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Islands Trip

THE ISLANDS TRIP by Shearingly

This trip to the islands of West Indies had been planned for several months. We were all looking forward to the trip. There were four of us – my wi


The Pet – DeB.

Kelli ran smoothly, her arms and legs pumping rhythmically as she neared the end of her daily fitness routine. She worked out regularly, and it showed in her taut,

Story of Tammi

Story of Tammy by Sangreal

I was always getting into trouble when I was a kid. I kept taking my clothes off! And wouldn’t you just know it, my parents, and the parents of my frie

Carrie’s Cut


“God, I hate studying for tests,” Carrie complained from her seat at the desk in Tara’s room. She stretched out her arms, let out a sigh, and plunked her head onto t

Linda’s Story


Lisa had done a lot of crazy things in her life, but perhaps this time she had gone too far. It all started this morning, when Lisa’s boyfriend, Ron, stopped by before going

Free Crewcut

A Free Crewcut by Barber Jos

I am just staring at the pictures in my history book, pictures of the roaring twenties in Germany. There is a photograph of a barbershop with a row

Cut the Cards

Cut the Cards by Kelli21257 & Fortuneer

KELLI21257: I watch you…almost not realizing I am topless…
Fortuneer: Then off comes the thong, which I throw out to a guy in the audi

Fear of a Mullet Planet

Fear of a Mullet Planet by HeadBoy

A quiet cabin in upstate Vermont, a crackling fire, the soft dulcet sounds of Chet Baker wafting through the air, a dark, empty night outside.

Black Friday

Black Friday By NCWriter1 Copyright 1998 (comments to ncvirgo@aol.com)

When I cut hair at Frederick’s, it was generally understood, though not written, that we did only “white”