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Carla’s Permanent Shave

Carla’s Permanent Shave

The story of my second…and last…experience with shaving

I had broken up with Rita , and other than casual dating had not been in a relationship for s

Julie’s Mother

Julie’s Mother by Theobald

Jason’s parents and younger sister were away for the weekend and Julie, his fiancee, was sleeping over for the two nights. Having finalised everything


We came home early from the party because my wife, Jill, wasn’t feeling well. We let ourselves in through the garage and she went straight up to bed. I went to find Susi, the babys

Silk Cut

Silk Cut! – Liz

Liz was late in the afternoon busy with cleaning the mess up. This evening she made an appointment with her best girlfriend, Sue. They had met each other almost

Loosen Up

Loosen Up – Dubya

Bob and Carol had been dating for several years. The expression, opposites attract, could have been written with them in mind. Bob was a free spirit, spur of t

Whose Hair is Costing You Money?

Whose hair is costing you money? – The Weakest Link (pt2) by Cliptomaniac

Five years time, and pseudo-scientists “prove” that long hair diminishes intelligence by drawing energy

Nice Trim

A Nice Trim – Axel

I’d like to tell you about a beautiful girl and her hair. She comes from Italy and has thick long brown hair all around with no bangs. I got to cut hers four t