Non-Consensual Haircuts

Mindy’s Haircut

Mindy’s Haircut – Shaveman

“Hah!” Mindy yelled in sadistic pleasure as Kimberly tripped and fell face down in the mud. Mindy always looked forward to the moments when that ‘swee

Skins Game

The Skins Game – DoctorB

My husband and I have been married less than a year. We dated for just 18 months before getting married and are still figuring each other out which has

Gilligan’s Revenge

Gilligans Revenge – Otter

The lagoon water was cool and Gilligan splashed clumsily around in it trying to put up a new pole for the solar antennae that the professor had constru

Bold Move


Andrea headed up the brick walkway. Rows of fluorescent lights illuminated the passageway between the rows of Gothic dormitories. Moonlight filtered through

Islands Trip

THE ISLANDS TRIP by Shearingly

This trip to the islands of West Indies had been planned for several months. We were all looking forward to the trip. There were four of us – my wi

To be a Member

To be a member By Jim Belala

Carrie has been out of college for three years now, and well on her way to becoming independent. She was a well educated young lady, one who was amon

Emotional Family

The Emotional Family by Anon

Being a barber in a small southern town I have to do my best to make my patrons happy or I won’t have any. I love cutting hair and always have and b


KAREN – Billd

The two women entered Barbara’s apartment for what Karen hoped would be just long enough for Barbara to change clothes, and then they would be on their way once mor

Crewcut in Egypt

Crewcut in Egypt by barber Jos

Last year I was quite alone. I was fed up with the boy that determined too much in my life.

He was always ashamed and too much telling me how to