Time for a Change

From Sable to Sabald

From Sable to Sabald by Ransom King and Dwight Mullen

Sable found herself stripped naked and bound in a barber’s chair as she woke from a drugged slumber. The drink she had rece

Hair to Spare

Hair to Spare by Cropped Short

Kelly and Darren had been working together for almost two months now. The little billing office managed billing for many small medical clinics in t

Rain Starts Play

Rain Starts Play by Shave_Lover

It all started with a camping trip in the Scottish Highlands, we were on our first holiday together since meeting up at Glasgow Airport. Her name

Power Outage

Power Outage

One night I was on the couch watching my favroite TV show. The next thing I know the power goes out and leaves me in the dark. I was walking around hitting everythi

Neighbour Sisters

Neighbour Sisters – Long Hair Cutter

My name is George. I have a beautiful neighbour by the name of Jane. She lives with her younger sister Tina. Both of them have a very sexy b

Office Shave


The Lynstrom business partners, Steve, Joe, Rick, and Cheryl, were meeting in the Conference Room to discuss the status of the company and their vision of where they


The Call By Tucriah

Charlene thought, “Is this heat every going to end?” She was waiting for the person in front of her to pull out of the parking space in front of her. It was a

Amanda and Alyson’s Activities

Alyson and Amanda were identical twins. No really: identical in almost every way on the outside. There were obvious differences in their personalities, but they got along so well t