrom: dlittle@cyberus.ca (buzz)

For many years I have been interested in removing my body hair. Some times I let it grow for months at a time, just so I can have the pl