Wagon Train

The Wagon Train – ShearTheHair

In the 1850’s there was a wagon train. It was heading out to go to Salt Lake City.

One woman aboard was a young lady named Susan. She had big firm breasts and a beautiful body. She was a very pretty woman. Her braided brown hair reached down to her feet. She was about 22.

There was another woman. She was around 60. She hated young woman with long hair. She always carried a big pair of shears with her. People called her Shearing Woman. Women with long hair feared her.

The wagon train was pretty far from where they left. The train met up with an Indian woman with long black braids.

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One night Susan went to Shearing Woman’s wagon. She stepped in the wagon. She was shocked. Her wagon was covered with braids. There were lots of sharp objects. Axes, scissors and everything you can name. She ran out of the wagon as fast as she could. As she was leaving the Indian woman walked in with another woman from the wagon train.

The other woman had orange hair down to her butt. She was a slut. She pleased lots of men. Susan followed them. She watched from the opening in the wagon cover. The Indian woman and the slut sat down in different chairs. The old woman walked out. She cuffed the slut to the floor with a rope. She could not move. She shoved the Indian woman to the floor. She put one braid on a table. She took out a knife.

The Indian woman was trying to get away. She hit her in the head with a log.

She measured where to cut. She put the knife right on top of her braid. She moved it to where it would take off the entire braid. She raised the blade. She began to slice through the thick mass, the hair crunching as the blade tore through her hair. It hit the table and her braid had been slashed off. She picked it up and put it in her trophy case of braids.

She walked back over and put the other braid on the table. She picked up an ax. She raised it high in the air. She slammed it down, tearing through the thick braid of hair. She picked it up and hung it in her trophy case of braids. She looked proud of her deed.

She took the slut and hit her out cold with a log. She sat her in a chair and chained her to it. With a knife she sliced open her lace. She opened her vest and shirt. Her big breasts were exposed. She started to lick them.

She gave an evil laugh. The old woman walked behind her. She pulled out a comb and brushed out her long orange tresses.

The old woman grabbed a sharp stone object. She smiled and picked up all of her tresses. She hacked away at her hair, slashing through her long orange locks. Orange pieces of hair fell to the floor. Her floor was now covered with slashed orange hair, making it look like it had orange floorboards.

Shearing Woman was evilly laughing. She walked to her trophy case of locks. She took out a very long braid. It was slashed at the end of the braid. The slash was harsh. It was most likely from another girl who lost her hair.

She dragged the two woman out of the wagon. Susan moved out of sight. The woman dragged the Indian woman and the whore into the night. Susan followed her quietly through the forest. The old woman stopped. Susan stopped and ducked.

The old woman took the Indian girl. She took the 12ft. braid. She made a hanging rope. She began to strangle her with the hair braid. The Indian woman was dead. She did the same to the whore. She rolled them into the river.

Susan ran back to her wagon and went to sleep. She kept having nightmares about what she saw. She kept on dreaming about her hair being slashed like that.

The next couple of weeks she kept seeing woman going to the Shearing Woman. She would see them being dragged out with short hair. All those women were reported missing. She knew the truth but was too scared to tell. Susan didn’t know that the old woman knew that she was there to see her murder and shear those woman.

The night that they arrived at Salt Lake City, Susan went for a walk on the bank. The old woman snuck up. She hit Susan and she stumbled down to the lake. She began to punch Susan and hit her.

She sat on Susan’s back and held her down in the mud. She pulled out a pair of shears. She hacked off all of her hair. It left her with shoulder length hair. She dragged Susan over to the lake and stuck her face in the lake. Susan couldn’t get air and died.

The Shearing Woman looked up and gave an evil smile with evil laughter.



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