Time for a Change

Snip Poker

Snip Poker

A fictional hair fantasy

The night was dragging on, promising to be another boring evening of television and perhaps a game. Lisa and I were hanging around eyeing eac

Fantasy to Reality

This is a story of fantasy. A dream that has been embedded deeply within a person’s unconscious mind, for how long not even they know. To come out when time begins to stand still



As she stood before the bathroom mirror Jodie picked up the bottle and turned it around to read the directions on the back. They read:

“SHAKE WELL and pour lotion into palm

Aunt Agatha

Aunt Agatha wasn’t really my aunt. Nobody ever pretended she was. That’s just what everyone called her. But then, it didn’t matter much because I only saw her three or four times i


Finally! by Haircape

A hair fetish. That’s right, I have a hair fetish. I love to see women get their hair cut especially short and with the clippers. Until now, I’ve satisfied

Untitled, For Mark

Untitled, For Mark by HeadBoy

The clock on the wall seemed to be clicking backward two minutes for every minute it went forward. Katie just slouched at the kitchen table, unable

Boy, What a Surprise

Boy What a Surprise!!!

My husband and I have been married for two years, and we have now decided to experiment with cross dressing. Well my husband asked me to try and make mysel

Girls’ Night Out

Girls’ Night Out – Barbrgal

Part I: Sue’s Story

Sue and Lucy had been friends ever since their early 20’s. One of the things that they were infamous for was hanging out on the

Preacher’s Wife

Preacher’s Wife by Serious Shaver

In the first six months the Razor’s Edge Unisex Salon developed a large and loyal clientele. Jack and Lisa weren’t sure when they moved up from