Punishment Cuts

Show Biz

Show Biz by Mobmij

The first time I saw Elbert Dorsey, I had the impression I was looking at a huge, blood-swelled tick. He sat in a maroon leather chair in the middle of his st

Trojan Women

Trojan Women by EddyZ.

Some of the young actresses were involved in a heated argument. Others sat down dismayed. But to all of them the announcement of the assistant director ha

Club H

Club H by Sean O’Hare

I had just finished my lunch-time workout in the gym. Had I read the advertisement on the Sports Club noticeboard correctly…

“Ladies, do you have long h

Bang On or Gone

“Damn, it’s raining again,” I thought to myself as I looked out the bathroom window. I was getting ready to go to my job interview, and I wanted to look my best.

“My hair will ne

Biography of My Hair

A Biography of my Hair by Debbie

Well, I may not have put my hair stories in the best order so I am going to compile here a little chronology, or whatever you call it, of my hai

Dream Coming True

A Dream Coming True by EddyZ.

When I am brushing my long wavy hair this morning I realize that it might be the last time that I’m doing this for a long time. The latter half of m


THE FLIGHT By Shearingly

Six girls filed in carrying their instrument cases. They were a brass ensemble flying to Orlando to play at Disney World. I watched them follow their cha

Walking on Sunshine

Walking On Sunshine by HeadBoy

Katrina had been down this road before, that giddy feeling inside, the odd pangs in the belly that could mean only one thing: love. Yup, love. Tha

Playmate Party Crasher

The Playmate Party Crasher by ‘X’

Ever the party girl, Playmate Lynda Weismeier found it fun to make surprise appearances at parties she wasn’t invited to. She felt her status a

Biker Chick

The Biker Chick by DeB

Kelli slowly maneuvered her car into the last available space. Man, I hate street parking! she thought to herself. And this neighborhood really sucks! I’m