Every Tool is a Weapon If You Use it Right

Every Tool is a Weapon If You Hold it Right by Lela

“Admit it,” Hedy said. “You like that IQ song by Ani DiFranco.”

“Yeah,” said Marisa. “But I still think Ani sucks. Ew, I cut my legs shaving.”

“You know what Ani says: shave your head, not your legs!”

“That’s immoral.”

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“Not really. It just questions parts of society you are not ready to question.”

“I can question them!”

“Then why do you shave your legs?” Marisa did not respond. Hedy took a pair of shears and sent them crunching through Marisa’s long brown hair.

“Ahhhhhh! What are you doing?”

“Helping you question society’s norms,” Hedy responded, slicing through the locks. “Relax, I’m not gonna shave it, just crop it.”

“Yeah, like Dykes like you and Ani.”

“That does it!” yelled Hedy. She reached for the electric razor Marisa had been shaving her legs with, switched on the bikini trimmer and she began to slide it over her friend’s head as Marisa cried. The left half of her head was no covered in velvet-like stubble as Hedy continued to peel off 18 inch lengths of Marisa’s hair. Marisa wrung her red dyed locks as the razor slid over her head. The razor was beginning to feel enjoyable, but she could never let that on. As the last length fell free, Marisa stroked her stubble.

“All right, it’s your turn.”


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