Poker Game

The Poker Game From: [email protected] (KELLI21257)

KELLI21257: I come over to your house…banging on your door…we still haven’t decided what we are doing tonight
Fitzbean: I run to the door and answer it because you were banging so hard!
Fitzbean: “Hey what’s up Kel?”
KELLI21257: “hi Fitz, what we doing tonight?” I smile seductively, curls bouncing
Fitzbean: “Your hair looks vivacious this evening! Did I mention your hair looks beautiful?”
Fitzbean: “Oh, hmm, I still haven’t thought of anything to do, any ideas?”
KELLI21257: I smile…touching it with some pride as I bounce into your house
KELLI21257: “lets do something kinky!!” I say seductively
Fitzbean: “Curls look good kel, i just love those curls!”
Fitzbean: “Kinky?” my eye brow lifts up slightly, “like what?”
KELLI21257: “I don’t know” I say nonchalantly as I walk over to the liquor cabinet and pour a drink
Fitzbean: “Hitting the bottle early, eh Kel,” I chuckle lightly, “I’ve got beer in the fridge if you don’t feel like hard stuff.”
KELLI21257: “OK…sure…I’ll just try a little of everything.”
Fitzbean: “We could play a board game.. nah too boring,” I continue to ponder.
KELLI21257: “Got any ideas?” drinking a strong martini
Fitzbean: “The cabinet’s open, drink to your little hearts desire,” I encourage.
Fitzbean: “You’re not even gonna offer me a drink?” I say quite smugly.
Fitzbean: As a crack open a beer.
KELLI21257: I pour you one and hand it to you with a curtsey
Fitzbean: “Thank you, Kel,” I take it in my other hand as I gaze at your hair.
Fitzbean: “Wanna play strip something?” I suggest rather laughingly. “You said kinky, not me!”
KELLI21257: You know as everyone does how devilishly flirtatious I can be – especially when I use my looks
Fitzbean: (OK)
KELLI21257: I do a little excited spin…”Sure…why not??!!??” I pour myself another drink
Fitzbean: “Strip poker is kinda boring alone, so whadaya say we spice it up a bit?”
Fitzbean: as I chug down the beer in my hand and move onto the drink you poured me
KELLI21257: I look intrigued “and how shall we do that?” I sip my drink quickly – already on third
Fitzbean: “Oh I don’t know,” I smile at you with my bright blue eyes. “Maybe a complete body shaving?”
KELLI21257: “Huh???!!??” I say startled….my drink almost falling out of my hand – already have another made
KELLI21257: getting tipsy
Fitzbean: “Well,” I laugh, “it was just a suggestion. If you win, you shave me,”
Fitzbean: “If I win,” I look at your hair quite admiringly, “I shave you.”
KELLI21257: “I like that idea” I say teasingly
Fitzbean: “You’d like to shave me wouldn’t you?” I ask as I put my arm around you.
KELLI21257: I Imagine myself with no bush….thinking hard
Fitzbean: I imagine shaving your pussy, a smile crosses my face.
KELLI21257: “hmmmm…well…yeah.” I say
KELLI21257: I drink more of my drink
Fitzbean: “How’s about another Kell,” I say while handing my glass to you, “Thanks.”
KELLI21257: I drink it quicker – getting drunker…
Fitzbean: “Well then, let us take a seat at the bar,” I say, “Oh wait, shake on it?”
KELLI21257: I reach out my hand and shake it “do I get a head start?”
Fitzbean: “How do you mean?” I ask quite inquisitively.
Fitzbean: pst. I crack open another beer.
KELLI21257: “How about I win hands that are tied.” I smile
Fitzbean: “Well, ok, how many pieces of clothing do you have on Kel?” I ask to see what the ratio is between us.
KELLI21257: I lean on the bar unthinkingly twirling a long strand of my auburn locks in my hand
Fitzbean: I walk over to the bar as well, sitting on the opposite side, watching you play with your locks
KELLI21257: “4 not including my shoes”
Fitzbean: “Do shoes count?” I ask, “I’ve got three not including shoes, flannel shirt, pants.”
Fitzbean: “I don’t wear underwear,”
KELLI21257: “shoes don’t count”
Fitzbean: I flip a deck of cards from the drawer besides the bar.
KELLI21257: I smile…”good”
Fitzbean: “5 card, one draw, deuces wild,” I dictate the rules.
KELLI21257: “I hope I don’t lose ..that would suck to be bushless” I say, looking eagerly at the cards
Fitzbean: “I heard ya, being bald balled isnt my fantasy either babe,” I laugh as I sip on my beer.
Fitzbean: I deal the first hand eagerly, “How many you need, Kel?”
KELLI21257: I look meaningfully at your sack “look like a baby boy!!!” laughing
KELLI21257: “two”
Fitzbean: “He is!” I confirm.
Fitzbean: “OK, one, two.. I need two also, one two.”
Fitzbean: “So, Kel whadaya got?”
KELLI21257: I smile hopefully
KELLI21257: “pair of kings”
Fitzbean: “Three fours,” I laugh, “Shall I start looking for the shaver?”
Fitzbean: “Take off the clothing piece of your choice.” I smile
KELLI21257: I stick my tongue out at you as I remove my blouse
KELLI21257: I hand it to you. “We are just starting!!”
Fitzbean: I admire your black lace bra and more eye catching your round shapely breasts.
Fitzbean: “Thank you,” I shuffle the cards.
Fitzbean: “OK, one two three four five, one two three four five…”
KELLI21257: I smile. My bangless curls fall over my back as I push it back
Fitzbean: “You hair smells awesome Kel, what did you use today?” I ask.
KELLI21257: “Clairol leave in conditioner and hair scent by Calvin Klein for women” I say happily
Fitzbean: “Soo.. how many you need?”
KELLI21257: “Three”
Fitzbean: “Smells SEXY.”
Fitzbean: “Ok, one two three.”
Fitzbean: “I need two, one two.”
Fitzbean: “Hmp.”
KELLI21257: I smile
Fitzbean: “OK, OK whadaya got?”
KELLI21257: “three queens”
Fitzbean: “Ouch, 2 pair, you win.”
Fitzbean: “I remove my flannel & hand it to you.”
KELLI21257: I grin. “Two little bald bowling balls coming right up!!”
Fitzbean: “Its STILL early goldy locks,” I grin. “Gimmie those cards. I shuffle.
Fitzbean: “one two three four five,” “one two three four five”
Fitzbean: “well?”
KELLI21257: “four”
Fitzbean: “Ok, one two three four,”
Fitzbean: “one two for me”
KELLI21257: “three twos”
Fitzbean: I crack open another beer and smile, “Why did you stop drinking?”
KELLI21257: I cheer hopefully
Fitzbean: “Three twos??? Three kings! You win!!”
KELLI21257: I slug down my drink and crack open a beer
Fitzbean: “Deuces are wild! Which means you have at least four of a kind!”
KELLI21257: I grin…patting myself on the back!!! “I knew that” I say smugly
Fitzbean: My shirt comes off, “chilly in here.”
Fitzbean: “here take it,”
Fitzbean: “do we get one shot more to stay in after me or you is nude?”
KELLI21257: I give a big grin
Fitzbean: I collect the cards & shuffle.
KELLI21257: “one more shot….sure, I guess”
Fitzbean: “OK, one two three four five, one two three four five.”
Fitzbean: I imagine running my hands through your hair.
KELLI21257: “three”
Fitzbean: “One two three and three for me, one two three.”
KELLI21257: I move my hands through my long hair…it bounces back to its part in the middle
Fitzbean: it turns me on a bit as you play with your hair.
Fitzbean: “oh whadaya got,” I snap back into reality.
KELLI21257: “two fives”
KELLI21257: I frown
Fitzbean: “Not this time, hun, straight with a duece, six seven eight nine ten,”
Fitzbean: “read ’em and weep,” I laugh.
KELLI21257: I reluctantly stand up and remove my pants and hand them to you
KELLI21257: “it is cold in here” I say
Fitzbean: “Thank you Kel,”
Fitzbean: “It is cold, see.”
Fitzbean: “You got a nice butt kel,”
Fitzbean: I collect & shuffle.
Fitzbean: “one two three four five, one two three four five.”
KELLI21257: I laugh. “Thanks, I think” I say slyly
KELLI21257: “three”
Fitzbean: I cant help but admire your slim hard body.
Fitzbean: one two three, “I need four, one two three four.”
KELLI21257: I smile “three jacks”
Fitzbean: “You got me hun, three 10’s!”
KELLI21257: I laugh. “yes…” I cheer
Fitzbean: “Yikes, here goes my last piece,” I say reluctantly.
Fitzbean: I stand up and unzip my baggy jeans.
Fitzbean: and let them drop to the floor. “Here take ’em.”
Fitzbean: “It’s really cold now.”
KELLI21257: I grin. “Thank you.” I look you up and down. “nice cock and balls” I smile maliciously
Fitzbean: “Thanks, Kel,” I smile slightly as I collect the cards & shuffle.
Fitzbean: I’m getting hard from the cold draft.
Fitzbean: “one two three four five, one two three four five”
KELLI21257: “Don’t hide nothing – you’re not allowed!!” I say happily
KELLI21257: “four”
Fitzbean: “I’m not hiding, see,” I say as I make my cock quite prevalent to your view.
KELLI21257: I grin
Fitzbean: “one two three four, I need two, one two.”
KELLI21257: I sigh “two eights”
Fitzbean: “Phew, two nines!” I sigh in relief.
Fitzbean: “It’s your turn now to take it off Kel.” I smile coyly.
KELLI21257: I cross my eyes at you and stick my tongue out and pull off my bra “enjoy it”
Fitzbean: I think you look cute when you cross your eyes with your toungue out.
Fitzbean: I collect the cards & shuffle.
Fitzbean: “Hey Kel, your nipples are hard,” I smile as your locks wisp your nipples.
Fitzbean: “one two three four five, one two three four five.”
KELLI21257: I laugh. “Well, you’re hard too!!” I point
KELLI21257: “three cards”
Fitzbean: “hey, ya got me!” I admit, “You do have extremely nice breasts though. so round & perky.”
Fitzbean: I smile
Fitzbean: “one two three,” I need only one, “one”
KELLI21257: I lift my arms up and bounce them for your as you deal, laughing
KELLI21257: “two aces”
KELLI21257: I look hopeful
Fitzbean: I get a good laugh from that.
Fitzbean: “Sorry kel! Full house! 7’s and 9’s!”
Fitzbean: “Oh baby!” I wait eagerly.
KELLI21257: I stand and stomp slightly, pouting as I pull off my black panties and hand them over, shivering slightly
Fitzbean: “Thank you,” I smile as I take the panties in my hand & look at them for a second.
Fitzbean: “You have a nice bush kel, can I see more?” I ask laughingly as I sip on my beer.
Fitzbean: I collect & shuffle.
KELLI21257: I stand up again and put my legs and in a spread stance. “I guess it is only fair”
Fitzbean: “I like,” my eyes feast, “I like your hole.” I say as I mess up the deal.
Fitzbean: “You’re a pretty girl in every sense of the word.” I smile at you.
KELLI21257: I grin…doing a little dance
Fitzbean: “one two three four five, one two three four five, oww, dance for me.” I laugh.
KELLI21257: the innocent meets sassy look all over my face
KELLI21257: “two”
Fitzbean: “Ok, one two, I’ll take three, one two three.”
Fitzbean: “So Kell what do you got? This is it! Is this hand!”
Fitzbean: “All or nothing literally here!”
KELLI21257: “three aces” I say smugly, standing up as I put them down, grinning
Fitzbean: “Those locks lost forever!”
Fitzbean: “Three aces?!? Jesh, ya got me beat.”
Fitzbean: “I’ve only got FOUR kings!” I laugh standing up also.
KELLI21257: I smile
Fitzbean: “I’ll be your barber for this evening.”
KELLI21257: my jaw falls open….”Dammit!! dammit!!” I jump up and down
Fitzbean: “Some you win some you lose Kel,” as I watch your breasts bounce up and down.
KELLI21257: “my barber??” I look down at my bush ..all trimmed and nice
Fitzbean: “How do you want to do this?” I smile, looking at you up and down.
Fitzbean: I retrieve the clippers and the shaver.
KELLI21257: “well…I dont know” I say, obviously not knowing that I am to get a head haircut as well
Fitzbean: “We’ll do your head first.
KELLI21257: I drink another drink as you go to get the equipment
KELLI21257: “My head!!?!??!?!?!?!?” I say in shock
Fitzbean: “I said total shaving! Don’t tell me you didn’t know.”
KELLI21257: my long red curls almost recoil as I stand in nude shock
KELLI21257: “my…my…head….” I stutter
Fitzbean: I pat you on the but, “It wont hurt a bit.”
Fitzbean: my cock grows harder at the thought of shaving your whole body.
KELLI21257: “but….oh no…please….my hair..” I grab my long red locks protectively
Fitzbean: “A deal’s a deal hun, sorry.” I say as I exercise the clippers in my hand.
Fitzbean: “You ready to lose your most beautiful feature?”
KELLI21257: I am in utter shock….I stand there staring at you…and the clippers
KELLI21257: I recoil at that…my most beautiful feature…
Fitzbean: “Sit down so I can begin the debeautifying.”
KELLI21257: I walk over to the chair…my face showing my awe….
KELLI21257: “you are going to cut my hair short?” I say gulpingly as I nervously sit down
Fitzbean: “C’mon hun, loosen up, I said it wouldn’t hurt….” I smile deviously.
Fitzbean: “No I’m not gonna cut it short,” I relieve you, “Bald, hun, bald.”
KELLI21257: “completely bald!!!!????!?!”…”ohhh please…not bald!!!” I whine, using my sassy innocent look to get my way
Fitzbean: “Now let me at those beautiful locks,” I say as I snip the first lock off & wave it in your face.
KELLI21257: I cry out in alarm
Fitzbean: “sorry hun, completely bald.. you’ll be Sinead O’Connor when I’m through with you.”
Fitzbean: “That is if of course she shaves her bush too.”
KELLI21257: I squirm…..looking down at my bush….my long hair still caressing my nipples
Fitzbean: I begin clipping away at a speedy pace, dropping every lock in your lap, snip, snip.
Fitzbean: “Having fun hun?” “Here have another beer” I hand one to you.
KELLI21257: my hands are over my eyes…you hear yelps…I start to slug the beer you gave me
Fitzbean: I continue to snip and clip, “almost time for the shaver,”
Fitzbean: It’s down to a few inches in length, all different all over the place, it looks truly humiliating.
KELLI21257: I cry as I look at all my hair on the floor….my fiery mass of hair…harvested
Fitzbean: “Looks like the guys wont be gawking over you anymore.” I laugh as I begin to feel turned on as I run my fingers through your hair as I cut.
Fitzbean: Buzzz the shaver screams as I take it to your head.
Fitzbean: I slide it up the right side of your head, a strip of baldness is revealed.
KELLI21257: I let out a gasp as I feel the clippers do their worst to my head
Fitzbean: Up the left side I go as well, another strip of baldness revealed.
Fitzbean: “You loving this Kel?” I smile laughingly.
KELLI21257: I look up at you…pathetic look of begging on my face
Fitzbean: “I am to strip a girl of her most prized possession.”
Fitzbean: “Look, it’s Mr T.” I laugh.
Fitzbean: Your eyes almost make me stop, but I can’t now.
KELLI21257: “you are cutting it so short!!!” I screech uncomfortably
Fitzbean: “Want me to stop?” I ask willingly.
Fitzbean: With a smile on my face.
KELLI21257: “yes” I beg
Fitzbean: “What will you be willing to trade for me to stop?” I look at you for an answer.
KELLI21257: I try my super sassy look….usually works…but no hair to flirt with
KELLI21257: I stutter….
Fitzbean: “Hmm…”
Fitzbean: “I’m waiting…” the shaver buzzes away.
KELLI21257: I don’t know…..I am so drunk
KELLI21257: I would offer sex but you already get that…you always do
Fitzbean: “Ok then, you’ve got nothing to trade,” As I quickly buzz the last of your locks and
KELLI21257: I squirm…”freezing, my head is so cold….”
Fitzbean: wave them in your face, “The head is done!”
KELLI21257: I wail…I reach up with both hands an just hold my bald scalp in disbelief and horror
Fitzbean: “It had to be done,” I say, “I love you with that Golden Child look.” I laugh.
KELLI21257: “BALD!!!…ohmigod….what will I tell people….” I look miserable
KELLI21257: I attempt to look at you seductively to see if my old tricks still work..sassy and cute
Fitzbean: “You’re still cute hun,” I reassure you, “but the locks made you FINE!”
KELLI21257: I realize I am not elite anymore in shock
Fitzbean: “Make like you’re having a baby hun.”
Fitzbean: “Get on the bar and spread your legs as wide as they’ll go.”
KELLI21257: I hop up in the bar in my usual cute fashion, trying to pretend I still have all my looks…
KELLI21257: I lay back and spread my legs wide
Fitzbean: “Hold this I say,” handing you one single lock of your hair, “Smile.”
Fitzbean: Click. I flash the camara, of you with your legs wide holding one lock of hair.
Fitzbean: “That’ll be a good one.”
KELLI21257: I freeze…looking embarrassed. “thanks…” I say embarrassedly
Fitzbean: “Your pussy still looks sweet,” I give you a consolation, “I dont know whether to shave it or fuck it.”
KELLI21257: I grin…”you could just fuck it!!” I say seductively
Fitzbean: “Oh no, I’ll shave it first,” I grin…
KELLI21257: I lay back, cringing as my bald head touches the bar top
Fitzbean: The shaver buzzes with joy as I run it down your abdomen, removing the easiest portion first.
KELLI21257: “I feel like a sheep..” I say shamefully
Fitzbean: “You do?” I ask, “Baa for me, Kel, baa.”
KELLI21257: I refuse to
Fitzbean: I slowly and carefully shave all the hair above your pussy, smiling with joy as my cock hardens again
Fitzbean: “For me, kel, Baaaa.”
Fitzbean: “Please, I’ll give you a free pussy woven coat…” I smile kiddingly.
KELLI21257: “nooooooooo…”
Fitzbean: A couple of my friends suddenly barge in.
KELLI21257: “it is going to take me forever to grow all this hair back that I lost in 15 minutes.” I frown
Fitzbean: “Wow, you’ve gone over the deep edge dude!” one of them murmurs.
KELLI21257: I cry out in alarm…falling off the bar onto the floor
Fitzbean: “Your here just in time to see my little sheep baaa for us, right Kel?”
KELLI21257: I screech…seeing them looking at my head and bod and then at the hair on the floor”
KELLI21257: “noooo”
Fitzbean: “Get on all fours and spread your legs really wide so I can shave the rest of that pussy.”
Fitzbean: I get down on my knees and turn the shaver back on, “Watch closely guys.”
KELLI21257: I reluctantly obey…turning bright red…I forget that they aren’t just staring at me for my looks anymore now that my head is shaven
Fitzbean: “Baa for us Kel,” I say as I carefully begin to shave the last remaining hairs on your body, around your sweet becoming bald box.
KELLI21257: I try experimentally to give them a seductive look..
KELLI21257: “baaa” I say weakly
Fitzbean: “Put some effort into it kel, c’mon,” I laugh & they do too.
KELLI21257: “BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I say loudly and obediently…wishing I were dead
Fitzbean: “Beautiful my sweet sheep,” I say as I click the razor off, “Done, you are dewooled”
KELLI21257: these guys usually just stare at me….obviously always wanting me..
Fitzbean: Now they only chuckle at the obvious humiliation.
KELLI21257: dewooled….demaned….omigod….completely denuded is what I am
Fitzbean: “You are defenseless now Kel. Can’t use the locks to get what you want anymore.”
Fitzbean: Your hair is a thing of the past, and so is your once supreme beauty.
KELLI21257: I moan helplessly….feeling completely useless and unable to manipulate people anymore
Fitzbean: “would you like fries with that?” I smile
KELLI21257: I groan
Fitzbean: My friends scarper out the door after laughing for a while.


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