Swim Team Get Even

The Swim Team Get Evenby michellet9

All people in this scenario have given permission to post it in the net…just so everyone knows

RY BRED: oh you wish to race first?…yes…same bet…I’m not afraid of a nude photo done in taste
MichelleT9: I look at your team smugly…”fine…who wants to race…payment isn’t till tomorrow for you losers!!” I smile thinkng I will win…my long dark curls are in a pony tail
RY BRED: with a cocky smile “I’ll run, and I’ll take your hair in the pony tail.”
MichelleT9: “in your dreams…I have had this hair for 4 years!!”
MichelleT9: I realize how horrible it would be to have to show up to that locker room tomorrow and pay up…I had better win I think…I see a crowd gather to watch…the swim team is already smiling
RY BRED: what’s the distance
MichelleT9: “100 yards…smart guy…stupid bald swimmer…hair takes your strength don’t you know…haven’t you heard of Samson?” I laugh cockily
RY BRED: “100 yards? You’re gonna get beat bad honey.” with big smile
MichelleT9: “yeah right” we get ready to race….no blocks…me in my track uniform and you in your Speedos…which I expect to be peeled off for my pleasure the next day
RY BRED: “I’ll let you give the word, you’ll need the advantage.” getting serious now. Want to win this bad.
MichelleT9: “On your marks…get set…GO!!!!” I take off
MichelleT9: as hard as I can run
RY BRED: my legs pump hard >
RY BRED: kicking as hard as I can I beginning to catch you
MichelleT9: I see the finish line 10 yards in front…almost there
RY BRED: breathing hard I edge by
MichelleT9: I almost screech as I try to get ahead…9…8…7…6…yards go by
RY BRED: ….5…4…3…2…1…I thrust my chest outward and narrowly defeat the soon to be bald woman.
MichelleT9: I almost scream…..I can’t breathe as I lean against a railing
RY BRED: I stand next to you barely able to breathe “what time is a good time for your haircut tomorrow?”
MichelleT9: I look at you angrily as the other swim team guys come running over to us happily….”I …can’t …believe it! Damn it!!!”
RY BRED: “so…..what kind of razors do you prefer”
MichelleT9: “ohhhh…shut up please” some hairs have escaped my band that they are held back with and they flutter around my head prettily
MichelleT9: “damn…I have to shower with you jerks now too…” I say this hoping that the haircut part will be forgotten
RY BRED: “your hair is very healthy. It should get a good price on the market”
MichelleT9: “ha ha…you guys are real funny!!! Do you guys realize what a haircut will do to my social life?” I say it trying to make you and your laughing pals feel guilty…not working
RY BRED: “social life?…you’ll be real popular with the nazis….ha ha ha…..” jokes, jokes and more jokes
MichelleT9: I realize that tomorrow is coming very soon as I walk to get dressed and shower for the last of the classes for the day
MichelleT9: I put my hair up in a nice hair clip the next day almost forgetting about my bet…..god….2:00 pm in the guys locker room…they are going to clear it except for swim team
MichelleT9: I realize that you are in my first 8:00 am class and sit behind me…teasing me about later tonight
RY BRED: I softly flip your hair from side to side, smelling the sweet aroma. I lean forward and taunt, “I’m dying to shave this beautiful mass of hair from your head.”
MichelleT9: “errrrr….it isn’t yours yet!!!!” I whisper angrily
RY BRED: “I’ll be patient” If you could only see the smile on my face.
MichelleT9: I look angry as class ends….
MichelleT9: later that after practice I walk toward the guys locker room…slowly…with wide fearful eyes…I curl my hair around my fingers and move my hair clip around absently in my dark curls
RY BRED: “Michelle…..you look a little pissed. You ready for the payment of the bet?”
MichelleT9: I look at the door and then at you…”fine….I guess I will pay up…I did lose….I guess..”
RY BRED: laughing “we’ve already got the shower ready for you, we’ll meet you in there.”
MichelleT9: I walk in the door slowly peering around…my track uniform is on…
RY BRED: “Are you coming in? Do you need help getting undressed? Its rude to keep us waiting” lots of laughs.
MichelleT9: I see the shower room and walk in with my clothes on….looking chagrined….”Damn bet…” I mutter…I have to actually undress and shower for them
RY BRED: “hey Michelle…do we have to bring you in here ourselves? We’re waiting to make you look real good.”
MichelleT9: I growl…I pull my tank top off and then my shorts…I stop for a sec…reluctant…then pull off my sports bra and panties…I walk toward the shower forgetting my hair clip is still in…
MichelleT9: my firm muscular bod is unhid as promised…I don’t cover myself as I walk toward a shower
RY BRED: The shower room is silent. full of appreciative eyes.
RY BRED: I speak, “welcome to your nightmare”
MichelleT9: my young full dark bush is unhidden although my pussy lips cant be seen easily through the hair
MichelleT9: I still don’t realize my hair clip is in….I am now turning on the water….thinking about that this is my worst nightmare for real
RY BRED: shuttering “over here Michelle, the water is nice and warm.
MichelleT9: I walk over to you and turn on the shower
RY BRED: “I’d would like your hair in a tail before I cut it off”
MichelleT9: “errr…..leave me alone….we haven’t gotten to that …yet”
RY BRED: “when you’re ready I’ll cut it off so as to save the majority of it.” laughing “It will be like a trophy”
MichelleT9: I sigh…..I realize my hair clip is still in holding my hair so it isn’t falling loose…I guess I will have to take it out to wash my hair in the shower…I continue to soap my body unhappily as the guys laugh
MichelleT9: “you mean…when you’re ready…you guys won…up to you guys what happens..” I wonder to myself if they remember that I have to shave for them as well
RY BRED: “let me help you wash you hair one last time
MichelleT9: I cringe…realizing that you are going to take my hair clip out…my hair will hang loose with out…it will look like it is begging to be cut
RY BRED: I reach up to your hair. As I run my fingers through I find a clip and gently remove it. Your hair falls to its full length.
MichelleT9: I sigh…seeing my hair clip in your hands
MichelleT9: I begin to get shampoo to clean it…..
MichelleT9: soon I have it cleaned and put conditioner in to make it shine…I do this automatically without thinking
RY BRED: I speak to you with a calming voice, “here Michelle, relax and let me do the work” and I take over.
MichelleT9: I let you condition my hair…guys laugh at this….my breasts and bush are still unhidden as my hands are at my side
MichelleT9: soon it is washed out but the guys still aren’t doe showering so I must stand exposed in the shower until they feel like it
RY BRED: I question softly, “would you like to have your body lathered up?”
MichelleT9: I push you away “no thanks!!” everyone laughs
MichelleT9: I wash my bush clean carefully and wait for my next orders
RY BRED: “I do believe that two shavings are to take place. Shall we start with your bush?”
MichelleT9: I realize I am to do that myself….almost even more humiliating
MichelleT9: I realize that you are talking to the guys and not me
RY BRED: “Well guys where’s the razor. Who will be the one to do the shaving?” laughter
MichelleT9: “I do my bush myself…that’s the deal…” I say unhappily
RY BRED: (everybody) “Aaah. Well here’s the razor, happy shaving” everyone moves in for a closer look.
MichelleT9: I cringe and get some shampoo….I move a towel under me and sit down …I then lather my bush good…and slowly start shaving the top….
RY BRED: a few mmmms and ooohs from the team
MichelleT9: my legs are spread wide obediently as was the deal…”I hope you guys are enjoying this..” I say rather hotly…. I then shave down the middle to the lips…I carefully shave the sides off until there >
MichelleT9: is only hair around my slit…I carefully whisk it off…washing the razor continuously in the nearest shower
RY BRED: lots of hard-ons begging to slowly rise
RY BRED: tension is thick in the showers
MichelleT9: I finish shaving my bush…now hairless…it no longer hides my slit from view….I stand up and wash it off and turn around so all can see ….I am obviously stressed but slightly happy to see some hard-ons still even without my feminine bush
RY BRED: having trouble with speech, “well Michelle, you look very nice. Are you ready to have your head shaved? Come over here and kneel down.”
MichelleT9: I look around…”..You all want this done to me?” I touch my long hair regretfully
MichelleT9: lovingly I twirl my long gorgeous black curls around my finger
RY BRED: laughter and heckling >
RY BRED: I step over and gather up your beautiful mane, “ok guys this is it who wants to cut the hair?”
MichelleT9: I cringe….not wanting a haircut
RY BRED: the sound of scissors carefully cutting through your hair
MichelleT9: my black mane gathers in your hands….I haven’t knelt yet …hoping you guys will change you mind….I think about Samson and Delilah…
MichelleT9: I stand there feeling and hearing scissors working on my black curly mane…..Not believing I am to be de-maned
RY BRED: the room is silent until the last fiber of hair is cut, and then loud rejoice.
MichelleT9: I feel horrified realizing my lovely hair is pretty much gone…..take years to grow back
RY BRED: “Michelle…..Would you like to keep this mane as a memoir?”
MichelleT9: “if I am allowed? Are you going to shave it?” I am told to kneel by the other men in answer.
RY BRED: as I begin to lather your head I reply, “If you wish to take your hair with you we will allow you to”
MichelleT9: “thank you…: I almost fall in shock as my head is prepared for shaving
RY BRED: we take turns shaving your scalp
MichelleT9: I cringe as I am shaved
RY BRED: every one slowly and carefully makes long passes over your scalp to clean the hair off.
MichelleT9: my face betrays my shame and disgrace at the loss of my hair
RY BRED: with the skin on your head clean and soft we lift you up and bring you under the running water. >
MichelleT9: my hair gone…I look worthless…..No longer the black-haired beauty I was…my scalp is white
RY BRED: jokes about sunburnt scalp fill the air
MichelleT9: I think about it and realize it could be burned now
RY BRED: sun glasses appear from somewhere and everyone is wearing a pair
RY BRED: Everyone takes one last look at your beautiful fully nude figure. No one seems to mind the room full of hard cocks


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