Punishment Cuts

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen by Shornlocks

Patti knew that she and her mother were in dire straits. For the past four years they had lived week to week off her mother’s paychecks from the three

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking A Hair Fantasy by Ian White

For many years now, I have had an overwhelming desire to walk into a barbershop, and have a buzzcut. The problem though, is that I f

From Mistress to Missy

From Mistress To Missy – P.J. Shearer (as told to ‘Da Marsh)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story contains depictions of sexual situations, bondage and discipline, male and female dominati


Rehab – Vam

“Here at MacDonald High we don’t have a drug problem: we refer any suspect students to the Teen Residential Rehabilitation Unit and they have excellent results,” The

Bondage, you say?

Bondage, you say by ‘Buzz’

It all started so innocently. Little did I know that it would have got so carried away. You see our friends Ken and Sandy were coming over to have a fe

Ex-Boyfriend’s Revenge

Ex-Boyfriend’s Revenge – Beowulf

You and some friends are at a bar, and you see your ex and some of his friends. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone is talking. But you notice

Steel Comb

The Steel Comb by Charlie Sheers

Millie had just turned sweet sixteen. As her bosom started to grow, so did the number of boys who smiled at her when she walked down Main Street



I must tell this story, as I can hardly believe it myself. I am a 34 year old woman, and I think I am nice looking and I am of small build and slim. I have been a hairstylist since

Barbershop Bet

This is a story about four girls: Jessica, Donna, Nikki, and Sally. They were all 16 years of age, ripe young teens that all attended the local high school. Out of all of the girls