Kelli’s Science Lesson

Kelli’s Science Lesson by DPTemplar

Setting: 21st Century

Kelli was looking forward to her first day on the job, at a high-tech laboratory, to create medicines and cures for several ailments. She was greeted by everyone, and was then assigned to her lab partner, for both she and Kelli had extensive knowledge about this particular ailment that they were trying to find a cure for. Her partner’s name was Michelle. She was a very stunning woman; she had a light sultry voice, soft small lips, light hazel eyes, and the face of an angel. And she was also bald. This shocked Kelli.

“Uh…hi. I’m Kelli…did you do that on purpose, or was that a bet?”

Michelle just smiled and said, “My my, aren’t you the curious one?”

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The two put on their goggles and started to work. During their labwork, Kelli kept starting at her; she had never seen a bald woman before.

Michelle then invited Kelli to her place for a quick dinner, since Kelli was new in town, and hadn’t found a nice place to settle into yet. Michelle said that her boyfriend would be by later. She had a large apartment, with lots of science journals, as well as sports memorabilia. Kelli noticed a photo of a little girl standing by a tall black man.

“Ah, good eyes you have there, Kelli. That’s me as a little girl standing with Sammy Sosa.”

Kelli then blurted out, “The Cubs? You LIKE the Cubs? They suck!”

Michelle then turned stone faced, and just stared at Kelli. “Suck? I KNOW you did not just talk about my team.”

“Yeah, I did! What are you going to do about it?”

With the remote control, she looked for a Cubs game on TV. “Aha! Now, how about we make a bet on the Cubs? If you win, I’ll give you my next paycheck. And if I win….” Kelli was getting nervous at this point. “If I win, I get to make you my slave for the rest of the night.”

“WHAT?” bellowed Kelli.

“Oh, come now,” said Michelle. “You said that my team sucks, so let’s see if they do. Here they are playing the Dodgers at Wrigley Field. There’s 4 innings left, and the Cubs are down by 3 runs. You might win this.”

Feeling confident, Kelli started to imagine the nice apartment and clothes she could get with Michelle’s check. Bottom of the ninth, the score stood Dodgers 5, Cubs 4. The Cubs, with a man on third, and two outs, set up a nasty two-run home run. Final score: Dodgers 5, Cubs 6. Holy cow, the Cubs won! In turn, Kelli lost.

“First thing, slave, I want you to strip.” Humiliated, Kelli started to strip. Her long strawberry blonde hair brushed against her soft ample breasts. Then Michelle commanded her to stand still while she got the supplies. Supplies? thought Kelli. She was now getting scared. Michelle came out with a camcorder, scissors, clippers, shaving cream and many razors. Michelle turned on the camera and placed it on a tripod. She made Kelli wave to the camera, and do a stupid dance. Then Michelle kicked off her shoes, and unzipped her pants, and removed her panties. It was at this time when Michelle’s boyfriend showed up. “Hi, Chuck,” said Michelle. She then kissed him, and told him to hold the camera steady while Kelli would get humiliated. She then made her slave get on her knees and give Michelle head.

“What? Are you crazy? Your boyfriend’s here!”

“Don’t worry; he knows I’m bisexual, don’t you, honey?” Chuck nodded his head. Kelli then got underneath Michelle and started to pleasure her orally. Kelli had never done this with a woman before, but Michelle acted as though she was a pro at it. She then had a loud orgasm, and her juices flowed down Kelli’s chin.

Michelle then picked up the scissors and went towards Kelli’s hair. “Hold on! You’re not cutting this hair!”

“Yes I am, slave; we had a bet. You’re my slave for the night, so you are pretty much screwed, aren’t you?”

She couldn’t believe her co-worker was about to cut her hair! She grabbed a large section of Kelli’s hair and SNICKT SHRECHT it was now a low bob. Then Michelle grabbed the clippers. Kelli freaked out. “NO! You’re not going to shave me!” Michelle just stared at her, as though she were saying, ‘Bitch, shut up. I own you.’ Kelli hung her head low, and let the clippers eat at her hair. Michelle used the Number 2 attachment the first time around her head, then used no guard at all.

“Ah…you’re now bald, but not bald enough.” She then got the shaving cream, and even though it took 3 times with lather and razors, Michelle made Kelli a bald beauty. She then went on to shave her brows and pubes off.

Feeling totally humiliated, Kelli started to sob at her condition. “Honey, could you get the bottle for me?” Chuck ran to the bathroom, and got out a large bottle. He gave the bottle to his bald girlfriend, and she took out 5 pills. She swallowed the pills with some water, and something amazing happened: Michelle’s hair was growing back! Quite rapidly, to be precise. In a matter of 30 minutes, Michelle went from no hair on her head to a long thick brunette mane reaching to the middle of her back. Kelli was shocked!

“Huh….how? How?”

Michelle explained that her father had created these pills back in the late 20th century, but do to its power, he kept the pills in the knowledge of a select group of people, and she happened to read the formula on how to make them, so she made her own batch. Then she explained that she loves to get her head shaved; she gets it shaved at least 2 times a week. The coworkers get really confused as to why she’s bald one day, and with her own hair the next.

Kelli was starting to get a bit happy, that maybe she’d get a few pills and get her hair back. Michelle gave her two pills, since it was her first time. Her hair grew back a bit. Then Michelle got the clippers running again. “Hey, the night’s still young, and there’s much more we can do to you, including shaving you again, and again, and again. Kelli then knew that her time as a slave was just getting started that night….



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