Petey’s Dream

Petey’s Dream – Petey1155 & Alvyonker

My dearest Alve,

As you sleep all snug in your bed, your best friend, your man, your love, sits in a lonely security control room all by himself. He is semi daydreaming about his love that is close to 2000 miles away… it’s early Easter morning and he wishes he was in Chicago snuggled up to her like two spoons in a silverware drawer. He knows that she is wearing his nemesis (the dreaded blue thing) and with her hair all mussed up, she looks sexy as all get out. He reaches around her and slowly and gently starts to massage her breasts as he gently kisses the back of her neck where earlier in the evening he had clipped and shaved her neck up to that neat bone that protrudes slightly from the back of her head. The skin there still smells of baby oil that he had rubbed on the area to keep it well moisturized. She softly moans and presses back against him in her sleep. He lifts up and gently kisses her ear and using the tip of his tongue, he slowly runs it all around the soft rim of her ear. She moans again and turns slightly toward him, pressing even closer, if possible, to his body. He groans and massages her breast a little harder, as he slowly wakes her from her dreams. As she wakes, she turns more toward him and presses hard against his manhood. She kisses him lightly and wraps her arms around him as she slips her tongue into his mouth and engages his in a game of hide and seek. He gently rubs one hand up and down the length of her arm. She lets out a soft groan and pulls him harder to her. As he continues to softly rub her arm, she arches her hips to press her moist box against his manhood. Without entering her he slowly rubs his manhood against her freshly shaved mound. His slow strokes rub against her clitoris and she moans louder as the shock of his touch races throughout her body. She clutches his head to her breast and marvels at the smoothness of it… she thinks back to earlier this evening when she had sat on his lap with him fully aroused and penetrating her to her very core. She had taken the clippers and slowly run them over his head. As the clippers came up from the back of his head and moved towards the front she had let the hair drop between them and pressed hard against him to feel the soft locks against their moist bodies. She had passed the clippers over his head again and again and continued to drop the hair between them. By the time she had finished they were both so aroused that they had moved to the bed without coming apart. As he carried her he moaned in ecstasy as she moved up and down his shaft with the sway of his walk. As they reached the bed, he turned around and sat down with her still impaled on his manhood. He laid back and with her on top began the age old ritual of thrusting into her with slow long strokes as she pushed down on him. As they increased the pace of their lovemaking she took the clippers and ran them part way up the back of her head, letting the soft silky hair fall on his chest. He exploded into a rapid pace that left her breathless and she felt him start to come. She stiffened, and as she did had a wild orgasm of her own. She smiled a secret smile as they hugged each other close. After a while they had awoke and kissed deeply. He told her how much he loved her and had dreamed of this meeting for months. She was his soul mate, his reason for living, his life and above all she was his best friend. For months they had swapped e-mails, talked for hours on the phone and with IMs. This was the blissful result of all that the chat and writing. They were the two of the happiest people in the world.

She thought back to when she had first entered his chat room and told him how she longed to have her hair buzzed. For months she had tried to find someone that would make her dream come true. There were many replies to a posting that she had placed in the Hair Enthusiasts’ discussion board, but none had seemed right to her. She wanted to be loved and was starved for affection but none was offered, just a haircut with sex that seemed all too impersonal. As she chatted with him, she realized that he may be different from all the others. When he said that he wanted to call her, it scared her slightly but she gave him her phone number. As she was married they had to be careful of when he called and the first time was not very successful. They were disconnected several times and her husband had decided to come home from one of his frequent outings. They did not get to talk long but he was insistent that he would call again… and he did; every night over the next three weeks. One night, late at night as they were talking, her husband came home from one of his weekend jaunts. What ensued after she hung up from him caused her to pack a few belongings and leave. She called her brother and told him what had happened. He was going to fly out there the next day to get her and bring her back to the family. She next called him and told him a little of what had happened. She instinctively knew that if she told him the whole story he would beat her family there and there would be a lot of trouble for the both of them. She convinced him that she was alright and her family would soon be there and take her back home. She could tell he was upset and worried but she was determined to keep him out of the mess she was in. She had decided that she would not tell anyone about him so as to not jeopardize her relationship with her family or her divorce proceedings. She knew he was hurt by this and tried to explain it to him. He had grudgingly admitted that she was right and for them to be known as a couple could only mean trouble in getting her divorce and with her family relationship. Although he pressed her for a time for them to meet and be together, if only for a little while, she insisted that she was not ready to get involved again this soon. She knew that she could not handle it emotionally. He began to see that she was right and although he desperately wanted to be with her, he stopped bothering and pestering her about it… he knew deep down that she was right and if he insisted it would cause serious problems in their future.

As the weeks went by, they had continued to talk and get to know each other better. They told each other all about their lives up to this point. She began to think that she might want to live the rest of her life with this man, but something held her back… he was just too good to be true. He doted on her and tried everything in his power to prove to her that all men were not like her husband. He was not perfect but he loved her and worshipped her. She was having a hard time believing that this could be true, after what she had been through with her now ex-husband. This night that they were sharing was the beginning of a wonderful time in her life….

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As they sat on the edge of the bed he told her that now was the time for her to be fulfilled. He led her to the chair and sat her down. He tied her hands to the armrests of the chair and her legs to the legs of the chair using velcro straps that he had brought for the occasion. He shook out the white and black cape and placed it securely around her neck. As he did so he reached underneath and gave her breast a squeeze and gave her a sound kiss that took her breath away. He could see that she was nervous and wondering what he was going to do… she did like mild bondage and torture but he could see that she was a little frightened. He stood up and looked at her hair and the path that she had clipped while they were making love. He saw that it went to the little ridge that stood out from her head. He decided that he would give her a chili bowl haircut. It would not be too drastic and she could return to her family without a lot of questions. The cut would be about 1/2 inch above her ears and straight all the way around her head. This would not satisfy her desire to have a buzz cut. That would come at a future time.

He started by taking the clippers and running them up her neck and scalp to the same height that she had done earlier. He did this all the way around the back leaving a short fuzz 1/4 inch long. As he turned the clippers upside down to clip over her ears her eyes got wide and she pleaded with him not to make it too short. He told her that he was going to make her beautiful and for her to just watch what happened. As the clippers were pressed into her hair it fell slowly to the cape and slithered down into her lap. Since she had cut her sideburns a few days before during a torrid phone call all he could do was make the rest blend into the line she had created. It was starting to look like the chili bowl that she had said that she liked. He put the texturizing blade on the clippers and started to remove some of the bulk of her thick auburn hair. She watched with anticipation as the first hair rolled down onto the cape. Starting at her bangs he slowly moved around taking chunks of her hair and running the texturizing blade though it. As more and more hair piled up on the cape, she got a worried look on her face.

Soon he was finished and a neat cap of hair remained. He picked up the scissors and began to cut her hair shorter all over, layering the cap of hair to her head.. There was hair all over the cape and floor but there was still much more on her head. She looked in the mirror as he finished and liked what she saw… a little cap cut that was not too severe. The only thing wrong was that the short hair under the cap was too long… she told him that she wanted it shaved. He was more than willing to do this for her. He went to the sink and started to run hot water when he looked back at her and lovingly asked her if she would take a bath with him. Unable to say anything she shook her head yes. He went into the bathroom and filled the tub with nice hot water. As it was filling he released her from the chair and carried her to the tub. He placed her gently down in the almost too hot water. He got in and sat behind her. He took a small towel and soaked it with hot water and placed it on her neck. He did this several times before taking the scented shaving cream and smoothing it on her neck and over her ears. He picked up a fresh razor and, starting on her sideburn, shaved it smooth from her new hairline down to where it ended. As he moved to do the area of her ear he kissed her ear and blew a soft breath into it. She shivered at this and moaned out loud. As he continued around the side of her head to her nape, she was softly saying to do it slowly because it felt so good. She was struggling to hold her head still for him. She wanted desperately to turn and kiss him. She managed to hold off until he finished over her other ear and sideburn. As he finished she turned and, facing him, kissed him until they both were breathless.

With her now sitting facing him, he told her that the next order of business was to shave her from head to toe, leaving only the hair on her head. He had her stretch one leg out and began to wash it with a hot face cloth. He kept going over and over it until it was soft and ready to be shaved. He lathered her from the thigh to the toes and began to scrape away the hair and stubble that was there. He took his time and caressed her whenever he thought she wasn’t expecting it… this always got a shiver of excitement from her. He finished the first leg and started on the other one. He slowly and lovingly stroked the razor up her leg until it was completely smooth. He looked at her beautiful female area and realized that that was the next area to be done. He started at her belly button and slowly moved down to the apex of her thighs removing all the hairs as he went. He was slowly working toward her vagina from all sides. As he started to shave the outer edges of her vagina she couldn’t sit still… she was moving all over as he tried to make her smooth. He almost knocked her and decided that he would come back to that area later. He smoothed lather on her arms and used a new razor to take all the fuzz off them. As he gently went up her arms she shuddered and had another orgasm. He kept moving the razor up and down her arms to keep her so excited that she came again and again. Then he lathered her beautiful breasts and slowly shaved them also… there was nothing there to shave but very fine fuzz. As he stroked the razor over what they both referred to as his puppies, he was surprised to see her nipples grow even larger as she became more and more excited. He now returned to her love box and with another new razor and shaved it as smooth as silk. He tested his work by running his hand over the area in a manner which left no doubt of his later intentions.

As she sat facing him in the slowly cooling water, she got a cat-like grin on her face and said that since she had been shaved it was his turn now. He looked surprised and asked her if she was sure that was what she wanted to do. She grinned and said yes as she turned and put the hot water on to heat up the tub. She took a towel and soaked it with the hot water. She then lovingly placed it on his head to soften the stubble that was left from the haircut she had given him earlier. As he bent his head down she poured the hot water over the towel to make sure that every hair was well moisturized. She removed the towel after several minutes and put a thick layer of shaving foam all over his head. She then put the towel back on and kept pouring water over it. She removed the towel again and lovingly spread a thin layer of the scented cream over his entire head. As she picked up a fresh razor from the side of the tub, he bent his head down to allow her access to the back of his head. She gently pulled the razor up towards the crown, following it with the fingers of her other hand to make sure it was smooth. She did this over and over again until the back of his head was as smooth as she could get it. She then asked him to turn around so that she could do the sides and top. As he sat there he leaned back and pressed his upper back into her breasts and was rewarded with a groan from her. She reached around and pinched his nipple lightly and told him to stop it or she might nick him with the razor. As she placed the razor on his forehead and started to pull it back, she kissed the smooth skin of his neck and sort of growled in delight. She decided that she had better concentrate on the shaving or he might wind up with small nicks all over his head. She picked up the pace and as she bared his scalp she traced the razor’s path with her other hand to make sure not a hair was left. She couldn’t see but she knew that he was enjoying this immensely as he was softly moaning with each stroke she made. As she finished the top and sides she took the towel and placed it over his head again and gently removed all of the excess cream from his now smooth scalp. This completed, he stood up and helped her to her feet. With the two small bottles of baby oil they began to rub it all over each other to make sore that neither of them suffered dry skin and itching from their adventures. As they toweled each other off, they were building to an exciting finish to a most wonderful evening. They walked hand-in-hand to the bed and collapsed in each other’s arms and made love and fell asleep, folded together like two spoons in a silverware drawer.

As an alarm sounded in the lonely and silent control room he awoke with a start. For a moment he wondered where he was. He smiled in wonder and then realized that he had just had the most beautiful dream of his life. He took care of the alarm and went back to writing his letter.


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