Punk Party

The Punk Party by Kelli21257 & Fortuneer Fortuneer: You have no idea why I dragged you to this party. You would NEVER hang out with these punks if you weren’t with me.
KELII21257: I hate parties like this I think to myself… my tight red “Brat” shirt is on…tight latex skirt…I like to dress up…knee high socks… and Doc Marten shoes – all black except shirt
Fortuneer: You’re definitely out of your element. Everybody else is wearing black…mostly leather.
KELII21257: hate black leather people….so dullllll
Fortuneer: You try to pull off the punk look, but you’re obviously just not one of them.
KELII21257: I didn’t realize they would be real “punks”….”yuck” I mutter to myself quietly
Fortuneer: You never did like my friends.
KELII21257: I whisper in your ear “Do we have to stay long?” in a sassy voice
Fortuneer: “Why, are you not having a good time?” I reply.
KELII21257: “it’s an…okay …party…I guess…anything good to drink?” I say rolling my blue eyes
Fortuneer: “We can get some drinks downstairs.. That’s where the real fun is anyway.”
Fortuneer: We make our way downstairs….what you saw upstairs is nothing compared to what’s happening in the basement.
KELII21257: I look around astounded
Fortuneer: Women are down here getting their heads shaved. In one corner, somebody has set up a tattoo machine. People are lining up to get inked.
KELII21257: I look in disgust….
Fortuneer: In another room, some woman is chained to a wall. A man in a hood is whipping her while she writhes in delight.
Fortuneer: We walk over to a table that has some bottles of booze and all kinds of pills and drugs.
KELII21257: “What kinda party is this?” I say…my eyes wide…
Fortuneer: “This…is my kind of party!”
KELII21257: I wrinkle my nose when I hear the woman screech…”how gross…”
KELII21257: “oh…great…” I say sarcastically
Fortuneer: I turn my back to you and pour you a drink.
Fortuneer: “Here. It’s a Scotch and soda….” As you take the first drink, I add, “and hospital-quality tranquilizers.”
KELII21257: “huh? Isn’t that bad?” I say… slightly alarmed
Fortuneer: “Nah, in this dosage, all it will do is put you to sleep for a little while.”
KELII21257: “huh? But…I don’t want to go to sleep” I say…realizing I have drunk a lot without thinking about it
Fortuneer: You see a crowd gather around me just before everything goes black…
Fortuneer: You wake up to find yourself chained to the wall in the place of the other woman. Your wrists and ankles are firmly bound.
KELII21257: I am shocked…and a little drowsy …”huh? What is going on?”
Fortuneer: By now everybody in the basement has gathered around you.
Fortuneer: I address the crowd: “You all know Kelli. Dear, sweet, virginal Kelli, who never once tried to understand S & M.”
Fortuneer: “I think we should show her the rewards of complete and utter submission!”
KELII21257: I pull at the chain…”huh? Hey…get me out of these… no funny!!” I say… angry
Fortuneer: The crowd roars. “Sorry, I can’t do that now. These people want a show.”
Fortuneer: A large man with a Mohawk and more pierces than you can count comes at you with a knife.
KELII21257: I yelp….eyes going incredibly wide…”pleeeaasse don’t hurt me..”
Fortuneer: Instead of attacking you, he very gently cuts through your skirt.
Fortuneer: The crowd goes wild when they see you’re not wearing any panties.
KELII21257: I watch in alarm…..blushing…”Hey…cover me….please..”
Fortuneer: He raises the knife once again and neatly cuts your shirt off. Your perfectly-shaped tits are revealed.
Fortuneer: I throw the clothes into the crowd….they fight for them.
KELII21257: I pull at the chain…not realizing it makes my breasts bounce
Fortuneer: Men and women from the audience rush forward, feeling you, groping at your most sensitive areas…
Fortuneer: You feel their fingers run through your golden bush
KELII21257: I gasp….”Get your hands off me!!!” I screech… struggling
Fortuneer: “You heard her! Get off of her…then the REAL fun begins!”
KELII21257: I cringe…as everyone backs up… “what do you mean…Real fun?” I whimper
Fortuneer: I kneel in front of you. I’m holding something in my hand that buzzes and vibrates…..
Fortuneer: You realize it’s the clippers you saw earlier.
KELII21257: “HEY!!!” I yelp…trying to move my pubes away
Fortuneer: I grab your ass and push your hips forward to meet the clippers.
Fortuneer: I run them over your mound, completely removing all traces of hair.
KELII21257: I look up at the crowd…”Omigod….I watch the crowd…blushing ..”
KELII21257: I am in disbelief that I am being shaven in front of people…never mind these people
Fortuneer: The crowd is transfixed. They haven’t seen a show this good in a LONG time.
Fortuneer: A few people grab your short curls and keep them as souvenirs.
Fortuneer: “Had enough?” I ask the crowd. In unison, they shout, “NO!!!”
Fortuneer: I wave the clippers in front of your face. “You don’t look like you’re having any fun, Kelli
Fortuneer: ”
KELII21257: I whimper…still shocked…”I am not..”
Fortuneer: “Well, don’t go anywhere. It gets better…”
KELII21257: “Let me gooooo…please!!” I whine
Fortuneer: “Once we’re done, you’ll be free to go, don’t worry.”
Fortuneer: I raise the clippers to your head and push them through the thick blonde hair.
Fortuneer: As the sheet of hair falls from the side of your head, you feel a cool breeze
KELII21257: “OMIGOD!!! Oh fuck…you didn’t just…noooooooo” I gasp…can barely talk
Fortuneer: I run the clippers through your hair again and again. Mounds of it collect at your bare ankles.
KELII21257: I sob…”Why? why are you doing this?” I mutter to the crowd, watching my long mane fall as I am de-maned
Fortuneer: “We’re doing this because you never made any attempt to fit in!”
Fortuneer: “All you would have had to do was try to understand, instead of being such a little snob!”
KELII21257: “but…I don’t want…I don’t” I stutter helplessly
Fortuneer: “It doesn’t matter what you want. You’re about to become one of us.”
KELII21257: I whimper senselessly
Fortuneer: The last thing you see before you black out again is piles and piles of falling blonde hair.
Fortuneer: You wake up to a cold glass of water being thrown in your face.
KELII21257: I sputter…almost forgetting where I am…
Fortuneer: You’re now sitting on a stool. Your hands and feet are bound. You’re held to the wall by a collar and a long leash.
Fortuneer: “I wanted you to be awake for this,” I say as I hold a mirror in front of you.
KELII21257: I look into the mirror fearful of what I’ll see
Fortuneer: You see a girl who may have once been beautiful. Her bush is shaved, and the only hair on her head is a long narrow Mohawk.
KELII21257: I stutter…”Oh no….WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?” I yelp
Fortuneer: I move the mirror down, you get the first look at the tattoos…
Fortuneer: Your arms and legs are covered with horrible tattoos of skulls and snakes.
KELII21257: I can’t speak…I just stare with my mouth hanging open in disbelief.
Fortuneer: The pierced man with the Mohawk runs up to me…you can only hear fragments of our conversation.
Fortuneer: “…drug interaction…..follicle damage…..hair won’t grow back!”
KELII21257: I go wide eyed hoping they aren’t talking about me
Fortuneer: I look toward you, confirming your fears…
Fortuneer: “Well, she’s a freak, now. We can’t let her outside….”
KELII21257: I almost throw up
Fortuneer: “Only one thing to do….make her the house slave.”
KELII21257: I cringe….”no…please..” I beg
Fortuneer: You’re pushed forward so that you’re lying on your stomach on the ground. A shaven-headed woman straddles your head and lifts her skirt.
Fortuneer: She’s not wearing panties and her pussy is not only shaved, but pierced many, many times.
KELII21257: I freak out….whimpering….trying to get away
Fortuneer: You feel the whip come down hard on your ass. “You know what to do…”
KELII21257: I gag….but refuse to do it…don’t want to be docile…still hope
Fortuneer: You’re whipped again. MUCH harder.
KELII21257: without even thinking…I finally beginning licking…aware that she has more hair on her bush then I have on my whole head
Fortuneer: “Good slave…”
Fortuneer: You feel a cock enter you from behind. There’s no mistaking it, it’s mine.
KELII21257: I groan… licking harder….totally in my own world
Fortuneer: The pumping from behind falls into rhythm with your licking
KELII21257: mmmm…oh…mmmm
Fortuneer: The shaven-headed woman and I reach climax at the same time. Each of us fills your holes
Fortuneer: with our fluids.
KELII21257: I moan too…still in ecstasy
Fortuneer: The woman slides back and gets to her feet. “I was here first,” she says. “I want to mark her”
Fortuneer: She grabs your cheeks with one hand and raises the humming clippers…
KELII21257: “but….I am already…” I say cringing…
Fortuneer: She totally erases your eyebrows. You begin to cry, knowing that they will never grow back.
KELII21257: I whimper…can’t even prove I am a true blonde anymore
Fortuneer: She puts the clippers down and picks up the tattoo machine…
KELII21257: I gasp in alarm….
Fortuneer: All you feel is the stinging as she puts permanent marks on your forehead.
KELII21257: I think to myself…OMIGOD…my face…not my face too
Fortuneer: She stops tattooing and raises a mirror. Even backwards, you can read it:
Fortuneer: “SLUT,” spelled out in neatly flowing script.
KELII21257: “NOOOOO” I screech in realization at the enormity of what has just been done to me
Fortuneer: She grabs your leash and parades you around the room before leading you back to the wall.
KELII21257: I crawl behind her since my arms and legs are still bound
Fortuneer: I lift you up, untie you, and chain you to the wall again. You’re too shocked even to resist
KELII21257: since I am only 118lbs…5’4″…I am easy to pick up
Fortuneer: The people begin to file past, groping you and rubbing your shaved head as they leave the room.
KELII21257: I am in disbelief that I have a Mohawk and a tattoo
Fortuneer: You can hear their taunts as they leave….”Slut…freak…slave…”
KELII21257: On my forehead….HOLY SHIT
Fortuneer: I take your face in my hands and give you a surprisingly gentle kiss.
KELII21257: “what…what have you done? Is this a dream? A nightmare?” I say… pleading
Fortuneer: “It’s not a dream. You won’t be waking up from this…”
Fortuneer: I leave you to your new life: a permanently bald, tattooed naked slave.


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