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Honey, I want to cut your hair…

Oh really, what has brought this on?

I don’t know, I just would enjoy cutting your hair, thinking about it turns me on.

It does, does it?


Honeymoon Suite Shave

The Honeymoon Suite Shave, or
Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Hair – Da Marsh

A lot of my long-time friends wondered what I saw in Veronica. After all, I’m the owner/CEO of

Chance Meeting

A Chance Meeting – Hartwig/Greenlee

It was a lovely spring day and I was on a break from school. I was enjoying the afternoon with a bike ride through the city and had ended up

Wife’s Short Haircut Surprise

Wife’s Short Haircut Surprise – Cindy58868

I had tried a new hairstylist myself a few months ago. The first time I went she just gave me a light trim, but each time I returned s

Eve, 1996

Eve 1996

It was Tuesday December 24th 1996.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It all started off well enough; I’d finished work the Friday before, done all my Christmas


KAREN – Billd

The two women entered Barbara’s apartment for what Karen hoped would be just long enough for Barbara to change clothes, and then they would be on their way once mor

Depilation of Sarah

The Depilation of Sarah by Dreadlocks

I remember when I was very young going with my father to the barber’s to watch my two older brothers get their summer haircuts. The smell i

Living Haircut

The Living Haircut by Sabrina S and Sean O’Hare

David Clipperborough cleared his throat, and adjusted for the hundredth time the tiny microphone attached to his lapel. Fortunate

Without Consent

Without Consent by Shorthaironwomenfan

Sarah was a fifteen-year-old girl with regular shoulder length hair, with an average dull blond color. She had never really had a change i

Crewcuts in Past and Present

Crewcuts in Past and Present by Barber Jos

I look at the row of pictures, mainly of my head, starting at the age of ten and ending now, 35 years later. I see the soft round face