The Dare

I guess it all started when the basketball team began cutting their hair. You know, really short or shaved, like all the pro ballplayers seem to cut theirs. Even my boyfriend Jason cut his hair. He had blond hair, much lighter than mine, in a pretty normal guy’s short cut, but one day after practice he came to my house and brought a clippers, and asked me to shave his head.

Basketball is popular in my school, and Jason was a senior letterman, a little over 6 feet tall, and good looking. I am a junior, on the cheerleading team, and am 5′ 5″, and have been dancing and doing aerobics and weight training, and am told that I’m very well built. I guess I’m sort of muscular, but in the way those girls on TV workout shows are, and the boys seem to like my body- particularly Jason.

I have brown eyes and dark blond hair that comes past my shoulder blades, and I tan easily, so by the end of the summer my skin is golden as is my hair, which bleaches lighter as my skin gets darker. So my boyfriend hands me this red barber clipper, and I plug it in the wall. It jumped into life, evidently the switch was still on. I turned it off and asked Jason if he was sure he wanted me the shave his head. He told me that all the starters on the team were shaving, and that most of the other guys on the team were too.

He sat down and wrapped a towel around his shoulders, and I turned the clippers on again. They didn’t have any of those little plastic things the barbers use to cut hair to certain lengths, so when I made the first pass down his head, from forehead to crown, I was a bit surprised at how close to the scalp the hair was cut.

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It was just stubble, like when I let my legs go without shaving for a few days. I continued shearing off Jason’s blond hair, and before long his whole head was bare except for barely visible blond stubble. He actually looked sort of cool, handsome in a new way. I reached out and rubbed my hand over his head and was pleased that it felt warm and inviting; I kissed him deeply and explored the newly barren skin.

The next day at school you could tell the basketball players by their bald heads. Lots of them, and it seemed that their girlfriends had trouble keeping their hands off those bristly bare heads. Soon some of the boys that weren’t on the team were shaving too.

Well, I keep saying shaving. Really everyone was just using clippers, none of the boys had used a razor and actually shaved their head smooth and shiny. I was the one that got Jason to be the first to shave it all clean off. “Jay”, I told him, “you’re almost bald anyway, why not let me clean you up. You never like it when my legs are stubby and not shaved smooth, so why not be fair?”

He nodded OK, and soon I was carefully scraping away the foamy lather from his head, using the razor I use for my legs. It was a little awkward, but I got the hang of it and when I was done and cleaned him up, Jason had a shiny scalp and no hair to be felt or seen. It felt pretty good, smooth and all, and I began to wonder how it felt to be bald, shaved bare of any hair.

Well, when we went to the game Jason was a standout- because of his playing and because he was the only totally bald player on our team. The other guys even kept rubbing his head, “for luck” as they said later at the victory party.

Of course, us girls on the cheerleading squad all had boyfriends on the team, and none of them had hair longer than a millimeter or two, but only Jason was completely bald. We would sometimes talk about it, and all of us cheerleaders liked our boyfriends’ lack of hair. One night I joked that the only thing cooler than our bald basketball team would be bald cheerleaders to match.

Cynthia, my best friend, said “I dare you!”

The other girls all dared me too. I told them the only way to do this was for ALL of us cheerleaders to shave our heads at the same time, before a game, and them surprise the school with our new look. Oddly, we all agreed to do this before the championship game in two weeks. The class pictures were to be taken next week, retakes the next week, and that would leave a few days of having hair before the Saturday afternoon basketball game that began the playoffs. It would be held at our school, since we had the best record going in.

The next weeks we kept it a secret, although among us cheerleaders we talked endlessly about our hair, past haircuts, what it would be like to shave our hair off, and of course we spent extra effort to have our class pictures taken with really nice hairstyles, aware that within the week none of us would have any hair to speak of. One of the girls, Betsy, had brown wavy hair about as long as mine, said she buzzed her hair when she was a few years younger, and it was slow growing back but that it was fun to have a crew cut. She told us that she was looking forward to cutting her hair off again.

Cynthia had a shoulder-skimming bob of black hair, Sue had a head of red curls, Julia had straight blond hair halfway down her back, and Talisha, the only African-American on the cheerleading squad, had short hair already, but nowhere near as short as it would be. All of us were a little scared, but since our boyfriends were shaved already and we liked their haircuts, we felt good about making this sacrifice for the team. We were admittedly confident, as we were popular and attractive, but still it was a serious thing to do.

Saturday finally rolled around, and all our class pictures had come out to our satisfaction. These last pictures showed our hairstyles before, and tonight would be a pretty big after!

We got to the gym earlier than usual, all of us cheerleaders, and we all had big hats that were part of last year’s dance team costumes, and they covered our heads so that you couldn’t tell what kind or how much hair was under them. We needed these for our big entrance.

We all got out of our clothes, and stripped out of our underwear. We locked the door to our dressing room and took one last look at each other, and nodded yes. Sure we were scared, but we were excited and intrigued as well. I had brought the clippers Jason left at my house, and I was elected to do the shearing, since I had practised on my boyfriend. Talisha decided to be first, so I turned on the clippers and started from the back of her head, removing her short nappy hair. Her skin was dark under the hair, and she soon was bald, almost, with just a hint of dark stubble. She looked lovely, and gave us confidence to go on. We had chosen not to look in the mirror until we all were clipped.

Cynthia was next, and her blue-black hair came off in sheets under the clippers, and her eyes got wider as her head got barer. Her head was very round, and she looked very pleasant bald. She’s part Chinese, and her eyes looked bigger than ever.

Betsy had to be next, since she wanted to be buzzed again. This time it would be shorter than her previous buzzing, and she smiled big as I clipped her head bare, leaving the short stubble as her only hair. She rubbed her head and smiled even bigger, telling the girls still unshorn how cool it felt. Sue, with the masses of red curls, was next. She was ready, she decided, to have less trouble with hair, and her hair was so thick it was always hard for her to manage. She’d pile it on her head, and no matter how many pins or scrunchies she used, much of it would fall down it was so heavy.

Her thick curls took longer to clip through. She even seemed to push her head against the clippers, so much did she want to be rid of her tumbling tresses. When I was done, Sue had a shimmer of red not quit covering her head. The pile of hair on the locker room floor was getting bigger, and two of us were still uncut.

Julia with the long straight blond hair was left, other than me. Julia was a little more apprehensive about her cropping than the rest of us, so the girls already clipped told her how much fun it was and how good it felt, and that we were a team and would stick together.

Making a brave face, Julia sat down and grabbed the clippers from my hand, and made the first pass right up the side of her head, over the top, and down the other side. Over 2 feet of blond hair slithered down to add itself to the pile of hair. I took the clippers and continued, buzzing off more and more of the poker-straight hair. Julia looked like Jason did, just a dusting of blondness over baldness, but her hair had hidden her ears and neck, and she looked beautiful without her mane.

Finally it was my turn. The girls decided to take turns shaving me, so each one could feel the clippers and have some fun. We laughed all the time it took to shear my dark blond hair off, until there was no more left.

We all had the merest hint of hair…..six beautiful young women with bare scalps, shorn to match our boyfriends. We laughed, but nothing like the way we laughed when we all saw ourselves for the first time. Each of us was oooing and aawing as we examined our heads, felt our stubbly scalps, and checked out our new look. We were quite an assortment, too, ebony skin, tanned skin, fair skin, but we were all coiffed the same, and each of us looked oddly attractive.

I saw Sue take her purse and remove a bunch of hair ties and barrettes, and throw them in the trash.

“I won’t be needing them anymore- not for a year at least!” she exclaimed happily. Even Julia was enchanted by her hairless reflection. She finally just burst out “I can’t believe how pretty I am bald!”

It was time now to get dressed. We put on our uniforms, which were tight tank tops and short skirts, and couldn’t stop looking at ourselves. If we were bad about looking in the mirror to primp our hair, we were worse just looking at our stubble cuts.

We put on the hats we had brought with us, and no one could tell that underneath none of us had more than a fraction of an inch of hair. Finally it was game time. We entered the court, took our place on the sidelines, and watched as our basketball team entered. All the boys on the team had shaved with razors, to be like Jason, and most of the boys at school had also been shaved. It seemed like the girls in the stands were the only students with hair.

We cheered the first half with our hats on, and when half-time came around our side was down by a few points. We were ready for our surprise.

As our team re-entered the court, we got out and started a big cheer….and just as we finished, we all pulled off our hats at the same time.

The whole gym was suddenly silent, looking at the entire girls’ cheering squad and their bare heads. Then all the team began cheering us, and the rest of the boys joined in. Even the girls began cheering, and the mood affected all the team, and we won by ten points.

Jason hugged me after the game and was amazed that I’d had the guts to shave my hair. He rubbed MY head this time, and told me it felt even better than all my hair used to. We would meet up after showers and go to the victory party at Julia’s house.

When the cheerleaders got into our dressing room, we were happy that our little shave had made such a good impression, maybe even helping the team win. We took off our uniforms and began to shower. Cynthia had a wet/dry electric shaver and was shaving her legs and pits…and I got an idea. When she finished, I asked to use it, and while the rest of the clipped girls watched I used the razor to clean the stubble off my head. I really liked the way it felt as the razor shaved my remaining hair off, and when I finished I could barely feel any stubble. I guess it was a pretty good razor! Guess what- the rest of the girls then had me shave their heads again, this time leaving each of them shiny and bald.

Well, when we got to Julia’s house, we were in for another surprise-Julia’s mom had been clipped as well, and was grinning from ear to exposed ear. All our boyfriends were acting like we had, touching our bald heads and getting all turned on . The funniest part was when the rest of the girls from school arrived. They were the only people with hair, as the boys and us cheerleaders were clipped. So they made us get the clippers and then there was a big scene with boys shaving their girlfriends, until all of us wore the same bald or near-bald cut. Since all of us had gotten clipped, no one was odd or different, even though there were so many bald girls.

Most of the girls grew their hair back as soon as they could, but oddly enough we cheerleaders stayed bald all summer, shaving each other’s head every few days. Sometimes our boyfriends shaved our heads. I have remained bald or buzzed since that day we all shaved. So far this school year, Julia never let her hair grow past an inch or two, and would get a buzz cut every so often. Sue really got off on having none of her thick red hair, and she too gets shaved regularly.

A few of the other girls did keep shaving their heads, and even a few of our little sisters tried the bald style. I even saw a few more mothers give up long hair and go for the bare cool clipped look.


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